Apple’s best iPod touch improvement isn’t in their press release

“64-bit. That’s the biggest improvement in the new iPod Touch range introduced by Apple today – but you wouldn’t believe that looking at the press release, which enthuses about the five new colors and incredibly useful 8-megapizel [sic] camera,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld. “The release does say this about the processor, ‘The Apple-designed A8 chip with 10 times faster graphics performance for a more immersive gaming experience, and even better fitness tracking with the M8 motion coprocessor.'”

“By migrating the device to a 64-bit chip Apple is clearly signaling just how very important it feels it is to unify all its products for this new faster processor,” Evans writes. “While I am a little disappointed at the lack of Force Touch or Touch ID support (so no Apple Pay) in the product, I can’t help but reflect that these new devices could also be a good way to get rid of any stockpiled Home buttons Apple may possess, particularly if it truly does plan to abandon these in favor of Force Touch displays in the next few months.”

Evans writes, “All the same, these seem to bring significant enhancement to the range and in doing so sets a high bar of expectation for the next iPhone, which now seems even more likely to break new ground for technological sophistication.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The iPod touch can live without Touch ID and there is no way on God’s green earth that Apple would debut Force Touch on an iPod touch via press release before first unveiling it during a special media event for iPhone 6s/Plus.

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  1. Touch ID was a selling point for *me* but most people probably categorize it as a luxury. Still, any less instances of inputting a username and password are only a good thing.

  2. It’s not surprising that “64-bit” is not highlighted. Apple marketing generally highlights features and functionality, not specifications.

    This is a tremendous update. I don’t know how Apple did it while keeping the starting price under $199. When the previous A5 iPod touch was released, it started at $299; Apple kept the previous A4 model around for one more year, at $199. I thought Apple would do the same thing this time, and keep the A5 model around at the low end for one more year, while releasing the new one starting at $299.

    A 4.7-inch screen would have been nice, but I’m sort of glad it retains the same 4.0-inch screen. It means there’s going to be at least one “small” iOS device going forward. Makes a new-design small iPhone more likely (when iPhone 5S is done)…

    A8/M8 and 8MP camera. Lots of great 8’s. 🙂

    1. Hey… Just thought of something. Maybe this new iPod touch shares its technical design with the new iPhone 6C (upcoming when next iPhone lineup is released). And iPhone 6C will also have a 4-inch screen… 🙂

      iPhone 6S: Large screens, A9-based, $199 (with contract) and up
      iPhone 6C: 4-inch screen, A8-based, colorful, starting at $99
      iPhone 5S: In its third and final year (A7-based), as the “free” option

      1. I’d rather see the 4″ added to the new version:

        iPhone 6S: Large, medium & small screen, A9-based and mostly equal features.
        – -$159 and up. Not sure what price point the 4″ should start at.
        iPhone 6: Large & medium screen. Last year’s iPhone basically.
        – -$99 and up.
        iPhone 5S: Yes, the final year for it.
        – -Free and up.

        1. The point of making the “proudly plastic and colorful” iPhone 5C (based on iPhone 5 technical design) was to better differentiate the iPhone choices. Previously, when iPhone 4S was released, iPhone 4 stayed in lineup as the middle choice. But iPhone 4 is identical in appearance to iPhone 4S. Apple likes making customer’s buying decision easier.

          When iPhone 5S was released, iPhone 5 was “re-styled” as iPhone 5C, making it clearly distinctive in appearance from iPhone 5S. Following that practice, the current iPhone 6 will not continue unchanged in appearance in the next lineup. I thought the 4.7-inch model would get colorful casing, and become iPhone 6C. However, squeezing iPhone 6 technical design into a new 4-inch iPhone makes sense; it kills THREE birds with one stone…

          1. Even better differentiation between top and middle iPhone choices.
          2. New iPod touch design “for free” from same engineering effort.
          3. New small iPhone with “near-latest” tech specs.

  3. The iPod … well its different than the iPhone in a fundamental way. Its kind of like an introduction device, like something for young teens to see how they’ll work with it, and that’s why Apple put so much into the gaming and music aspects of it. >

  4. I want a small iPhone in the same form factor as the new Touch: 4″ retina screen, 64 bit processor, gyro, accelerometer, good cameras. Add GPS and a cellular radio and I’ll buy now.

    1. What you describe is the current iPhone 5S, from $99 with contract, $149 for 32GB version. 🙂

      Same “form factor,” 64-bit, 8MP camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, plus Touch ID. Not sure what “cellular radio” is…

      1. Cellular radio is “cellphone”. Yes I know of the iPhone 5S – however it is only available with 16MB and 32MB (64MB is discontinued). I’d actually prefer the size of the slightly smaller 4S. I know beggars can’t be choosers, but my preference is for smaller, not bigger.

        1. My speculation (above) is that a new iPhone 6C (replacement for 5C) will use the same technical design as this new iPod touch, with A8/M8 and 4-inch screen. To be released in the next iPhone lineup, as the “middle” choice (iPhone 5S becomes the “low” choice).

          My personal current iPhone is a 3GS, purchased used in great condition (black 32GB) for about $80 total cost; I also prefer iPhone to be smaller. 🙂 My next one will probably be a used 32GB iPhone 5C, when I can get one for around $100 or less.

  5. “… I can’t help but reflect that these new devices could also be a good way to get rid of any stockpiled Home buttons Apple may possess”

    Apple doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t stockpile parts, it gets them manufactured just before they’re needed.

  6. I can’t believe they didn’t increase the screen size. having a 4in in an iPod touch. at least the 4.7 like the iPhone 6. I could see going to the 5.5 would hurt iPad mini sales.
    But i think there needs to be a 4.7in screen iPod touch. Its hard to game play on a 4in screen

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