Microsoft launches beta of new Remote Desktop app for Mac

“Microsoft has a public Remote Desktop app available on the Mac that can be downloaded from the App Store, and the Redmond giant is now rolling out a beta client with a new user interface,” Harish Jonnalagadda reports for iMore.

“The beta app also boasts new feature additions,” Jonnalagadda reports, “including improved user account management, and the ability to use native Mac commands such as Command-X,C,V to cut, copy and paste within a remote session.”

Jonnalagadda reports, “The beta client of Remote Desktop retains features seen in the public release, such as seamless audio and video streaming, as well as connecting to local desktops with a single monitor.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: More info and download links:

OS X app via Mac App Store: Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

iOS app via App Store: Microsoft Remote Desktop for iPhone and iPad


  1. It’s buggy as hell. It doesn’t remember passwords. You can’t copy and paste. I use it because I develop web apps and need to test on Windows Edge (their Internet Exploder replacement). You can do it for free with their Azure cloud service. But this program kind of sucks. I hope they embrace OS X and fix it.

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