Apple Music’s monthaversary: How’s it working?

“There’s a lot that needs to be fixed about Apple Music. Making it work with separate iTunes accounts and Family Sharing shouldn’t be so hard. Canceling the free trial should be easy to do. iTunes Match vs. Apple Music should be crystal clear,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. “No one’s music libraries should be touched. No song should ever not add when you want to add it. And the list goes on and on.”

“Growing pains, all of that. No plan, no matter how well thought out or how well intentioned, can survive impact with millions of customers and their edge cases. Problems happen. It’s how well and quickly they’re dealt with that matters,” Ritchie writes. “That’s said, I’m digging Apple Music. I don’t have much of an existing library to worry about and I don’t go to the apps anywhere nearly as much as I go to Siri, so it’s been borderline miraculous for me so far.”

“The ability to just [fire] Music up whatever I want to listen to, whenever I want to listen to it, feels like the future to me,” Ritchie writes. “And Apple Music has delivered that today.”

Tons more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Music is the very definition of a diamond in the rough.

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  1. I don’t use it, I won’t use it, and I hate how hard it has made the iOS Music app to use. I never noticed iTunes Radio but the Apple Music service just makes it difficult to get to my own playlists.

    1. Good grief, man.

      “I don’t use it, I won’t use it…”
      How old are you, 4?

      If you’re the type that only looks for something to complain about – no shortage of that these days – you’ll find plenty in the current version of iTunes and Apple Music. No doubt, it needs some UI work, bug fixes, etc. But there is so much that’s good about it already – depth of the library, using it with Siri (which helps bypass a large portion of the UI problems), the Connect feature (great potential there), etc.

      MDN nailed it… diamond in the rough. But it already has some sparkle to it. I’m enjoying the parts of it that I like now, and looking forward to it getting better, which it will.

      1. Diamond in the rough is far from the truth. There are many good services of this kind out there, most as good and better than Apples version. A Diamond does not destroy your music library. What happened to “it just work”

  2. I love Apple Music’s new playlists and “For You” feature. I’m discovering all sorts of artists in my favorite genres. For the most part, I don’t use my MusicMatch anymore because I’m bored with my library. So Spotify will be losing a paying customer soon.

  3. I’ve been using Apple Music since day 1. It has routinely destroyed my music library, causing an enormous level of stress. It’s impossible to really overstate how miserable an experience Apple Music has been from this one perspective. There is NO reason at all Apple Music should EVER touch my music library. Apple has utterly dropped the ball testing Apple Music. I cannot for the life me understand how this software was let out the door in this condition.

    That said, from a music perspective, Apple Music is AWESOME. I LOVE Beats 1. I’ve found an enormous amount of music that I would have never heard on my own.

    It’s just a shame that Apple Music was made by people who are utterly incompetent. There simply is no excuse for the disasters that have happened to many people. None. At all. Many people should be fired for their egregious mistakes.

    Apple Music needs a massive over hall. Now. Today.

    Apple should always stand for the highest quality products. Apple Music is not anywhere near high quality.

  4. i have been trying to get my music (aac lossless), about 16,000 songs, matched and put in icloud. it took a couple of days for the first 13,000 which apple already had. it has taken another 4 days and counting to get the rest uploaded. the songs that have been uploaded work great with an ipad and bluetooth speakers. i think this will be very nice once all the music is uploaded. but itunes is still slow, has been slow for a number of years. features go away, such as multiple playlist windows, for no stated (by apple) reason i know of. you can’t see the order of shuffled songs in a playlist by sorting on the numbers along the left. now you have to click on something else to see some of the next few songs. for a long time now you can hardly do anything in itunes while ripping a cd. the alphabetical sort does not work properly – character strings with just numbers, letters and spaces aren’t alphabetized correctly. playlists are sorted with one algorithm and songs in a playlist with another (one puts numbers at the bottom, ome puts them near the top after special characters. the list goes on.

  5. With all it’s flaws I still love it. And I think it will get better as they fix the issues. One issue I have which makes it harder for me to find new artists or new music is the self limiting lists Apple gives you. Ask for a genre such as Country and under the new albums there may up to 30 new cd’s, and the same under recently released. When the reality is there are closer to 50 or 70 new released cd’s and twice that recent releases. I know they are there because I know the band names and the names of the cd’s from other sources. When I search under the band name they show up. But if I do not know of a new band or new cd and it is not listed on Apple’s chosen 30 I don’t see it and can’t find it without asking for it by name. That should not be the case there is nothing preventing Apple from listing all music in any genre in a list. With filters to limit year or months since the cd has been released etc. And filters on artists alphabetically. For a new artist who is unknown the set up the way it is just does not work. They have little chance to getting plays without being known by the user ahead of time.

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