Apple’s revolutionary iPhone is a juggernaut unlike anything we’ve ever seen

“It’s no secret that Apple gets more than half of its revenue from the iPhone or that whenever Apple releases a new model, fans come out in droves for the new device,” Chris Ciaccia reports for TheStreet. “But as soon as anticipation starts building about the next model, sales of the current version generally start to slow. Except, that isn’t happening with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.”

“Citigroup analyst Jim Suva wrote that iPhone demand is still ‘healthy globally given solid underlying build and sell through,’ upping his estimates for the fiscal third quarter to 49 million units, above the 46 million estimate comprised of several Wall Street analysts,” Ciaccia reports. “Much of the strength of the iPhone appears to be buyers enticed by the larger screen sizes, as Apple introduced a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone in Sept. 2014 and not from existing iPhone users, indicating there’s more strength to come.”

Ciaccia reports, “The iPhone has become a global juggernaut, taking market share in almost every country…”

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MacDailyNews Take: An iPhone with a larger screen option will hurt Samsung immeasurably more than myriad, unending traipses through the legal morass.MacDailyNews Take, May 2, 2014

Apple grabbed 93% of the mobile industry’s profits in fourth quarter 2014.


  1. noooooooooooooooooooo………..Apple is doomeddddd !!!

    No one will buy a larger iPhone, Watch, Music, or TV…..ummmkayyy!!

    Kudos to MDN- you guys were spot on the money 05/02/2014!!!

  2. I agree with Bill: Apple should close the company and give the money back to the stockholders. There is no hope, do you hear! All is lost! Apple’s success will be its undoing. It’s a complete, unmitigated failure. Why aren’t you listening! Sell, sell, sell! Now! 😉

  3. Soooo, how’s everyone doing in the MDN world these days with AAPL stuck well below expectations when the big watch was rolled out along with a bunch of other tweaks and updates? Tim seems to be doing just fine – he’s got all those social political issues to promote along with the once-great company he heads up so all is well in the land of Apple – right? And, that WWDC – wasn’t it just great?

    Just wanted to check in to see if there was any awakening among the blind followers of the weakest CEO in America. Cheer up – you can always call me and others who have long sounded the call for new leadership “trolls” and you will always be wrong as you always have. Carry on and I’ll check in again after awhile and see how you and your beloved Tim Cook are doing. Cheers.

    1. What self-important and snarky BS! The weakest CEO in America is not determined by stock prices in the wake of new products, but by long-term performance and profitability. If you are going to be politically and economically this ignorant and illiterate, you should probably keep it to yourself.

    2. I tell myself not to feed the trolls but I can’t help it. I’m doing great Jay! Thanks for asking. Love my watch. My stock is killin it (bought when it was 12$)! Looking forward to Apple music. Looking forward to the next MBPro update this fall. Ready to rock the home automation when its ready. I think Tim is doing fine, thank you.

  4. The tsunami of 6S/Plus sales is yet to be seen as 5S owners come to the end of their 2-yr contracts beginning in September and throughout 2016. Plus you still have the nuts like me who insist on upgrading on day one EVERY YEAR.😜😱⌚️💥🎉🚀🎈👻

    1. If I remember correctly AT&T said 75 percent of their smartphone sales in the December 2014 quarter switched to the yearly upgrade program. I assume that Verizon and others have similar stats. This means that at least 75 percent of U.S. iPhone users whom purchased an iPhone in the December quarter of 2014 will also be getting the next iPhone in the December of 2015 quarter. Very few people were on these upgrade every year programs in 2013, so fiscal 2015 sales are going to be huge.

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