Sorry, haters: Tim Cook confirms Apple Watch sales are much better than you think

“Hopefully we can put the rampant speculation regarding the Apple Watch’s untimely demise to rest, at least for the time being,” Yoni Heisler writes for BGR. “‘While Apple didn’t disclose specific sales figures during the company’s earnings report yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook did make a point of mentioning that Apple Watch sales thus far have ‘exceeded expectations.'”

“What’s more, Cook also added that demand for the Apple Watch still continues to outpace supply,” Heisler writes. “But what should really nullify recent reports which claim that Apple Watch sales have ground to a fault is that sales of Apple’s new wearable are actually increasing, contrary to some recent third-party reports we’ve seen.”

Heisler writes, “‘On the Watch,’ Cook explained, ‘our June sales were higher than April or May. I realize that’s very different than some of the stuff being written, but the June sales were the highest. And so the Watch had a more of a back-ended kind of a skewing.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds great, but the fact is that it would be pretty much impossible not to improve over the April 24-mid-June timeframe where there was near zero supply. Apple finally got AW supply for sale into Apple Retail Stores around mid-June. That there was a “back-ended kind of a skewing” tells us nothing. Of course there was. There had to be. If sales continued to increase in July vs. the last two weeks of June, then AW is cooking with gas. (We strongly expect this has been the case. Note also, that Apple has recently begun advertising AW since they now have the ability to stock and sell product in their retail stores.)

“Cook further added that early Apple Watch sales are actually outpacing early iPhone and iPad sales,” Heisler writes. “It’s high time that we give the Apple Watch some room to breath and mature before we casually dismiss it as a flop.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Whatever a flop is, Apple Watch is the opposite. That Apple Watch is on our wrists three months in, and they’re never coming off, tells us all we need to know. Due to the supply constraints, the unit sales number right now is virtually meaningless.

The early adopters are finally free to do their work and that means that Apple Watch’s future is very, very bright.

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  1. AW sales are about 3 million units, and, apparently, this is the most manufacturing was able to do — this is why even three months after start the Watch are only selling in 1/10 of possible markets (20 countries of 200).

    As I wrote before, not even the current quarter will be indication of actual demand for AW. Only the next, “Holiday” quarter will be true indicator since by that time manufacturing will be finally able to push volume and AW will be available in most markets.

    Timothy Cook has also thinks that AW will have stellar Holiday quarter. As I have mentioned, most Apple consumers have already gifted all kinds of Apple products to their friends and family members, but not Apple Watch yet. AW sales in Q4 will be epic.

  2. Apple Q&A session timeline info for investors to busy to listen to the whole CC—-
    The entire CC lasted from 2:00-3:00 pm 07/21/2015- Listen to the last 30 minutes to get the “gravitas” of what Tim Cook was saying about important issues—–!!!!!!!!!
    :33:24- Munster/TC Apple Watch numbers extrapolation clarifications
    :44:50- TC many, many years left in the iPhone cycle!!!
    :48:56- TC excellent commentary on China sales, store openings, 4g build out, middle class expansion, and China stock market’s LIMITED effects
    :53:30- Luca commentary on the FX issues affecting Apple earnings bottom line like all other international companies affected by the strong dollar……

  3. Pffft wishful thinking. Tim “The Steward” Cook has a absolutely no idea what he is doing. All he knows how to to do is rubber stamp rubbish, and try to ride on the coattails of Steve Job’s once great Apple. People are waking up, that the quality and perfection of the Apple of yesterday is gone. Apple is the new Microsoft, with it’s own Steve Ballmer in Tim Cook.

    1. Right, because you’d do so much better than the guy SJ handpicked to run Apple, with your vast experience running a multi-billion dollar company, compared to the dude who had been running operations at Apple for almost 20 years.

      Get Joe a seat on the BOD, immediately!

    2. First, Apple has never been perfect, nor will they ever be. Now, Apple’s quality has been a topic amongst Apple users for some time, and I too seem to get more defective products than in the past, however I try to remember that in the past Apple sold only a fraction of what they’re making and selling today, with a much more diversified workforce, in ever increasing remote locations, so there are bound to be new issues, but I wish someone would do a study to determine if the ratio of issues has increased, or merely the frequency due to a much larger scale of operations. Either way I do wish they would do better, but never on their worse day, smoking the wildest herb, dropping the prettiest acid, snorting the purest snow, while cracking the best rock, would they ever be Microsoft. That’s just your Apple Hating Dream… chill bro

    3. You start your disingenuous missive correctly – with a fart which is all your gassy post here adds up to. Time (& Apple) has proven again and again the future prediction and Cook bashing folly of hating jerks and trolls like you.

