New gold iPod nano, new iPod touch and iPod shuffle colors coming July 14th?

“Apple could be preparing to refresh its aging iPod lineup with new colors, according to a new image found inside of yesterday’s iTunes 12.2 update for Apple Music,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“With the new update, when a user plugs in an iPod for the first time, the above image showcasing a dark blue iPod touch, a gold iPod nano, and a dark pink iPod shuffle appear,” Gurman reports. “None of those iPod color options currently exist, indicating that Apple could be preparing to refresh its line with those richer tones. Interestingly, the Touch lacks a hole for the camera loop.”

Gurman reports, “It is possible that the image is simply a Photoshop error, which would not be unprecedented, but our look into the previous version of iTunes, version 12.1.2, indicates that the image is actually new, which means that it was intentionally designed.”

Read more and see the image in the full article here.

Neil Huges notes for AppleInsider, “The images also include another strong hint at a release date, as the iPod touch calendar is set to Tuesday the 14th.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Those are actually some nice colors! Perhaps, give the lack of the camera loop on the iPod touch image, some of these iPods come with some hardware improvements, too?


  1. I wish Apple would take the next step and put a phone in the iPod. the size and weight (3oz) of the thing are what i’m looking for.

    I can see where they would be worried about hurting iPhone sales, but in that case raise the price of the iPod/iPhone to $350, or whatever. There is a market for small phones. Okay, I agree that most people don’t want one, but a lot do. Those that say the market doesn’t want a small iPhone would be like arguing that since most people buy Fords and Chevys there is no point in building BMWs. I can hear it now, “Enough with the BMW request! Everyone buys either a FORD or CHEVY so shut up about wanting a fancy car!”

    Small is beautiful, especially when it comes to being in your jean’s front pocket.

    1. > put a phone in the iPod…

      That’s called an iPhone. 🙂 (Although most people think of iPod touch as the iPhone with no phone parts.)

      In the next iPhone lineup, the iPhone 5s is likely to be the “FREE with contract” option. It has a 64-bit A7 (much better than the A5 in current iPod touch) and much better tech specs in general (compared to iPod touch), including the Touch ID home button.

      The unlocked (no contract) price for the current “free” iPhone option is $450 (iPhone 5c), so when iPhone 5s takes its place later this year, it will probably be the same price.

      I’d also like an ongoing “small is beautiful” option for iPhone… 🙂

  2. Here’s where to get the (currently) lowest-priced sold as “like new” (full warranty from Apple) iOS device that is supported for upcoming iOS 9, with no commitments or monthly bill from a 2-year wireless contract.

    It’s the special silver/black 5th get iPod touch 16GB (A5-based) for $149 (which is the current retail price for an iPod nano). It’s “special” because it has no rear-facing camera. Plus no place for the “loop” either, like the “dark blue” one in this rumor. “While they last…” 🙂

  3. Apple should come out with a 256GB ipod touch at a lower price point and do away with the lower capacity ipod touch models. A perfect modern replacement for the iPod classic.

    1. The low-cost iPod touch at the $199 price point is important. It provides access to an affordable iOS device with no ongoing cost. Most customers need storage to hold apps, not content. Storage costs money. No need to get rid of the low-end choice, even if there are high-end options. And just saying Apple should make a 256GB iPod touch for a lower price does not make it a viable product. It would be nice if Apple gave me an iPod for free… 🙂

      A 256GB iPod touch would be useful for the audience who want to carry ALL of their “stuff” on one device. An unlocked (no subsidy) iPhone 6 at 128GB costs $849, $200 more than the same model with 16GB. Therefore, an iPod touch that costs $199 at 16GB would probably cost $399 at 128GB and $550-600 at 256GB. I don’t think Apple would sell a high number of 256GB iPod touch units at that high price tag, compared to 16GB units at $199. But if there’s sufficient demand, Apple should make it.

      In the meantime, I would buy a used last-gen iPod classic that sounds like it has a broken hard drive (most broken “classic” iPods are broken because of the hard drive). Use an adapter to put a 256GB SDXC card, compact flash card, or mSATA SSD inside to replace the hard drive. Tarkan’s web site has cool info, including video showing a 1TB iPod demo

      I did a similar upgrade (different adapter) on an older 4th gen iPod (monochrome screen), replacing its 20GB hard drive with a 64GB compact flash card (60GB recognized). It works great, better than when it was new. Those old iPods have excellent sound. Do for yourself what Apple won’t do for you… 🙂

  4. well, i’ll be dogged !

    looks like they are going for a retro look on those new ipods – i see some “old style” dimensional icons there.

    jony ive must be preoccupied with other things to have that slip past him.

    they do look nice don’t they, compared to the new flatness style on the accompanying i-phones in the images?

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