Apple features Tim Cook laughing his head off at Android in iOS 9 beta’s News app

At the end of an article looking at iOS 9 beta 3, which includes Apple Music, CIO‘s Jim Lynch reports:

One last tidbit about the third iOS 9 beta concerns the News app. While I was scrolling through topics and channels, I noticed that the Android topic had a very interesting choice of image: Tim Cook laughing. Yes, Tim Cook laughing his head off was picked by the Apple News app to represent the Android category.

I wonder if the Apple developers or the editors who are curating content on the News app were having a little fun at Android’s expense? I guess it’s open to interpretation, but I found it rather amusing. I wonder if the folks at Google are laughing too?

iOS 9 beta 3 includes a photograph of Apple CEO Tim Cook laughing as the News app's Android topic image
iOS 9 beta 3 includes a photograph of Apple CEO Tim Cook laughing as the News app’s Android topic image

Tons more about iOS 9, including screenshots, in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Smirk.

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  1. OK. I’ll stir the pot. What if “they” (human curators) had put that picture on a ‘Hillary announces run for president’ article? ‘Trump announces run for president’ article? If you don’t see the problem here then you probably don’t see a lot of problems here. This may just be for fun, since it’s just betaware at this point, and it IS funny, but what are “they” going to do when it’s time to be serious, and who is going to have oversight of that?

  2. I’m with Bob. If you’re serious about being a major news-curating player to tens of millions of people, you need to observe journalistic ethics, Apple.

    1. And I’ll lay odds that iOS Beta 3.1 is right around the corner….
      ….disguised as security and app enhancements heh heh.
      Seriously, credibility – or at least the veneer of, is ‘all’ …in the news industry. This just crossed the line. But still….
      Gut wrenchingly funny.
      Job vacancy?

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