Beleaguered Microsoft’s Xbox One has lost the console war to Sony’s PS4

“The console war is over, and Sony has come out the runaway winner over Microsoft,” John McKenna writes for Seeking Alpha. “According to the June NPD numbers, the PS4 beat the Xbox One for the fifth time in six months, despite Microsoft gaining a temporary sales boost during E3 week where new consoles were sold at a discount. Nevertheless, with a near 8 million console advantage, the gap is too large to make up for this generation. With games like Activision’s Call of Duty moving to a PS4-first model along with other multi-platform developers like Batman Arkham Knight, it’s clear which company the industry and consumer base favors.”

“The only time Microsoft can generate any sales momentum is when it knocks down the price,” McKenna writes. “Sure, the Xbox One came under criticism early on for being nearly $100 more expensive than a PS4, which was one of the many faults people had with the console, but consistently relying on sales for stripped-down versions (which mostly were about getting rid of the unpopular Kinect and TV integrations anyway) leaves a dent in Microsoft’s wallet in terms of lost sales and millions in R&D for additions that few actually wanted. This might change with the arrival of HoloLens and Oculus Rift, the latter being primarily financed by Oculus’ parent company Facebook, but for the present, it’s an example of why Sony has been able to put the console war to bed.”

“Microsoft lost the 8th generation console war due to self-inflicted injuries,” McKenna writes. “With more resources plowing into virtual and augmented reality, the next battle is not a fight Microsoft can afford to lose.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Beleaguered Microsoft has finally found something they’re really good at: Losing.

Beleaguered Microsoft. Excellence in failure™.

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  1. Since when was MS in the running? Lol

    The PS4 has always lead the overall sales figures, only lost 1-2 months in sales. (When everyone already had their PS4 and the Xbox was on sale, still is)

    Top games… 1080p@60fps on PS4
    960p@30-60fps for Xbox one.

    And then there’s that pesky kinnect that spies on you..

  2. That piece of junk only survived the first few years because of MS pumping monopoly generated dollars to keep it afloat. Any other legit company would have shut down after those losses.

  3. My white PS4 is one of my prized tech possessions right now. I could care less about an underperforming Xbox 3, um I mean Xbox 1, but not the first Xbox, the new one they call Xbox One. LOL

    Xbox = 2002 (perhaps the Xbox 1, or original Xbox)
    XBox 360 = 2005
    Xbox One = 2013

    Only Microsoft would come up with that.

      1. American brothers and sisters, on other hand, would advise dear Englishmen, to fix their teeth. (Teeth culture in USA is probably the most rigorous; the only questionable part is that due to large number of blacks in the country who have very white teeth everyone else also has to try to make their teeth much whiter than natural for their race — and this is not a thing in Europe and elsewhere.)

        1. I’m sure that England -and indeed the rest of the world- appreciates your unique lesson on the under appreciated area of ‘dental racism’.

    1. Seems like business as usual for Microsoft. 🙂 (skipping some release names where they tried to be logical)

      Windows (1.x)
      Windows 95
      Windows Me
      Windows XP
      Windows Vista
      Windows 7
      Windows 10 (with no 9 before it)

  4. Not for nothing but a video game console wars not only about the sales figures it’s about the fun of the games. I on the PlayStation four and decided to part ways with it after really nothing of my taste was coming out for the games like killer instinct and most of the other games I had wanted on the PS four comes with the Xbox To me Forza is very good more than enough of a comparison in many respects to drive club. Not an arcade style raiser for more of an open environment to race in. Not for nothing I like the Xbox one better. For nothing but I have the kinect and the voice commands are excellent. I see vice commands the way of the future with many things. Calibrated properly I achieve at least 95% accuracy rate with the commands. Sure the system is not quite as strong but ps4 is not great in the strength department. It’s good but for what it is its already dally behind technology wise just like Xbox and they both fell behind even sooner than 5 years with the rest of technology. Meaning pc. It comes down to the fun of the games, the network and such. Ps4 is good but to me this time around I like the Xbox better. This coming from someone that’s owned ps1,2,3,&4 the questions I’d ask is why are we paying for multiplayer service when pc gets those games and plays online for no cost. Oh wait I know greed.

  5. blatant fanboy editing here. Literally removing entire paragraphs talking about the positive points. Congrats on the clickbait… but goods for Microsoft that Mac Daily news is writing about a segment that apple will never be involved in.

  6. I’m going PS4 this gen. I had 3 Xbox 360s and the first 2 succumbed to the RROD. Had a dashboard update that caused the video out to act wonky one time.

    MS never really delivered what I’d consider to be a reliable console with the 360. It didn’t become stable until the last few revs of the design.

