Taking off the Apple Watch for one week – don’t ever make me do that again!

“I’m writing this to you with my Apple Watch back on my wrist after one long week without it,” William Gallagher writes for MacNN. “Don’t ever make me do that again.”

“I’ve learnt some things along the way, there have been surprises, and there have been lessons — but I’d have given all that up just to put the thing on and get back to work,” Gallagher writes. “That’s what it felt like: it was wrong losing it, I wasn’t working normally without it. All that from a device I’ve only had since May.”

“If there is a benefit to having gone without the Watch for a week — no, scratch that, there is no benefit. Zero. It was all bad. Nothing good,” Gallagher writes. “Except that I do get it now: I get that the thing about the Watch is how well and completely it fits into your life, and leaves an impression. It’s not one particular app or one particular feature, it is the Watch complete.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch owners understand. Hopefully, this article helps those without an Apple Watch to begin to understand, too.

It’s like trying to explain “Why Mac” to a Windows PC sufferer. You really have to use one in order to understand. There are just too many details, too many nuances; a list of benefits simply doesn’t do it justice. With Apple Watch, as with the Mac, it’s the whole experience. It’s indescribable, yet indescribably better.

We’ve now worn Apple Watches every day for 2 months and 21 days.

We will never go back to the primitive days of not wearing an Apple Watch.

It’s amusing to watch those without Apple Watches wasting time obsessing over their phones all day – especially knowing that one day, sooner or later, they’ll also be wearing Apple Watches and then they’ll finally get it, too.

You can have our Apple Watches when you pry them off our cold, dead wrists.MacDailyNews, June 3, 2015


    1. Try me. Give me a list of rational, objective, and thoughtful reasons to own Apple Watch. I promise I will give your list a thorough and careful assessment.

      1. AS MacDailyNews explained:

        A list of benefits simply doesn’t do it justice. With Apple Watch, as with the Mac, it’s the whole experience. It’s indescribable, yet indescribably better.

    2. My dad loved Harleys. I never really understood it.

      But I truly loved (in order) hearing a Strat played thru Marshall amps (Hendrix above all others, of course); a woman climaxing; and the engines in flight of WWII warplanes (the Spitfire bar none, and then the Mustang).

      To each their own.

  1. It’s frustrating to be unable to convey to non-believers why the WATCH experience is so useful, helpful, joyful, and obviously to those of us who get it and have it, The Next Big Thing.🎉⌚️👀😍👍👌😃

      1. Yes, loving Apple products people are a kind of cult. But highly disparate and eclectic. You have heard of the Cult of Mac right? Well I believe within that Cult there’s a Cult of WATCH. And I don’t believe any of its members feel any of the negative connotations you’re implying.⌚️💥😱👀😜

    1. Oh for fuck’s sake. You mean like EVERY other watch that has EVER existed. They go around your wrist! People sweat! That turns to salt. The watch rubs.

      The only freaking reason I’m tolerating the occasional annoyance (haven’t worn a watch regularly in 25 years) is because it’s freaking awesome!

      The ONLY reason this is a story is because Apple Watch is THAT big. Any watchmaker would KILL to have this happening to them right now.

  2. I agree. The only time my Apple Watch is off my wrist is when I’m in the shower (and topping its charge off), or on the charger by my bed for an hour in the very early morning. The first time I wake in the night, it goes back in my wrist.

  3. Apple Watch will be a signicant Christmas gift item among the tens of millions of iPhone users. Plus they will be bought in pairs by loving couples and teens once the experience gets around of intimate, TAPTICS communication. Solo drivers will enjoy the convenience of taking phone calls and answering messages on the wrist. Office workers will enjoy checking stocks and messages on their Watch while leaving their iPhone stowed away from their boss’s rebuking eyes. So far, I’m loving my Apple Watch convenience and utility.

    1. I love how everything with Apple Watch is in future tense. People will get it one day, people will buy it but during the Christmas season, the OS will work a lot more smoothly but when the update comes around, the battery will last longer but in the second version of the watch, the product was meant to launch in April but it really came out in July, it will be more resistant to water but later, adoption will increase later… Everything is later with this thing.

      1. Right! Just like when the iPhone came out and was way too expensive, and then there were no 3rd-party apps for a year, and it only worked on Edge, with one company, and the thing didn’t even have cut n paste.

        And we all know how bad that turned out.


  4. I’m not into fitness. Don’t get me wrong, I watch what I eat and try to walk and swim when I can. Apple Watch has made me more conscious of what I do. It’s almost like a game. I was doing yardwork and I wanted to wear my watch because I wanted it to count for my exercise, as it should. I also did not want to damage my watch. So I wrapped something around it. When my husband questioned me I made up an excuse that I wanted to be able to know when I got a call or text. That was partially true. My point is two weeks before that I would not have cared. The watch has made exercise fun and integrated in my day. It’s hard to explain this. I do miss my watch when I’m not wearing it. It has made my life easier in ways I could not imagine.

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