Serious iTunes Match issues for some users ahead of Apple Music launch

“As Apple tweaks the iTunes Store backend in preparation for the launch of Apple Music on June 30, many users are reporting serious problems with iTunes Match,” Kirk McElhearn reports for Kirkville. “Problems downloading or streaming tracks, albums being split, artists appearing multiple times, duplicate playlists, and more.”

“Apple is certainly making changes to the way iTunes Match works,” McElhearn reports. “They have said that iTunes Match will continue to be available after the launch of Apple Music, and that the two are ‘independent but complementary.'”

McElhearn reports, “Let’s hope Apple can get it fixed soon.”

Full article here.

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  1. Yup, major issues here. All my albums are suddenly split, for example all my Beastie Boys albums are missing track 1, but they’re actually there, listed under another artist ALSO called Beastie Boys.

    I was just about to disable/re-enable Match on my iOS devices, might just wait and see if Apple fix it their end.

    1. I had an odd issue (a few months ago), where my “iTunes Media” folder got reorganized so that many (but not all) of my songs’ Artist Name folders where moved up one directory level. So it was

      /iTunes Media/[Artlist Name]/[Album Name]/

      instead of

      /iTunes Media/Music/[Artlist Name]/[Album Name]/

      But some Artist Name folders stayed in the Music folder, where they should be. iTunes was tracking the affected songs to new locations (so I did not notice the problem), but iTunes Match showed odd errors in the iCloud Status field for the affected songs (that’s what I noticed).

      Instead of trying to figure out the exact cause, I went “back in time” with my Time Machine backup and restored my iTunes library files and my entire “iTunes Media” folder (which is on an external drive for me) to an archived state before this problem existed. That fixed the problem.

      I don’t know if this problem was caused by iTunes Match (or by iTunes in general or some odd data corruption). However, iTunes Match helped me fix the problem; by showing my restored music library song list by Date Added, I saw all of the new songs added since the date of the restored state, all nicely listed at the bottom with the “cloud” download button. Selected those songs, right-clicked the selection, and Download’ed. I didn’t need to remember what songs I added recently and manually add those songs back, since iTunes Match kept my latest music library in iCloud.

      You may be able to do something like that as the fix, if you use Time Machine.

  2. it’s always had quirks, like downloading a free track during a preorder would mean that two albums showed up one with the free track and the other with the other tracks showed up in iTunes. And you know album covers can be hit and miss. But eh it’s fine

    1. One major difference is that with Match, music that you have from other sources besides iTunes can be matched (if available) and then returned back to you as 256kbps AAC. This is really great if you had ripped your CDs as 128kbps MP3 or gotten them from other inferior sources.

      The files you get back from Match are DRM free, so you can do whatever you want with them. It’s a great way to clean/upgrade your library.

      With Apple Music, the amount of music is smaller. So you might find that not all of the music you could otherwise match has a counterpart in Apple Music. If it does, great, but the file that is returned back to you will have DRM. That’s not a problem if you live entirely within Apple’s ecosystem and if you continue your subscription forever. However, that could be a problem if you want to play your Apple Music files on other devices.

  3. iTunes Match keeps changing my ratings on many songs. Songs that I’ve assigned 4 and 5 stars will lose the rating altogether. Not all songs – maybe 25% of my 12,475 song library – and randomly. I have quit using iTunes Match.

  4. Turned off iTunes match and have disabled auto renew. Its nothing but a problem.. doesn’t match 1/3 of my library, doesn’t update the play count to the library which in turn messes up my smart list. I feel better with iTunes match turned off.
    If I do renew or turn on iTunes match, it will be after at least 6 months of Apple music launch, cannot trust Apple to have trouble free product launches anymore.

  5. major issues here today. All my music disappeared from my iPhone as I was listening to it. Not good enough service from Apple. iTunes Match has been flakey at best since launch. Think this is the final straw and I won’t be renewing my subscription.

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