Beleaguered HTC brand is worthless

“A 60 percent plunge in HTC Corp.’s stock this year pushed its market value to below its cash on hand,” Tim Culpan reports for Bloomberg. “That means investors were effectively saying the smartphone maker’s brand, factories and buildings were worthless.”

“HTC’s market price fell Monday to NT$47 billion ($1.5 billion), below the NT$47.2 billion cash it had at the end of June,” Culpan reports. “A drop of as much as 9.8 percent in its stock before a late rally signaled investors put no value on the rest of the company. ‘HTC’s cash is the only asset of value to shareholders,’ said Calvin Huang, who has a NT$46.50 price target on the stock at Sinopac Financial Holdings Co. in Taipei. ‘Most of the other assets shouldn’t be considered in their valuation because there’s more write-offs to come and the brand has no value.'”

“Its forecast for third-quarter sales of as much as 48 percent below analyst estimates follows a 35 percent cut to projected revenue in the preceding period and indicates that the Taoyuan, Taiwan-based company has little chance of regaining market share in the short-term,” Culpan reports. “To reverse sales that have fallen by more than 75 percent since the September quarter of 2011, HTC plans to cut costs and focus on the high-end market where profits are higher.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve failed to compete with crap Chinese fragmandroid junk, so now we’ll try to take on Apple with our worthless brand.

Beleaguered HTC must have a death wish.

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  1. Title of a movie MDN?

    Death wish
    Death wish 2
    Death wish 3 Death has a name!
    Death wish 4 Death were is your sting!
    Death wish 5 Death, the death that rocked a cradle!
    Death wish 6 Death Jaded!
    Death wish 7 Death con 3!
    Death wish 8 Death con 2!
    Death wish 9 Death con 1!
    Death wish 10 Death Launched!

  2. Are they talking about HTC or Samsung or Blackberry or …

    So, the watch market is next. Then maybe the TV box or car info system.

    PS: Intel and AMD, I hear there is another generation of Apple’s CPU coming out.

    Road kill everywhere you look!

  3. Then This Happened

    HTC & Samsung stung:

    HTC caught storing fingerprints AS WORLD-READABLE CLEARTEXT
    Android biometric banks more Fort Nope than Fort Knox.

    Four FireEye researchers have found a way to steal fingerprints from Android phones packing biometric sensors such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One Max.

    The team found a forehead-slapping flaw in HTC One Max in which fingerprints are stored as an image file (dbgraw.bmp) in a open “world readable” folder.

    “Any unprivileged processes or apps can steal user’s fingerprints by reading this file,” the team says, adding that the images can be made into clear prints by adding some padding.

    It is one of four vulnerability scenarios in which biometric data normally secure in an Android phone’s TrustedZone can be pilfered. . . .

    “To make the situation even worse, each time the fingerprint sensor is used for auth operation, the auth framework will refresh that fingerprint bitmap to reflect the latest wiped finger,” the team says.

    “So the attacker can sit in the background and collect the fingerprint image of every swipe of the victim.”

    Even worse: kernel access permissions often only restrict to root privilege, not system, meaning modified or ‘rooted’ Android devices are at risk even if those protections are applied.

    The team say attackers with some remote code execution exploits in hand can harvest these fingerprints en masse.

    IOW: Android device security CATACLYSM again. (0_0)

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