Apple to release new 64-bit iPod touch today; new iPod nano, shuffle colors

“Apple will be rolling out a refreshed line of iPods today, according to sources,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “As indicated by new colors recently found in iTunes on the Mac, the new iPod touch, shuffle, and nano will come in new darker blue and pink colors. A gold color will be added as well for all three iPods.”

“The new Nanos and Shuffles won’t get new features, but the iOS-based iPod touch will see a considerable upgrade,” Gurman reports. “Camera upgrade from 5 megapixels to 8; new 64-bit chip; ‘M’ [motion] chip for fitness, steps, and elevation tracking.”

Gurman reports the new iPod touch’s pricing as follows:
• 128GB – $399
• 64GB – $299
• 16GB – $199

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple Store is currently offline ahead of the expected updates.
Apple Store offline


  1. And to think I finally gave up and bought a 32 GB Touch yesterday!

    Oh, well, good thing the store botched the purchase and I still haven’t got it. (maybe they were doing me a favor…?)

    1. Knowing that new iPods were rumored to be coming today you couldn’t wait one more day? Impatient aren’t you? 🙂 I’ll be nabbing a 128Gb model. Frankly I see no reason to ever buy the least capacity in a media device like this, except for budgetary reasons.

          1. Actually the 32 GB was $250.00, which is already stretching it for a child.

            Add Applecare and a case and pretty soon you start to look like the US Government….;-)

            1. Yeah but what a nice Grandpa. It could be worse. I have bought Apple gifts for grandkids too though at much more expense like a 15″ MBP RD for a grandson and a new gold MacBook for a granddaughter, plus iPods in the past. Obviously they are thrilled to get this stuff, as would anyone be, including me. 🙂

            2. Fortunately my grandkids are not that big yet.
              Unfortunately, neither is my bank account…..

              (they will be getting a hand-me-down Mac Mini. I bought about ten 2006-2009 iMacs for all the generation older that some use now)

    2. My hope is for a gps and data chip included. Would cannibalize iPhone sales but Apple’s never been afraid if that. That way it’s useful on runs/exercising, works with Apple Watch and connects to Apple Music. Should work on the same plans as the iPad. Could also work with Apple Pay. Cell providers will eventually devolve into internet service providers anyway. It’s the cell/mobile providers that won’t like this…..

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