    I won’t be going through that BS again.

    1. They were able to become profitable on a quarterly basis but I’m not sure they ever profited over the massive writedowns in earnings over faulty hardware. I thought I read the 360 fiasco ended up costing them over 1 billion.

      1. “Break even on the consoles, make money off the licensing of games.”


        But then again, Sony has made money no the console. but only a little.

        Games however.. they do make the money. (both of them)

        Granted this is an old article, and costs will have changed by now (less or more)

        The PS4 still sells for $399, and the Xbox 1 dropped to $349.

  7. I’m no fan of Microsoft, so I don’t care about Xbox. But I do think the WiiU is seriously underrated. It’s a lot of fun. I don’t care about photo realistic graphics, I just want fun games.

  8. Sony lost the ‘console wars’ with the PS3 and it made no difference what-so-ever. They still supported it, third parties still supported it and the company still made money. The same thing will happen with the Xbox One. The console wars are a media-fabricated bullshit story because everything has to have a slant these days.

    1. TROO! The console wars certainly aren’t over; this is total crap. Sony may be winning now, but if MS releases some must-have Xbox-exclusive games, that could change very quickly. And this is coming from someone who has been a PlayStation fanboy for nearly 20 years.

  9. As glad as I am that Microsoft is doing poorly, console sales numbers mean little to me this generation. If sales figures were based on which console actually has the most fun games & the most compelling exclusive content, Nintendo’s Wii U would be number one by a landslide. Unfortunately, Nintendo isn’t very good at marketing, and not so great at 3rd party developer relationships either. Also, most of the Sony/MS customers just play Call of Duty anyway.

    1. That is a pretty subjective opinion, and I don’t think it’s shared by the majority. Glad you like the Wii U and Nintendo’s library, but they are a distant third for a reason. Or a number of reasons.

    2. Its all what you like.
      The Wii U is a “failure” in the US, but in Japan?.. it’s much bigger.
      WiiU #1.. PS4 #2 with about half as many sales, then there is the xbox 1… WAAAAAAAY down at #3.

      Same with the PS Vita. In the US it’s looked at as a Failure (I have two and LOVE them over my New 3DS XL) but Japan?.. the Vita still outsells the 3DS on occasion (month to month sales). Its is still #2, but it’s far from dead.
      If you like the Japanese style of games + RPG’s etc, the Vita has much better games than the 3DS for example, and since the Vita is NOT REGION LOCKED like 3DS is.. you can import Vita games from Japan and play on your US based Vita. (many of them have English translation built in)

      So you say the WiiU has better games, I say the WiiU has zero games *I* care about… and no I don’t play FPS on a Console and I own zero Call Of Duty games.

  10. Not even 2 years into a nearly decade long console generation and you’ve already declared a “winner?” Seems a little premature. A lot can still happen in a few years.

    This article and these comments reek of Sony fanboyism.

    1. Also some great cross over features coming with windows 10 such as game streaming and cross platform multiplayer action looks like finally is a reality. By comparison, Sony’s efforts with tools, software and services leave a lot to be desired.

      1. Cross platform MP.. *EVERY* time it’s been tried (MS did it last also) Console Vs PC.. Console LOSES BADLY.

        I’d have to really search for the article but MS was thinking of it with the release of Halo on PC, they even Beta tested it in a closed testing on MS campus. the console people rage quit. and yes there were some “pro” gamers on the Console side in the test..

        It’s a hilarious read if I can find the article.
        They would have to really hamper the PC players and boost the Consoles to even remotely make it “fair” (why is there hardware to allow you to hook up a Mouse/Keyboard to a console JUST for FPS games?… 😉 )

        Speaking of the FPS cross play mind you..
        RPG and etc type games are already working together anyway, so thats nothing new.

        1. Fifa or driving games could work well also. FPS probably a no go. I remember when QuakeIII on Dreamcast came out there was war about players ‘cheating’ by using the mouse and keyboard.

  11. My wife is the gamer in the family. We wait to buy consoles until there’s a game she decides she must have. We didn’t upgrade to PS3 until that console was over a year old. We still don’t see a PS4 purchase anywhere on the horizon. Currently, she has a Wii U, and she’s happy with that.

    The thing is, she’s not interested in first-person shooters, high-intensity combat, or sports. Get rid of those three genres, and what’s left? It wasn’t like that in the era of the original PlayStation and PS2. Back then, the gaming industry tried to appeal to a wider audience, with many more genres to choose from. (Her absolute favorite was Japanese RPGs. Where did those go??)

    Her favorite games are platformers, puzzle games, and old-school RPGs. Because of that, maybe half of her gaming is done on her iPad, with most of the rest on her 3DS.


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