AT&T Mobility revamps data plans with fewer options at better rates

“Starting tomorrow, AT&T will be revamping its Mobile Share Value plans by adjusting data tiers and plan prices for new and current subscribers,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“At the low end, AT&T is consolidating a few data tiers into just two options with different price points,” Hall reports. “Meanwhile, AT&T’s double digit data tiers are also being reduced, and some subscribers can potentially end up with more data at no extra cost per month or get a better rate on even higher data tiers.”

Hall reports, “While AT&T’s 300MB option for $20/month remains unchanged (and not recommended), the carrier is consolidating single digit data tiers from three options down to just two…”

More info about the new plans in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hello, Verizon? How about adding free Apple Music cellular streaming like T-Mobile, at least?


  1. The headline, which I’ve now read in a half-dozen variations, is complete nonsense.

    Yes, they’re revamping their data plans, and yes, there are fewer options, but no, they’re absolutely not better rates (for the vast majority).

    A current 3 gig user? Either pay more or get less data.
    A current 6 gig user? Either pay more or get less data.

    My pretty educated guess is those two comprise a large majority of AT&T’s users. And they (AT&T) know that the large majority of those users will choose more data (at more money) than less data.

    None of the cell carriers are in the habit of reducing their revenue. AT&T isn’t making these changes to give users better rates, they’re making these changes to make themselves more money. Which means more users will be paying more than paying less.

    (To depress you further, you can get 3 gig in SE Asia for $5/month.)

    1. Actually, you can keep your current data plan.

      I contacted one AT&T customer service rep by phone and then, to verify what I was told, reached another rep by chat. Both confirmed that I can keep my current plan.

      1. Are you saying “if you like your plan you can keep it”?
        Has a familiar ring to it.
        BTW- the NYT has a new story on how AT&T has been bending over backwards and grabbing it’s ankles for the NSA voluntarily.

    1. My understanding is all the carriers except at&t and Verizon have very limited coverage areas. Not good if you travel much, or if you don’t travel but happen to live where there’s limited or no coverage. That’s a shame… I really like TMobile’s attitude and the deals they offer.

      Any TMobile users out there with a different story?

      1. If you’re not in a major metropolitan area then you’ll be sorry if you go with anyone other than AT&T or Verizon (or bulk 3rd party providers like Cricket). Here in Central PA there is hardly any Sprint or T-Mobile coverage.

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