Enterprise adoption of Apple’s indomitable Mac keeps growing

“Widespread iPhone and iPad adoption is influencing broader use of Apple products in the enterprise, namely desktops and laptops,” Patrick Thibodeau reports for Computerworld.

“Apple’s growth in the enterprise is evident in the company’s overall sales. In 2001, Apple claimed only 2.3% of worldwide computing clients –desktops/laptops, tablets and mobile phones — against Microsoft’s 97.1% market share,” Thibodeau reports. “Apple’s client share reached 16.3% worldwide at the end of 2014, said Ben Bajarin, an analyst and principal at Creative Strategies, at the MacIT conference here.”

“The PC industry is being roiled by declining sales… but among Apple products, sales are increasing,” Thibodeau reports. “‘We don’t see Mac growth slowing,’ said Bajarin, who said that if anything the increasing lifecycle of PCs — around six years — may be encouraging people to make a greater investment in a device, something that helps Apple. Enterprise Mac adoption is also helped by Millennials, the generation born after 1980. ‘It’s almost coming to the point where it is essential to deploy Macs to cater to them [Millennials] in the workplace,’ Bajarin said. ‘They are the fastest growing demographic for Mac ownership.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: To every anti-Mac, productivity-stifling IT doofus we’ve encountered over the years in the media and financial industries – and we mean this with all sincerity:

SUCK IT!!! If you’d listened to us, maybe you’d still have a job.

We hope you see glowing Apple logos in your sleep, you MCSE luddites.

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    1. You’ll never celebrate, then. Apple will be lucky to break 25% tops with a tailwind. The day most corporations are willing to pay more for Apple products than cheaper Windows products is the day the Earth spins off its axis. If Wall Street even dreamt Apple could ever gain major enterprise market share Apple would be valued like Amazon or Netflix. They know it will never happen. I can’t imagine Apple coming out with such a superior product that cheapskates would dump their cheaper products for an Apple product. Most of those old IT guys sold their souls to Bill Gates and only when they die will some young blood consider going Apple. Apple has zero internal leverage to force out Windows.

    2. I want mac market share higher too.

      If Apple actually advertised their Macs they would sell more.

      No serious Mac Ad campaign since Mac/PC guy (66 different ads in 4 years) more than half a a decade ago

      Many generations of new Macs with new tech: magic mouse, thunderbolt, force touch pads etc, no serious advertising ( a few short macbook ads thats it, no iMac or Mac Mini ads at all)

      It’s so bad last year my local Walmart guy standing next to Thunderbolt Macs he was selling didn’t really know what Thunderbolt was , didn’t carry cables or connectors so no way to connect MacBooks he was selling to external monitors! (Training resellers is also Mac Marketing’s job ).

      years of Windows 8 and Apple unfortunately never REALLY took advantage of it. Because of no advertising many PC people on the street think OSX is as bad as Windows.

      No ads to sell the ecosystem , no market tie ups with GIANT iPhone sales (“bought a new iPhone? Get a Mac in 30 days and you will get 10% off…” etc).
      Sorry but Mac marketing is completely missing in action.

      Good sales is only through word of mouth by Mac fans (2 MacBooks, 2 Mac Pros) like myself talking to people.

      I’m going to get flamed (and I’m actually a fan of Tim cook) but Apple today seems to be more PASSIONATE about publicizing ‘social issues’ (important as they are) than Macs.

      One big reason the stock has been stagnant is that Wall Street thinks Apple is a ‘one product’ (iPhone) company, besides adding to the bottom line, more Mac sales can help the stock as well. (actually Mac sales has saved aapl’s bacon in several of the last financial quarters , pushing profit above estimates while iPad sales dropped)

      I’ve made the same rant before hoping Apple will do something.
      Years I’ve been harping also that Apple should advertise its big advantage that it ‘makes both OS and hardware’ and finally I’m seeing that advertised (last week) in iPhone ads — no I’m no saying I did it but someone with similar idea pushed it at apple — so there is hope…

  1. I strongly second MDN’s take on the article. My IT doofus prevents me from even using Firefox on my Windows machine so I’m forced to use that slow POS Internet Explorer.

    But what my IT doofus doesn’t know is that I often hook my 2nd monitor up to my Air during the day so I can get some real work done.

    1. You are imprisoned! I am the boss of the IT department in my company and sometimes forced to take steps to limit “creative people”, but we have IE, Firefox, Chrome for all users to use at their discretion. You CAN NOT just use IE for some sites (read online apps) will just not work with IE.

  2. “desktops/laptops, tablets and mobile phones”

    That’s a pretty broad group to include in what we think of as PCs. In 2001 tablets and mobile phones were non-factors, and desktops ruled the world. I think Bajarin should have limited his comparison to this group for a more meaningful result. Probably wouldn’t have made for such a great story.

  3. I so hate IT doofusses.

    I recall freelancing, sometime around 2005. Take my TiBook to an all PC “design” office.

    IT doofus to me: “I hope they’re paying you enough to be able to buy a REAL computer.

    Me: (plugs into their network and proceeded to print and access server without his help) “nope, I’m just fine”.

    1. I had a similar experience when I was at my patent attorney’s office at about the same time where he had been having problems printing off some of his documents on a networked printer. I told him that I had the same documents on my MacBook and would print them for him. In seconds, I was printing them. A year later, he converted his entire office to Mac.

      1. I actually had to give a new larger LCD to my patent attorney’s gal because she couldn’t see two pages side by side when working on my patents.

        Attorney’s saw no need for a large screen.

  4. I am told that Mac use at IBM is exploding and interestingly, the startup and internal software installation processes are streamlined and automated for the first time ever. (Naturally this would happen first with the Mac.)

  5. I had a coffee in Waterstones Bookshop, Oxford, UK, yesterday morning.

    Four people were using laptops – all 13″ MBPs, two people and me on iPhones, one person on an iPad.

    As I was leaving, someone came in with a skanky Dullish thing.

    But essentially, a clean sweep, I’d say.

  6. It doofi were the bane of my working life. I endured years of grinding obstruction and attempts to eradicate my Mac from kids who weren’t born when I first started using one. Since they had the ear of management, the best I could do was hold them to a draw.

    On my last day, my Mac (cut off the network as a “security threat) was still sitting proudly and polished in the middle of my desk, while the PC I was forced to use to access email etc. was relegated to a corner of my office, dirty, the screen at a cock-eyed angle, and the keyboard upside down on top of the mouse. Symbolism is important.

  7. I work for a company with 10K+ employees in US alone. They are still forcing me to use a DELL WinXP laptop, ipad 2, and iphone 5c. They refuse to supply Macs. The new Macbook is so awesome that the company would save over the long run. When we upgrade it is usually only to replace a BROKEN item. The Windows is the heart of the entire enterprise and operation is very sad. This company is number 1 in it’s field. Just wish they would open up the company to Mac. I am forced to use the DELL to connect to VPN. Can’t even access company email on my own iphone. Word is we get to upgrade to Surface this year….ughhh : (

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