Apple’s iPad mini 4 to be miniature iPad Air 2; launch with A9-powered iPad Air 3 this year, sources say

“The Japanese-language Macotakara said on Saturday that its industry sources are describing the iPad mini 4 as a shrunken version of the iPad Air 2, with plans calling for the adoption of many of the same specifications, notably a new 8MP iSight camera, A8-series processor, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“Citing sources, it claims that the design footprint — including the length, width, depth and thickness — of the iPad Air 3 will remain unchanged from the iPad Air 2,” Marsal reports, “thereby raising the likelihood that an A9-powered version of the tablet will make a simultaneous debut alongside the new iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro this fall.”

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Macotakara reports, “There is a possibility that iPad Pro, iPad Air 3, and iPad mini 4 will be announced as the three new products [this year].”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll be first in line for the iPad Pro. With iOS 9’s robust multitasking capabilities we’re looking forward to the very real possibility of being able to carry only an iPad during at least some road trips.


  1. With me it depends. If the iPad Pro is like the Surface Pro 3, then I will by it. Apple needs to contend with this product. This will turn around the slumping iPad sales. If it not like the Surface Pro 3, I will go with the new iPad Mini 4. I have a iPad Mini 2 with LTE now and I love it!! Apple is going have to wow me to move from the iPad Mini. I want a Surface Pro 3 but I am holding out until Windows 10 comes out and after the bugs are worked out. And who knows how long that will be. We will see……….

  2. Why not make the iPad mini 4 a shrunken version of the iPad Air 3? And don’t give me that c**p about product differentiation. The extra 1.7 inches is more than enough to differentiate Air 3 from mini 4.

    1. I wish they would too.

      I’m also sure they’re doing this because they feel they need a new product in the lineup at a lower price point. As an investor I suspect they might be right

    2. I agree completely. Why should the iPad mini 4 not include the new A9? If it doesn’t, I’ll be very disappointed but still buy it also going up from mini 2. And also buying an Air 3 – have Air 2. Don’t understand the allure of a larger screen than 9.7″.

    3. again, Apple needs to start offering latest CPU advancement across the enter product line – as some devices get far too behind and get stuck upgrading until a new model arrives and with iPod touch its been too long.

  3. I don’t think it’s going to be called iPad Pro. I think it’ll just be called iPad. The lineup will be iPad (big), iPad Air (medium) and iPad mini (small). No reason to stick the word Pro on it when the other two products already have differentiated names.

  4. Products intended for holiday giving are announced in September (mid-month), so the iPad Mini 4 is a good bet. The iPad 3 a maybe, but products marketed for professionals are never released in the holiday season, so the iPad Pro will not show up before mid-January, along with a new Macbook with the new keyboard and pad.

  5. MDN, iPad 1/2/3 whatever size is far too big to carry around all day. Increasing the size will only further make my point. iPad is a home device for most. A computer you can cuddle up on the couch with – and the TV, carry room to room, bring to the kitchen – check recipes, bring to the garage check auto parts — a perfect home tool. Of course it does loads more – but for travel I will tell it like it is… the iPad mini is just as capable and far more mobile – making it much more suited for travel.

    Also with iPod Touch getting the A8 M8 and iPad mini getting the A9 M9 — I think Apple is handling things wrongly – regrading the the line.

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