Apple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

Apple today released OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 update which improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac, and is recommended for all users.

This update:
• Improves compatibility with certain email servers when using Mail
• Fixes an issue in Photos that prevented importing videos from GoPro cameras
• Fixes an issue in QuickTime Player that prevented playback of Windows Media files

For detailed information about the security content of this update, please visit:

For more detailed information about this update, please visit:

OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 is available via Software Update.


        1. Mike, I’ve been using Yosemite Messages to do my screen sharing. Initiate a message to the other user, then in the Details (top right of the Messages window) click on the two rectangles to start screen sharing process. Once connected the target computer needs to authorise “control” to be able to have mouse control. Then keep the ScreenShare app in the dock and use AppleID to reconnect at a later time. No need to use AIM anymore. Works great.

          1. Yes, but I have Yosemite and my Mom has something like Snow Leopard if I recall. iChat is what I used to assist her remotely until my updating my Mac to Yosemite broke that screen sharing feature.
            And of course her old OS doesn’t/can’t use IMessages.
            Anyone got a solution for that, or am I missing something?

            1. Apple blew major chunks with Screen Sharing. I can get it to work, with patience. But it literally requires monitoring of THREE (3) settings in OS X, and often a computer reboot, to get the damned thing to work after it goes inexplicably flaky. That’s NOT an Apple thing to do. That’s NOT ‘It Just Works’. I waiting to see if Apple iron out this bullshit in El Capitan. So far, not. Please join in reporting Screen Sharing problems to Apple.

              So how come Screen Sharing is reliable in Remote Access Apple? Is flaky Screen Sharing secretly an incentive to pay for an upgrade?

    1. After my body and I updated to Yosemite it killed ichat. We can no longer ichat to each other. Tried all kinds of delete account reenter etc.. Some people say you have to call apple to reset something, but who knows. We loved ichat, but were force to go to Skype just to communicate. Yes it only affects some users and we are included. I can’t ichat with older OS X version. Hopefully this fixes the gmail problem always asking for a password.

    2. Apple needs to get this iMessage problem fixed and fast and also give us back the possibility to share photos or videos with Apple theater, hope Apple know that iChat or iMessage has sold for them many MacIntoshs, it was a good argument to get someone to buy a MacIntosh, I must have influenced at least a 100 people to buy a Mac with this argument, it is no longer the case. GET IT FIXED NOW APPLE IT IS VERY IMPORTANT,

  1. How about scroll bar arrows?
    Yea, Excel is just a niche product, there’s no clamor for that needless functionality.
    Come on Apple, pull your head out of your ass on this one. Nothing like going back two or more decades in software ease.

      1. Nope. Apple thought in OS 10.7 that “removing” scroll bar arrows was a good thing.
        Gone, not just hidden but functionality removed. Even third party software makers can’t put them back.
        What a pain in the ass it has been for moving thru large spreadsheets, image catalogs or other databases that used those arrows. Oops, Apple pulled the rug out from under them. There is no work around.

    1. Agreed – scroll bar arrows really improve ease of use when it comes to spreadsheets.

      Maybe Apple wants everyone to use Windows for Spreadsheets:

      Starts at 3:05

      With the IBM Mac agreement Apple might have to rethink this move.

      A Maximize Option is another issue that desperately needs to be addressed.

      “Having in the last two years switched the whole company I work for from Windows to Mac OS with over 200 Macs deployed I can say the only thing that annoys users is the fact the green button does not make a program go full screen WITH the dock still showing. Its my only annoyance too.

      Yosemite made things even worse as the app goes full screen and users are lost.

      I don’t understand how trainees are getting the green button so wrong. We try to explain in training how you can have full screen apps in OS X and multiple desktops, but its just lost on them, they want the green button to act like Maximize does in Windows.”

      1. Don’t use the green button, just double-click on the title bar.
        The window will expand and un-expand the way the green button use to in the old days.

  2. I attempt to use iMessage occasionally just to see if it works, sometimes yes, sometimes no, certainly not often enough to count on it. The thing has apparently been in beta for ?? years. Mac user as an income producing device since 1988 because they really are the only game in town, but all of my income comes from 3rd party apps, so…….whatever. Let the “you dont know how to use it” flames begin. Do I care?

    1. iMessage for me works virtually flawlessly.

      It’s only ever screwed up when I dumped too many fonts out of the Library, and it refused to display any messages. Put fonts back, problem solved. You may have some sort of corrupt file somewhere

  3. Was wondering if it’s necessary to install photos. I prefer iPhoto. I’d like to get the security updates etc. but, I don’t wanna run photos. Is it possible after the install to not go ahead with ditching iPhoto?

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