Here’s what a new dad thinks of the Apple Watch

“I’m an early adopter… When it comes to technology, I’m typically the guy in the waiting room pacing back and forth, excited and anxious to unbox a little bundle of electronic joy,” John Patrick Pullen writes for TIME Magazine. “And though I was indifferent toward the Apple Watch when it launched, I still ordered up it at the earliest possible moment — a minute after midnight on an April Thursday.”

“As it stands, there’s only one reason I’d recommend the device: its ability to remind you of absolutely everything. On daddy days, I ask Siri to nag me to feed and change my little guy with clockwork regularity — because I’m a new dad, and not smart enough to remember these things on my own. On work days, I set a recurring alarm to go off around 5:00 p.m., prompting me to take my eyes off the computer screen and cast them towards the road to daycare — because no one wants to be the parent who picks his kid up after closing time,” Pullen writes. “There are reminders to buy more milk, to order more diapers, to cover those electrical outlets, and so on and so forth. It’s too much for my little brain to manage, but Siri is always tapping me on the wrist, keeping me on track.”

“With the Apple Watch, I’m thrilled to have a GPS-logging, heart rate-monitoring device on my wrist when running — an activity I abandoned when my wife was pregnant, and have been itching to return to since,” Pullen writes. “Tracking my progress on the Apple Watch was easy as listening to the ‘How Did This Get Made’ podcast via Overcast, which has one of the rare top-notch Watch apps. Out of shape, huffing and puffing, I felt like I was finally using the Apple Watch as it was intended. Text messages from my wife were flying in as I hobbled along, and I was able to check them, the time, and my poor pace without missing a beat.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, after reading he full article, it sounds like he’s got more than just one reason to recommend the Apple Watch.

Plus, better, more capable native apps for Apple Watch are coming very soon with the release of watchOS 2!


  1. And if the watch can remind you to check the back seat when leaving the car on a hot day with 1000 things on your mind it may just save your baby’s life.

  2. It is an absolute wonder the author was able to function at all before Apple Watch. Imagine how dysfunctional and pathetic people were before Apple Watch. It must have been pure hell to struggle to survive, maintain human relationships, perform daily tasks, etc.

    1. Notice how dysfunctional and pathetic people are about the Apple Watch. It must be pure hell to struggle to survive, maintain human relationships, perform daily tasks, etc. with such negativity constantly on the boil, waiting for an excuse to burst out.

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