‘Steve Jobs’ movie trailer fuels debate over Michael Fassbender

“The newly released trailer for the much-anticipated ‘Steve Jobs’ movie has created a stir, fueling a debate around actor Michael Fassbender’s portrayal of the legendary Apple Inc. co-founder,” Therese Poletti reports for MarketWatch.

“Comparisons with ‘The Social Network,’ which was nominated for Best Picture in 2011, are inevitable,” Poletti reports. “The script for ‘Steve Jobs’ was written by Aaron Sorkin, who won an academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for ‘The Social Network,’ about the early days of Facebook Inc.”

Poletti reports, “But the biggest debate seems to be over whether or not Fassbender is believable as Jobs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What do you think? Are you buying Fassbender as Jobs?


  1. Would have preferred Ashton Kutcher. He got the walk down. The lisp. I liked him in that role.

    Will have to watch on a bigger screen, but I’m thinking it’s gonna be a challenge to suspend disbelief on this one.

  2. Well aside from the fact that Woz said that conversation never happened (and the interface was not stolen), Fassbender looks more like John Scully than Steve Jobs. He is too old for the early Jobs. But, having said all that, his acting seems good and I will give him the benefit of the doubt until I see his interpretation.

    1. And aside from the fact that other parts of the conversation are also false: Jobs was both amateur and professional engineer for many years (including years before meeting Wozniak) to the time point of the supposed conversation, and he was programming since late 1960s and until about Apple’s founding.

    2. Fassbender, appears to be a John Scully than a Steve Jobs.
      I would agree. As well, I will go as far as saying Scully must have been pretty ruthless of a character to have forced Steve out of his position. A slimy sugar-water salesman – and that is how I see Fassbender. Fast-to-bend the truth on who Jobs really was.

      The movie takes a different perspective and a harder look at SJ. No matter what, the real Steve had to be some one other then from what these movies portray.

      A curious watch, one willing to wait once its on Netflix.

  3. Not Steve Jobs lookalike — Ashton Kutcher is a winner and he already made the movie about Steve Jobs. This is a shame without the “e”.

  4. Its a movie, a work of fiction with ties to some real world events, not a documentary. The funny thing about Jobs (and many other historical figures) is that no matter what is said about him, it’s probably true.

  5. Well certainly they’re going for a portrayal rather than an impersonation. I don’t think we’re supposed to watch it and be expecting to see him as looking and acting like Jobs, but rather as an actor being able to convey the story.

    It looks like there are some powerful scenes in the movie, and in that regard he may be doing a great job.

  6. I’m a fan of Fassbender, but I think he was a poor choice for this role… doesn’t seem at all believable as Steve Jobs. Kutcher, that dude who used to be in E.R., Christian Bale… especially Bale, all would have been much better choices IMO.

    1. You’re thinking of Noah Wylie. He’s already played Jobs on a cable TV project, with Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates.

      There are two choices with biopics: cast for physical likeness, or get the best actor available. There are valid arguments on both sides.

      I agree the trailer makes me question his casting in some scenes, but others leave me hopeful…

      1. Fassbender portray is far too cruel even seen in such short clips – and yet this is no documentary nor accurate to any facts. It is a movie geared to illustrate a man falsley – and for that I have no interest what so ever to see this. It is total fiction based on events and skewed to reflect negatively on the life of Steve Jobs. All for what purpose?

        The young Steve Jobs may have been a rather ass, snob, bastard or prick… yet the Steve Jobs that left this world was a much kinder, humbler, better person – which how he shall be remembered for.

    2. Yes, Bale not only looks the part but has the right temperament. Would have torn the stagehands a new one just like Steve did with his staff!

  7. Even Walter Isaacson’s biography, from which this movie is based, doesn’t perpetuate that stolen GUI story. How the hell does Sorkin get away with such liable?

  8. G’awful trailer.

    Just spins all the negatives about Jobs and Apple in the first half I saw it ( i stopped watching halfway) most of it exaggerated or false (stolen GUI ? Apple paid stock for whatever it took from Xerox… ).

    Fassbender looks terrible too… I don’t expect him to look like Jobs but he lacks intensity or charisma . I would have preferred Christian Bale. Fassbender doesn’t look like the guy who would obsess over the screws inside a computer, he looks like the moron who would smirk at the genius who obsessed over such details…

    1. finally finished the trailer:

      this is what it seems to imply:

      — steve Jobs wasn’t brilliant. He ‘s a talentless (can’t hammer a nail) asshole who is nasty to his friends and family and who stole his way to success.
      — because he’s an asshole the only way he’s got so many fans is that they are brainwashed cultists (foot stomping, chain waving crazies).
      — his staff is portrayed as smarter and more reasonable and have the last word (i.e the “God remark” )

      I don’t know how the movie is (the wrong ‘stolen GUI’ snark doesn’t bode well) but if it’s anyway like the trailer it’s trash. I’m not saying don’t show Jobs flaws but this is urban legend cliches. A LAZY way to make a buck by playing to sensationalism (anybody with the most cursory understanding of apple would have got how the Mac GUI was actually created) . If Jobs was the asshat in the trailer why the heck did iOS sell about a billion devices, all those millions of consumers idiot cultists?

      I hope the movie is better than the trailer.

      one of the reasons why it’s (obviously) upsetting to me is that Jobs actually changed the business landscape . Jobs said that Apple put the product and customer first and the bottom line will take care of itself — before apple few actually did that (shareholder bean counters ruled the Fortune 500 ) but today after apple some have changed ETC. (seriously how many Fortune 500 CEOs took $1 a year and no stock options — Jobs had no stock options from 2003 on).

      Some Real Jobs Quotes they could have used :
      “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.”

      “”Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people,”

  9. While I’m a fan of Fassbender (great actor!), our generation has a big problem:

    We’ve all seen the real Steve Jobs.

    The guy who got closer was Noah Wyle. And I see no reason not to cast him again (other than movie executives stupidity).

    In the other hand, I remember “The Aviator”, about Howard Hughes. I don’t know how Howard Hughes performed himself. I don’t know how much alike Leonardo Di Caprio was compared to Howard Hughes. Because HH happened before my time, and, other than pictures and biographies, I’ve seen nothing of the guy.

    Steve Jobs, I personally followed him, admired him, he was one of my childhood heroes, I saw every video, every presentation, every success and every screwup he made. I remember when he was out of Apple. I remember his comeback. His death is still fresh to me.

    And I think it’s the same for a lot of people. Perhaps a movie, I don’t know, 50 or 60 years from now would make sense and would give an actor an Oscar, even if he doesn’t even resemble Steve Jobs. The acting could be superb, and the gravity of the movie could be outstanding.

    The way the Aviator was. An awesome movie. But I don’t know how close it was to real life. Great acting, but without a way for me to know how close it was to the real character.

    And that’s why, despite of how good or bad the movie or the acting could be, people like me who somehow knew the real Steve Jobs, the real deal, will never be satisfied with whatever Hollywood shows right now.

    My 2 cents. I might be wrong.

    1. You’re not wrong. The only way people who knew him can be satisfied with the movie is if, somehow, some way, it strikes a chord within us that hadn’t sounded out completely whilst he lived. That can happen in life. We just don’t see it coming.

  10. Its extremely linberal and subversive Sorkin, the truth never stopped him before. Hollywood loves him. The Media loves him. And Fassbender so far has shown to be a good actor: I think they’re going for persona, or their take on it. It’s Sorkin’s style.


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