Apple close to over-the-top TV deal with networks

“The Cupertino, Calif., tech firm is making broadcast networks the centerpiece of its cable-killer TV app — and talks with all four networks are rapidly gaining momentum,” Claire Atkinson reports for The New York Post. “‘The platform is ready and it rocks,’ said one source.”

“Apple’s discussions with ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox initially foundered over the tech giant’s desire to offer on the soon-to-launch service local live TV feeds streamed on any Apple device, sources said,” Atkinson reports. “But networks don’t control affiliate feeds. So Apple CEO Tim Cook’s team asked the networks to obtain those rights — instead of having Apple chase those rights around the country itself.”

“Now, it seems, Cook’s strategy is paying off, sources said. The networks are close to having the right to negotiate with Apple on behalf of their affiliates, the sources added,” Atkinson reports. “At Fox, the network ‘has the ability to negotiate with Apple [for affiliates], or it will have it very soon,’ a second executive added. Disney or CBS will likely sign the first deal with Apple to get the so-called skinny bundle off the ground — though a host of other hurdles remain, the sources suggest… Apple wants to launch the as-yet-unnamed product as soon as the late fall, sources said.”

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      1. Think Again!
        You’ve been brainwashed so bad by the Libtards you don’t even know what the truth is. Liberal Democrats always lie, never tell the truth and try and spin every issue to fit their narrative. There positions never stand up to scrutiny evidenced by there never ending tactics of name calling and efforts to shout down any dissenters. Wake up. Anytime the media is on your side that’s the wrong side.

        1. That is always the argument of those against their perceived opposition no matter who or what side that opposition is on. Its simplified a matter we are right you are wrong so you are lying and our evidence proves it. Of course its always selective so proves little or nothing in reality but then who lives in reality these days. being open minded or objective is far too complex and difficult to maintain, whereas finding evidence to support our pre concieved prejudiced arguments is far easier to achieve.

          1. Just because that is often the argument does not necessarily make it wrong. Fox News is not nearly as “fair and balanced” as it portrays itself to be. In fact, Fox News is intentionally oriented to the right to oppose the “lame stream media.”

            Those who believe in Fox News without reservation are at least as deluded as those that they deride as being “brainwashed Libtards.”

            The political extremes seldom provide a reasonable, balanced perspective, since their positions are shaky when faced with open-minded and objective debate. Moderation and compromise is the best path forward, but that path is currently blocked by the political gridlock created by the left/right extremes.

      2. I’m sure exceptions can be found, however

        All politicians lie

        All news sources are in bed with one side or the other, and become instruments of politicians, doing bidding.

        1. So sad that that’s true. Being informed on local matters is very important, but how is that possible when all the news wants to cover is whoever got shot last night? Yes, we get it, there’s crime. If we really want all the details, we can read a police blotter.


  1. I am all for this. But as a cord cutter, I did so to save money.

    What I pay per month is starting to add up. I don’t have all of these, but have tried them and switch back to for a month or so when I want.

    Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Prime.

    I really wish I could get stronger OTA signals. I do like local news and weather.

  2. ARRRRGGHHH!!! It’s the NY Post again! Sleazy tabloid version of Fox, the TMZ and Enquirer relation not to be trusted on any level at any time! Don’t be spoon-fed propaganda and misinformation. I can’t even read their comics anymore…

  3. FoxNews is the most successful cable news network so having that would be a big win. Half of FoxNews viewership are Democrats. A recent Columbia study found that FoxNews airs a broader diversity of views than the other networks which is part of its success story. I have seen them pose hard line questions to both political parties which is one reason why they are the most trusted news source (backed up by research).

    1. I am a conservative in my politics, but here is a list of liberals who make me think that are on Fox News: Rick Unger, Adam Lashinski, Kirsten Powers, Juan WIlliams, Mara Liasson.

    2. Fox’s influence is overblown. Less than 1% of the US population watches it. It’s an echo chamber that is leading the GOP to completely implode under their clownish ridiculous. Witness the current GOP field. They’re dumb, dumber, and dumbest.

  4. Once where I was living, we had a candidate for the US Senate who didn’t exactly have all the lights on his Christmas tree. There was a huge turnout to his rallies. He was the most successful candidate in terms of drawing crowds. However, it turned out that hardly anyone voted for him. They went to the rallies for the entertainment.

  5. APPLE, please add Canadian TV —

    I enjoy their nightly news, several of their primetime comedy shows, Hockey Night in Canada and Canadian Football.

    And it is especially great to have since it provides all of us Americans with a slightly different perspective on the world and America’s place in it. It is good television and worth having on Apple TV.

  6. I read on AppleInsider that the first ready to sign is Disney ( of course ) and CBS. These are the 2 big players in the game with big catalogs of media and channels. If they sign the other eventually will. But anyway, Ido not care about that, they need to put out a ATV refresh.The ATV alone with an app store and a SDK will change the whole industry that is fighting to win in the Living room.

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