Apple’s Force Touch: The future of mobile interfaces

“Originally introduced with the Apple Watch, Apple competitors will really want to emulate Force Touch – just as they did the GUI, Multitouch and Home button,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “This is because its future inclusion on iPhones promises much deeper app functionality than you get in mobile devices today – and this is essential as mobile devices replace the PC.”

“Apple is opening new frontiers for its user interfaces on both Mac and mobile devices with Force Touch. Its introduction will enable developers to create near-identical user interfaces across mobile and computer platforms,” Evans writes. “You won’t get this right from the start. Apple’s approach is to start small and focus on the details.”

“How might Apple apply Force Touch to its mobile interfaces? Imagine how Apple Watch enables you to access application features and think about how this might be extended,” Evans writes. “Eventually Force Touch will become essential to the way we use mobile devices, and competitors will want a piece of the heavily patented technology.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Heavily patented. Yeah, that sounds familiar.

Here’s hoping patents actually work to protect Apple’s innovations this time.

And Android, littered across a veritable junkyard full of disparate devices, will not be able to follow.MacDailyNews, February 28, 2015

Unless they pay Apple royalties (or judges off).

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    1. Just put the iPhone force touch screen all across the palm area on the MacBook Pros.

      That way we get expanded display area and finger control so we don’t have to keep one hand at the center of the small trackpads we have now.

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