Apple could announce 10 million Apple Watches sold when it reports earnings next Tuesday

“The running storyline is that the Apple Watch isn’t selling well.,” Mark Sullivan writes for VentureBeat. “But we have little reliable data about its retail performance, and Apple may surprise us with some big numbers when it reports earnings July 21.”

“Slice Intelligence, which is making a name for itself by tracking Watch sales based on online sales receipts… has been clear that its receipts data doesn’t track international sales and doesn’t track in-store sales. International sales are an important blind spot in the Slice data. On June 26, Apple began selling the Watch in seven new countries,” Sullivan writes. “Many equities analysts, who do regular ‘channel’ checks of the supply chain, are more bullish on Watch sales. Six weeks ago, Trip Chowdry at Global Equities Research said he believed Apple had already sold 7 million Watches… Since then, Apple Watches have gone on sale in Apple stores and have expanded from the U.S. and U.K. markets to seven others. It’s feasible that people could have ordered 3 million Watches worldwide since June 1.”

“If so, Apple may be able to announce 10 million in sales when it reports earnings July 21,” Sullivan writes. “Regardless of how many Watches have been sold, whether sales have reached 10 million or not, I’m calling on Apple to report the numbers July 21.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Call for things all you want, but Tim Cook will do whatever he believes best for Apple and, until we hear differently, that’s to remain silent. Last October, Apple stated very clearly that they would not be reporting Apple Watch sales figures:

We’ll be creating a new reporting category called other products. This will encompass everything we report in the accessories category today, including Beats headphones and speakers, Apple TV, and peripherals and accessories for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod. In addition, we’ll begin to include iPod sales in the other products category, and we will also reflect sales of Apple Watch in this line item once it begins shipping in early calendar 2015. — Nancy Paxton, Apple’s Senior Director of Investor Relations

I’m not very anxious in reporting a lot of numbers on Apple Watch… because our competitors are looking for it. – Apple CEO Tim Cook

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


      1. I imagine PR talk about this big/bug bump: “We are very pleased with record sales in our Other category. Customer report highest satisfaction rate for Apple Other products versus competitors’ other products” — or something. ;))

    1. I’m not sure that’s possible. It certainly isn’t possible with the current OS. I haven’t tested it with Apple Watch OS 2 yet, but at best it would be a very inaccurate measurement.

  1. Apple revealing Apple Watch sales after Apple contended this was not in Apple’s best interest? If Apple does I wonder who will compare these sales with iPhone, iPad, and MacBook; then issue an intelligent comparative analysis of the same.

    1. It’s gonna be a very delicate balance for Tim and Company to pull off. I see tremendous entertainment value in the artful way they will try to adhere to their promise not to reveal numbers while at the same time revealing numbers. It’s gonna be a hoot💥🎉⌚️😱😜

    1. You gave up too soon. This is an adventure you have to be committed to, not a two week trial. Appreciation for how an WATCH can change your life can’t be discovered in less than 14 days.😨 It’s a lifestyle change that has to be learned and developed over several weeks before its set for integration to what your life was like before you put one on.

  2. I am convinced the Apple TV and home kit is set to be the killer App(s) for the Apple watch.

    Here is an interview with Tim Cook in September 2014

    Tim Cook talks about controlling his Apple TV with his watch with an advanced copy. You can let your imagination run wild with what else it could control.

    When the interviewer asked about the Apple TV, a PR person shut the interview down.

    When the new Apple TV is released and Apple has all its ducks in a row with home kit, Apple Watches will fly off shelves.

    Idiots like Paula Resemblum, have no idea what even the Apple Watch 1.0 is potentially capable of with an OS update, let alone an Apple Watch 2.0

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