Analyst: Apple’s iPhone shipments expected to hit record 51 million for June quarter

“Apple is poised to announce yet another record-breaking quarter, the latest research from investment firm UBS suggests, with iPhone sales once again driven to new heights thanks largely to growth in China,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Using data from the UBS Evidence Lab iPhone Monitor, analyst Steven Milunovich on Thursday said he expects Apple shipped 51 million iPhone units in the just-concluded June quarter,” Hughes reports. “UBS’s research suggests that consumer demand for the iPhone in the June quarter was at about 49.4 million units. With excess inventory to replenish channels, Milunovich believes the company shipped 51 million units during the three-month period — an increase from his previous forecast of 50 million.”

Hughes reports, “Apple is set to report its June quarter results after markets close in the U.S. on Tuesday, July 21.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s record for fiscal Q3 iPhone units sales was set in 2014 at 35.203 million units.


  1. And yet, look at what is happening to Apple’s stock price. And the talking heads have know idea why. The law of big numbers and an Apple Watch FUD.

    They are clueless!

    1. Wall Street needs to find other metrics now that Apple is blasting their conventions every quarter!

      What a FUD World we live in! The Stock should be close to $200 now if their market rules could hold their beliefs.

    2. Investors, parroting analysts’ nostrums: OK so maybe iPhone sales didn’t peak last time as we had feared. But the fact remains, nothing can keep growing forever. This quarter has to be the last gasp for Apple, their other product offerings are miniscule revenue generators next to iPhone, and newer products like Watch seemingly aren’t coming to the rescue like Mighty Mouse. Apple is a one trick pony. It’s a pretty good one but it will fade with nothing to take its place. Sell.

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