Tim Cook leads over 8,000 Apple employees in San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

“Apple was out in force yesterday as Tim Cook and 8,000 Apple employees participated in Sunday’s 43rd Annual Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac.

“Apple employees carried LGBT rainbow flags as they took to the streets — considerably outnumbering the hundreds of employees from other tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Uber, and others,” Dormehl reports. “‘Great to celebrate with over 8,000 Apple employees, friends and families. Happy Pride everyone!’ Tim Cook tweeted, adding the hashtag #applepride.”

Dormehl reports, “Last week it was announced that Apple’s ResearchKit will power the world’s largest medical research project into the health needs of the LGBT population.”

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  1. I have no problem with Cook being part of the parade.

    But will Apple leadership treat employees differently if they don’t care to go to such an event or if they dare to disagree with such an event.

    1. Synth:

      This is actually a very good point. There is so much objectivity that needs to be in place when you’re a leader. If you push politics and systems of beliefs that objectivity is lost.

      Do I think gay people are completely normal? No, I don’t. If everyone was gay and that’s who we started we wouldn’t be here because we wouldn’t procreate. Science has given us deep insight into why people are gay and it starts in the womb.

      Am I for gay people getting married? Yes, because they should have rights in a fundamental way compared to others. But would I want to create a situation where people would be afraid to disagree with me? Hell no. That’s why I’d keep my mouth shut and do my fuxking job.

      My iPhone 6 Plus frequently stays in landscape mode Tim, no matter what I do. The Camera freezes sometimes or the button fails to work to take a picture. I had a activation error out of the blue on my trip last week abroad. OS X is nice but tired… the Apps aren’t really getting any smarter it’s the same old. Safari is a resource beast and is buggy as hell. There’s no Apple TV for home gaming… iTunes is a mess of an interface… the edges on my MacBook Pro are too sharp… I can’t see my screen of my iPhone very well in sunlight…

      I could go on and on. Tim, you have so much bloody work to do it’s insane. You need to have a focus and sense of urgency. Stop messing around with politics and this American bullshit and get to work. There are many other people to support and protest, etc. these issues.

      1. It does not look like Timothy spends too much time on politics. He has wrong few articles in the last few years on civil rights topics, but it all combined hardly took him even an hour.

        Gay parade is a different thing. Mark Zekerberg and Google’s leaders also lead their companies Gay Pride events. It is not a much of activism comparing to what other companies’ heads do.

      2. Hey Dftr, you’ve made a couple of nice posts with lots of great ideas. I hope you don’t mind but I’ll toss in a couple of challenges to some of them but overall it’s nice to read your stuff.

        Comment 1: “Do I think gay people are completely normal? No, I don’t. If everyone was gay and that’s who we started we wouldn’t be here because we wouldn’t procreate. Science has given us deep insight into why people are gay and it starts in the womb.”

        I agree that is everyone was gay there would be no procreation. However nature is diverse, so having gay folks is part of a normal animal population. There is a lot more insight from science about homosexuality. There’s a nice introductory read at Wiki about “Homosexual behavior in animals” so it’s been incorporated into the biological diversity of life for quite some time.

        Comment 2: This one comes from your Monday, June 29, 2015 – 1:17 pm post and summed up nicely at your Monday, June 29, 2015 – 1:50 pm post: “Well, if you support x, then you should also support y, z, etc.”

        I know a lot of people say that and see others painting themselves into a corner but there area couple of things that give me the feeling that this doesn’t make sense. One is that you can’t be an expert on everything. Tim Cook is making a stand on gay rights, possibly because it means a lot to him. Who knows how he feels about AIDS, racism, Russia occupying Ukraine, poverty, he hasn’t made any public statements about them. Some of these issues are very difficult to deal with, I suspect poverty for example will be with us for a long long time. Others, like gay rights are making strides. One of my personal interest is the torture of individuals and to that issue, I think that there could and should be strides to be made is ensuring that such treatment ceases and desists and that those responsible for such barbaric behavior are brought to justice. That interest though is mine, and Tim Cook’s is gay rights. Can’t do it all.

        Anyway, just some feedback on a couple of items, and again, thanks for your comments, along with the others made by the MDN community. It’s nice to be with such a diverse group.

        1. Road Warrior:

          You make some good points. I know about gay behaviour in other animals, and particuarly with grizzly bears. However, that doesn’t make it any more normal. It’s not normal to be gay anymore than it’s normal to have downs syndrome.

          Should all of these people have the same fundamental human rights? Yes. But that doesn’t mean these people are normal. They’re not. They can say they’re “normal” but they’re not. Being heterosexual is normal. That’s the baseline. Doesn’t mean being heterosexual is better than being a homosexual or that one deserves any special treatment over the other. But there’s a normal baseline in biology, and that also includes many other things like resting heart rate, mmol of testorone to ml of blood, eyesight, sebatious gland activity levels, etc. etc.

