The Apple News app is doomed

“I remember when I first heard about the Apple News app during WWDC, it seemed like Apple was finally going to fix the mistakes it had made with its Newsstand app in iOS,” Jim Lynch writes for CIO. “Unfortunately, my initial zeal for Apple News quickly drained away once I’d used the app in the iOS 9 beta.”

“What went wrong with Apple News?” Lynch writes. “Jeremy Horwitz at 9to5Mac has a great overview of the problems with Apple News and what Apple should do about it.”

See: The future’s not looking too bright for Apple News – July 30, 2015

“I agree completely with Jeremy’s take on Apple News being a failure in its current form. I had such high hopes for it, but I don’t even bother to open the Apple News app anymore,” Lynch writes. “It just doesn’t offer me anything I can’t already get on the Web without having wade through an extra app on my iOS devices.”

“I disagree, however, with Jeremy about blending Apple News into iBooks. We already have a big mess like that and it’s called iTunes,” Lynch writes. “Mixing more functions into an existing app does not necessarily make for a better overall experience for the user, as many iTunes customers can attest to given that application’s bloat and interface problems… It’s sad to have to say this since iOS 9 has not even been released yet, but I think the Apple News app is doomed.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So far, Apple News is underwhelming, to say the least.

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  1. Tried it, went back to Flipboard. Flipboard’s UI appeals to me more. Not against Apple News, just no compelling reason (yet) for me to use it.

    One way Apple could differentiate it that would sway me is give me the ability to block certain whack-a-doodle websites from my feed. So when I want to hear about global economic problems, I can selectively block the looney “collapsist” conspiracy sites and other lunatic libertarian sites. Unless I’m missing something on both Apple News and Flipboard, I can only select a topic I’m interested in and not filter out sites that sneak in by being against what I am for or for what I am against.

      1. It has been demonstrated mathematically that supply and demand curves can never actually meet. Those mathematicians won a Nobel Prize in Economics. Wanna start there?

    1. There is a problem with all news apps. It’s not compelling.

      For news to be successful it cannot be a final destination, it has to exist between you and your needs.

      FlipBoard is just a boring and dusty as the new News App is going to be.

      I suggest news needs to be on the lock screen…

    2. It’s good the read dissenting opinions now and then to keep you fresh on what ‘s going on and to help you remember why you believe what you do. Doubt is good. It makes you think.

      Dissenters often point out valid concerns that you might otherwise miss.

    1. There is no value, the thing is FREE anyway, how can people complain about something thats FREE, there are a million sources of news, its your choice which one YOU chose. No one is stuck with Apple News.

  2. I guess negative Apple articles draw eyeballs however crazy the presumption is.


  3. Euthanize the mess.
    It does not follow user preferences and pushes the same lame celebutard bullshit one can get without it.

    Flipboard is something curated by people/organizations that know and love the content they curate on just about any subject imaginable. I have wondered why MDN doe not have a Flipboard to subscribe to.

    1. It works really great for those of us keenly interested in lame celebutard bullshit, though. Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo just don’t pull up the same juicy morsels, plus their ads are stupider.

  4. This is what I hear in my brainular cavity when I read nonsense like this.
    In his first paragraph he compares the News app to Newsstand.
    One is a news aggregator and the other is a place to buy digital magazines. Tech authors who can’t get facts straight should be ignored.

    1. I wish the Apple News app was better and I keep my fingers crossed that Apple will take its figurative finger out and make the Apple News more customizable. I tried to not use Flipboard but the Apple News is FRUSTRATING as hell.

      It lacks of customization not even the order of the sources of news. The “For You” section is useless as I have not found a way to remove a particular News item or even a way to flag what it got right and what it did not get right. There is no way to customize how images are displayed and I find myself hating it because many of the images take more than 30% of a given screen on my iPad.

      So far it is just a poor imitation of Flipboard, even the first version of Clipboard was better than this.

      I keep my fingers crossed and hope that Apple will realize that their ability to design great hardware is failing miserably when it comes to Service biased software such as Apple News, Apple Music to name a couple of recent releases.

      Come on Apple we expect much better than this form you.

  5. The reason that Apple News is a nonstarter with me is that the company already has a social agenda that will shape, filter and censor their news choices and scope. They already filter iTunes and App Store of content they don’t agree with–I can’t picture Apple News being any different..

  6. Absolutely unnecessary for Apple to even go there.. They have an ecosystem let developers create these kinds of apps and services. It is utter stupidity.

  7. The gaggle of Klowns writing of doom, gloom, Apple going out of business by next Thursday, 10,000 developers leaving on Tuesday and Tim driving a new VW Beetle are all so laughable it’s a onder we all don’t have ruptured abdomens from the laughing fits we all go thru every hour !!

    Buy Flipboard; rip the ZITE technology out of any and sll Flipboard products and toss the rest of Flipboard in the ocean; re-package Zite as an Apple product called Apple News; ship 100 MILLION COPIES this year….end…

    See, that’s a simple solution to a REAL simple problem…

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