Microsoft releases Translator for Apple Watch; 50 different languages on your wrist

Michal Addady reports for Fortune, “Quick and easy translation is right at your fingertips — or, more accurately, on your wrist — with the new Microsoft Translator for Apple Watch.”

“Almost all early adopters of the Apple Watch were satisfied with the product, and this feature only makes it better. All you have to do is speak into your watch and you’ll have access to translations in 50 different languages,” Addady reports. “The translator can speak any translated phrases for you that you can’t figure out how to pronounce. The app also allows you to save your most commonly used translations and recently used phrases for even quicker access.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch just keeps on getting more and more useful with each passing day!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Now THAT is really cool
    (although I heard each translation ends with “Microsoft rules the Apple fools” but if you understood that you wouldn’t need the translator…)

  2. Apple relies on Microsoft to boost Apple Watch sales? Seriously?

    “The translator can speak any translated phrases for you that you can’t figure out how to pronounce.” But can this software translate from another language to English? What’s the point of talking with someone if you cannot understand what they are saying, too?

  3. The Watch is in its infancy stage……wait until Watch OS2 and then Watch2-OS3 ….!!!

    Just getting started……….yeah, keep your FitBit in the dresser drawer!!

  4. Old animosities die hard, but in fact MS is probably Apple’s biggest ISV by a league or so in terms of both downloads and revenues…

    ….Mac, plus iOS and now Watch considered…. …and in fact have recently been delivering Mac versions before Win ones.

    …and the quality of the offerings has generally been improving. As it better, given how their previous bastions of monopoly are collapsing.

    Also, with both Gates and especially Ballmer out of the daily picture, a new corp culture is emerging under Nadella.

  5. I would not be too quick to jump on any Microsoft bandwagon. Windows 10, and especially Office 2016 for Mac are found wanting, as they always have been. Windows 10 is still XP under the hood, case in point most of the underlying system settings, and … the registry. Lipstick on a Pig. Office for Mac 2016 cannot even let you resize an image in Outlook, Excel is bloated with useless animations that get annoying pretty fast, and Powerpoint… well you get the picture. Office 2011 is so much better STILL.
    This is not innovation. This is parasitic feasting on the dead rotting corpse that corporate American business still have to use because developing for the new is too costly, and bean counters just will not let that happen. Microsoft knows this. Their business model is to put lipstick on a pig, roll it out, have the droves call it innovation, and have the ignorant (and I do mean ignorant if not downright STUPID) masses consume.
    Wow, they invented a universal translator. Yeah that will come in handy, in only a few situations in business, and I hope it helps those that need it.

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