          But what bothers me is that these interests become a sort of cultural phenomena where the real issues become secondary. How many times have I been to gay pride in Vancouver or Toronto? Lots. It’s an orgy of sexually charged men who get drunk, do a bunch of drugs, and screw each other. There’s some famous parks in Toronto and Vancouver where gay men hang out and give each other blow jobs. If you want a blow job, just go to those parks.

          I also used to be a bouncer at a gay bar putting myself through University and lived with a gay man. This person’s ex-boyfriend contracted AIDS by giving a blow job to a stranger in a park. He did this the day that he had dental work done with open cuts in his mouth.

          I am completely straight. I’m not saying all gay men are drug fueled perverts, but there are many that are. Gay pride to me does not represent or imply anything other than an excuse to party.

          When it comes to Tim Cook, I want everyone to watch this reaction of Steve Jobs. I would argue and advance that this is what it takes do things on the scale that Jobs did. To change the world. This is the urgency he elicits. He takes a big breathe. He’s constantly obsessed with Apple and technology. Your marriage is to Apple. Your allegience is to Apple. Apple is everything. Eat and breathe it. Apple is your gay pride. Your country. Your everything. I advance that Tim Cook has none of this and is distracted with what’s relatively a bunch of bullshit.

          1. “I’m not saying all gay men are drug fueled perverts, but there are many that are.”

            And there are many straight men that are too. This is why people will accuse those that hold your opinions of bigotry. You project something you see as bad onto a particular group rather than on humanity in general, when the behaviour you’re condemning is common across the spectrum.

          2. I usually don’t take so long to respond but hey life got busy yesterday.

            A lot of your ideals appears to be around the term of “normal” that you use quite a bit. It’s a tough term to work with as it has so many definitions, one being “conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural.” or “serving to establish a standard.”

            However, there is a biological definition of “normal” that means”of natural occurrence.”

            The thing about “normal” is that quite often it leans towards the standard uniformity for human society and viewpoints whereas the standard for biology leans towards diversity.

            So on the on hand you say: “It’s not normal to be gay anymore than it’s normal to have downs syndrome.” and from the human approach you are absolutely right, gay and people are a deviation from the norm. It opens up the possibility to attack the norm by having one could ask, to be shown a normal person, and asking what skin tone do they have. As soon as you say one color the argument becomes “what about the other colors aren’t they normal?” or if you allow for a certain amount of colors then the argument becomes, “why not allow for a certain amount of sexual inclinations.”

            I prefer to go for the biological approach because I love diversity and to me ecological diversity is ecological stability. From the use of this definition homosexuality is normal natural phenomenon found in many animals. Plants are way more kinky than that so I’ll stick to animals.

            There are other definitions of normal, and it’s a tough word to use without providing very precise context. Another approach to your “gay is not normal” statements is to add an influence. For example, snow is not normal. In June. In the northern hemisphere. At low altitudes. In June, in the southern hemisphere at high altitudes, snow is quite normal. At high altitudes in June in the northern hemisphere snow is quite normal. See the diversity creeping in?

            Homosexuality in certain populations may not be prevalent under certain conditions, but may become prevalent under others. An increase in homosexuality in a population can be explained by overcrowding and the resulting “behavioral sink” that occurs. Wikipedia has a nice article on the “behavioral sink” idea and is a powerful idea that puts into perspective why homosexuality is becoming so popular along with other behavior indicative of social collapse.

            At any rate, I try to avoid the use of the word normal, unless it’s in math where it can be used very precisely, otherwise it takes a lot of mutual agreement on its usage.

          3. Your weird fixation on “normal” and “baseline” is total crap. Racists make the same sorts of comments. You also give a most likely made-up backstory about your experiences with gay people that fits your preconceived judgements, as if it’s relevant or proves some sort of point.

            The older Mac rumor sites tend to get these bizarre right-wingers posting their oh-so-important perspectives on the world. MacRumors also gets these same sorts of weird-as-hell right-wing comments whenever a political issue comes up, and it likely comes from dinosaurs listening to Rush Limbaugh, who talks about Apple on his show.

        1. If it is so normal, why do humans have such terrible effects on their health due to their sexual activities? You think evolution would have taken care those issues, or never have it appear in the first place, if it was so natural.

  2. Meanwhile, people struggle everyday to survive. AIDS still exists. Racism still exists. Russia is occupying Ukraine. And one of the most interesting things: poverty still exists on a massive scale. All those people making Apple products and other tech products in China who are paid crap to make this stuff. Yet somehow, Tim Cook is marching for gay rights.

    Are gay rights more important than FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS? I agree it’s an important issue but why is it ok to pay people crap?

    Why not march for equality of pay Tim? Why is it ok that you make millions and millions of dollars? Is that fair? Should we march for even pay?