      You can rest assured you have no idea what you’re talking about, fool no one here, and can get back to your video game now.

    4. “Apple’s stores generated sales of $5,009 per square foot in the 12 months leading up to May 2015, more than any other brand in the U.S., including Tiffany & Co. and Restoration Hardware.”

      Yeah, what the hell does Cook know? And what the hell is he thinking putting the focus on polishing OS X this upgrade cycle? They’ll have no income at this rate…

    5. First, you’re full of shit.

      Secondly, Apple gives the numbers for major stuff like iPhones, Macs, iPods, iPads and such but never for add ons like Apple TV, Airport, and Apple Watches.

      On the personal side, Apple doesn’t owe you a damn thing.

    6. Joe… so we can all more deeply appreciate the depth and wisdom of your thinking on business, may I ask you to share with us the name of your mega-corporation and how much it’s worth.

  4. Agree with DErss. This obsession with Watch sales numbers has long ago passed over the border into absurdity. I had a gen 1 iPad and loved it. But I REALLY loved by iPad 3 (dispite the fact that it any graphics demand made it feel like an oven). My iPad Mini 2 is perfect for me. The iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac have all evolved into hyper-elegant, powerful, pleasing products that customers have delighted to own and use. So it will be with the Watch. I am sure I will love the AW2 more than I love the unit on my wrist right now.
    Cook and crew know that it is the long game that really matters.

  5. Why is this the only Apple product Apple refuses to give actual sales figures for? iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBooks you name it, every product Apple has made, sales figures were given, except for the iWatch. No, Apple owes me no explanation but why not give the amount of sold watches? It sure is quite while we all know Apple is never quite when it comes to sales.

    1. History teaches that every time Apple blared their successful numbers to the world, copiers were waiting in the breech, and seeing such success they were eager to start copying the success of Apple without a single dime in the research or development, sell their crap cheaper, and claim Apple was ripping everyone off, or worse claim Apple actually copied them, or now, it seems they can simply claim that whatever patents Apple had are void because the world needs them for progress, and proceed with impunity to copy their thieving rear ends off. So, mums the word. Without those numbers they risk a lot to start copying an unknown product…. that’s why you haven’t seen any new and revolutionary Samsung Gear watches…. they’re waiting for those numbers before firing up those copiers.

    2. Possibly because it’s the only the opening volley of sales? Cook said he didn’t want the competition to know sales figures, probably due to it’s new device status. My guess is next year, when Apple is even more ahead and the smart watch market (consisting mostly of ONE) even more mature, they might reveal numbers.

      Apple was damned if they did or didn’t report anyway thanks to the BS producing SOB anal-cysts always finding a way to interpret sales to Apple’s detriment.

  6. Too much hysteria over the watch. Apple isn’t just a watch company. If they cover all costs and add only $1 to the bottom line I’m ok with that. All new products Apple introduces get taken to the woodshed for one reason or another.

    Let’s move on. What’s really needed is the iTV Comcast killer.

  7. It’s been said Apple has only captured 75% of the smartwatch market share with AppleWatch. Investors were expecting about 98% market share so, their disappointment is totally understandable. The whole point of greed is to get everything and Apple seems to be failing at that. The fact that a company is doing well is no longer important. If a company doesn’t completely dominate a market and put money into a shareholders pocket then it’s considered a failure.

  8. Apple should sell a new product – wax – for all the TC knob polishers on these forums. Open your eyes, the reason financial analysts are expressing concerns is the obvious change in momentum. Apple’s growth fairytale needs some new characters and the ones Cook has put forward are not up to the task. The watch is not going to supplant lost earnings from flagging iPad and iPhone sales.

    1. The only conclusion I can draw is that your disconnect from reality here is willful. iPhone 35% growth YoY is NOT flagging sales. Yours is a narrative unsupported by facts. AAPL did what they projected they would do. There’s nothing wrong with THEIR narrative at all.

    1. WRONG! Apple only discloses what they have to. If they wanted you to know, they’d not have lumped it in with numerous other products. Why the hell do you think they’d want their competitors to know how these are moving.

      The lack of critical thinking in so many of these comments is a shame.

  9. Totally disagree with MDN’s take. My hallucination is that Apple did NOT want lines. That would cause a rushed buying experience, which is not what they wanted, nor did I.

    If all went smoothly, it wouldn’t be in the news as much. I think this was very calculated.

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