Leaked Intel Skylake processor roadmap reveals CPUs likely bound for MacBook Air

“A set of supposedly leaked specifications for Intel’s upcoming Skylake processor lineup made its way to the Web on Tuesday, offering what could be the first peek at what users can expect from Apple’s next-generation MacBook Air products,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“The roadmaps published by FanlessTech show specifications for Intel’s 15-watt Skylake-U series, a low-power product targeting thin-and-light notebooks and ultralights,” Campbell reports. “As noted by the publication, Intel is apparently streamlining its product offering to one Core i7, one Core i5, one Core i3, one Pentium, and two Celerons, not including two vPro chips.”

Campbell reports, “Apple will choose for its MacBook Air update, but likely candidates include chips from the Core i5-6200U and Core i7-6500U series.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: MacBook Air with Retina display, hopefully, and we’d certainly like to see the 12-inch MacBooks get a major bump to Skylake, too!

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    1. Assuming most of us do have a Mac, this is honestly not very much of a hot deal even if you own 2013 MBP, except you need to switch gpu unit.

      After 2 years a 3k$ MBP still provides 87-91% of all Macs performance (yes, including the top of the line Mac Pro)

      skyf****lark or something.

      1. Only if you’re talking single core/single thread capabilities.

        You don’t buy a Mac Pro to do single CPU core work. And, really, you don’t buy one for processes that are CPU bound even if the process is heavily multi threaded.

        1. Most of the MacPro Users do not challenge their machines upto its limits. But the giant muscle needs to be there, right;) I liked the old rack way more than the new trashcan, but I guess I get used to it someday.
          It is still hard work to make your MBP sweat because of countless simultaneous apps running incl i.e. Logic, Aperture, FCPX and HTML5 video in Safari.
          Well, the fans are both up at 6k rpm now and me, I am just too busy switching apps to trigger the work so I only wish my brain’s a/c would work so fine 😉

          The compatibility and performance of the gpu cards will improve over time. 4 years is a perfect hardware replacement cycle.
          ¡I would strongly recommend to choose the best configuration!

  1. I have the MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) and it is still going strong. Truly a wonderful machine. My previous MBP was begin to show its ago but this point (still have it though).
    When thinking of getting a new one, I don’t really see the point yet and am really waiting for the better processor to come out to justify the upgrade.

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