    Should we march to have every song that is racist in its lyrics or against gays to be removed from iTunes Music?

    Tim Cook is a rich American who’s led a sheltered life. It’s not possible to take the guy seriously.

    1. I think “gay rights” are fundamental human rights. The point is that fundamental human rights were being denied to same sex couples based on sexual preference.

      What is “equality of pay?” If you could do Tim Cook’s job, you could earn Tim Cooks salary. Are you talking about the imaginary pay gap between men and women or the wealth disparity gap between the rich and the poor? I get the socialist mumbo jumbo confused sometimes.

      I don’t think you know much about Tim Cook’s life. I think that on the contrary he’s been inspired by his exposure to “social injustice.” I think he’s made some unfortunate decisions regarding speaking out as the head of Apple, but as far as marching in a pride parade… more power to him.

      HE HAS FREEDOM OF SPEECH TO USE AS HE SEES FIT. He does not have the right to stomp all over everyone else’s, especially in the name of Apple though. He especially doesn’t have the right to obstruct the sales of products that were making no racial statement whatsoever.

      1. There is so much work to do at Apple that a person wouldn’t have time for this. It’s one thing to support something, it’s another to pour time and energy into it. Tim Cook is clearly pouring time and energy into this. It’s on his mind. He’s been tweeting about it and racism for a while.

        Again, important issues but he’s got a job to do. There needs to be a sense of urgency.

        Everybody thinks Apple is great and on top of the world. That their earnings are unreal.

        Yes, their earnings are very good. However, over 50% of their top and bottom line is from the iPhone alone. Steve Jobs created that, not Tim Cook. Tim is riding Jobs’ coattails. The concern I have is 5 years out. Tim needs to be thinking of the future and working to create it now. If you’ve ever founded and ran a tech company you know how much work and how crazy it is.

        Where was Tim Cook on all these issues before he was CEO of Apple? The other problem here is if you start supporting issues like this people will hold you to an impossible standard and start pressuring you on other issues. “Well, if you support x, then you should also support y, z, etc.” He’s going to be under an intense microscope of impossible standards. He’s simply setting himself up for failure. Just watch.

        How’s the Apple Watch doing Cook? You sure you should have done that… look around you and see all of the Apple Watches people are wearing…

  3. Interesting that cook is all about gay sex and backtracked on the confederate battle flag, a symbol of hatred towards blacks.. It is ok to hate blacks but not ok to hate gays. Civil rights was only used as a wedge to force gay marriage into the constitution

    1. That interpretation is a very good example of why he shouldn’t react as CEO to social issues. He’s got to learn to separate Tim Cook the private citizen and Tim Cook the CEO, and it’s not always going to be easy.

      I also don’t think he’s “all about gay sex.” He’s about human rights. We might all disagree on what constitutes human rights, but I think the right to get married couldn’t possibly be more human.

  4. This is just inappropriate.

    I don’t throw a parade just because I like the opposite genitalia.

    I don’t want to watch a parade of people who like the same genitalia. Too much information.

    Personal lives are personal. Keep it to yourselves.

    1. “I don’t throw a parade just because I like the opposite genitalia.”

      I this encapsulates your confusion as genitalia—so delicately expressed—is not the entirety of the feminine experience (maybe for you?).

      I’m gay and have had sex with women and physically it felt great—by that I mean I achieved orgasm. But I never had the requisite deeply emotional experience I have with men. This is something many straight people can’t reconcile—homosexual LOVE.

      Parades are a necessary communal experience to demonstrate to other LGBT people that they need not remain in the shadows living lives of quite desperation.

    2. I don’t think you understand the purpose of this parade. It is not about genitalia.

      People don’t like, or are afraid of, or discriminate against, what they don’t know. People hate people of other religion because they are different, and more importantly, when they don’t know anyone of that religion. As soon as we begin meeting other kinds of people, becoming friendly with them, barriers collapse.

      Pride parades have only one purpose: to allow those who are gay to understand they aren’t alone, and there are others just like them; and to show those who aren’t gay that gay people are as normal as any other people.

    3. Your smutty little hate prayers didn’t work before, they’re certainly not going to work now. Tim is a hero, and deserves to be proud. LGBT people and their labour aren’t yours to exploit, get used to it. Contribution = visibility.

    1. You are 100% correct but it’s one of those things that has become something people say through the ages. It’s going to be hard to change that. It’s like calling a cable or DSL router a modem. Drives me nuts.

  5. I wonder how many of those participants actually consider themselves gay, or just agree or don’t care and just attended because they thought it would be a cool party or something.,

    You also have to wonder if anything happens if Apple employee’s don’t want to attend, or gasp, may actually disagree that this is something to celebrate..

    1. If I were at Apple, I would attend because when you look at 8000 people attending, and knowing it’s one of the CEO’s pet issues, it’s probably better to get out and represent for the sake of your career.

      1. that precisely is why leaders of companies should be apolitical. Cook’s political activism, however well intended, will have negative consequences.

        1. On this one he has it right. Demographics show how younger generations view this issue. A bit of flag waving now will reap rewards in future Apple employees and future Apple customers.

          Those that don’t like it to the extent that they’d let it affect buying decisions or where they work are already in a shrinking minority. Cook is skating to where the puck will be, not where it is.

  6. Hi Tim:
    This is your former boss speaking. How about instead of marching you fix all the bugs in iOS? How about explaining in further detail why buying Beats for $3.2 Billion made sense? You actually think I would’ve tolerated dancing drunk rappers celebrating on how they stuck it to my company? I would’ve taken Beats out of my stores, deride their products publicly and put them out of business while moving on with our music strategy without the help of these clowns who we need like we need a roundhouse kick to the face. Why iOS 8.0.1 was such a disaster, why Maps was a disaster, why every significant product roll out (from Mac Pros to Apple Watches) has been a complete fiasco, why did you hire John Browett? Why was this year’s WWDC an unmitigated disaster? Even websites that usually support us were mocking us. Why our new campus is no where near complete? Please… get your @ss back to the office and fix this before I put it in celestial unemployment.


  7. The comments on here are more HomophobeDailyNews. Gay Pride is headline news this week because of the landmark decision of the Supreme Court. Tim Cook, as the CEO of Apple, is always considered newsworthy by the media – And he is one of the few corporate CEO’s that is openly gay. He is entitled to his life. How you can tie his presence at this event to quality issues you’re having with Apple products is a cute way to mask your hate and fear.

  8. All this talk about fundamental human rights and being on the right side of history.

    This latest ruling from SCOTUS is in fact the very opposite. It not only shows that the U.S. has now reached the very bottom of the bucket in regards to immorality but also that the U.S. no longer exists as a republic ruled by the people.

    Our rights will fade as fast as our morality but go ahead and be proud and celebrate anyway, it’s only fitting.

    1. I’m really not sure what latest ruling you’re referring to; the one on Friday was quite literally applying the UN Constitution: the court struck down a few state laws that were unconstitutional (in that they restricted certain rights from certain groups of people). This is precisely the duty of the judiciary branch: to make sure laws of the land adhere to the constitution, and to serve as the ultimate instance of appeal in regular judicial processes.

      1. And which part of the constitution guarantees human rights to marry anybody they “love”?

        Before Friday nobody’s rights were restricted more or less than any other persons rights. After Friday Marriage was redefined, since when did the constitution define marriage and thus allow for the SCOTUS to re-define it?

        1. SCOTUS cannot and does not care about what the word marriage means in various religious groups around the world. They only focus is the set of rights, privileges and obligations that are defined in the federal laws by the concept of civil marriage. And in some states, state laws made those privileges, rights and obligations unavailable to a certain segment of population.

          Scotus didn’t change the meaning of marriage. It simply invalidated laws that had limited it to one group of people and denied it from another.

        2. So after Friday, whose rights were abridged? Seriously, how does MY right to marry affect anyone else? Is your marriage any less of a marriage as a result?

  9. Tim, You are CEO of the best company in the world…please keep your preferences to yourself. You are tarnishing Apple big time. Don’t bring Apple into your preferences…Steve didn’t give you the job for this. The bible is not trail mix…you can’t just choose the parts you prefer.

    1. do you honestly believe that any Forture 500 CEO gives a sh!t about a 1950+ year old book of well-intentioned fairy tales written largely by unnamed authors and filled with inconsistencies & historical inaccuracies?

    2. Good idea. Don’t cherry pick, just discard the whole thing and stop outsourcing your ethical judgement to some ancient desert tribe that happily massacred women and children.

    3. Why the hell not? You do. Do you follow all the Bible? No you do not. The Bible tells women to marry their rapists. Should we live by that? Deuteronomy 22:28-29. Look it up. The Bible says all sorts of things about marriage that we don’t follow. Marriage has changed. Biblical Marriage is a bullshit standard.

  10. “We just want to be treated like everyone else” meaning we’re going to make a spectacle out of our lifestyle over and over and over and beat you over the head with it. If I see one more GD rainbow I’m going to puke. I don’t care how you live your life. Stop shoving it in my face. How about you run your GD company, Tim? I don’t care what you put up your ahole.

    1. “We just want to be treated like everyone else” meaning we’re going to make a spectacle out of our lifestyle over and over and over and beat you over the head with it.

      Yep. Exactly like everyone else.

      Rainbows are the problem, They’ve ALWAYS been the problem.
      Making people all happy and stuff.
      And what’s with that NBC peacock?
      Disgusting. Keep up the good fight, Bob, and

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