Apple Watch sales could surprise investors

“Every new device Apple has released this century — the iPod, iPhone, and iPad — sold 100 million units faster than the one before it: five-and-a-half years, four years, and two-and-a-half years, respectively,” Jamal Carnette writes for The Motley Fool. “The cost of each success is increased expectations.”

“While it’s too early to declare that streak broken with Apple Watch, it could be a tall order to sell 100 million in under 2.5 years as the device is designed as a companion item to the iPhone whereas the previous devices were stand-alone entities,” Carnette writes. “But if a new report is correct, Apple might just again rise to meet those lofty expectations as the Watch appears to be outselling the iPad early in its product life cycle.”

“Research analytics company Slice Intelligence (by way of Reuters) estimates Apple had sold nearly 2.8 million Watches in the U.S. as of mid-June, a little over a month into its sales life,” Carnette writes. “Compare that to the full first quarter of iPad sales, in which the company moved nearly 3.3 million units, and you can see the Watch is holding up well against Apple’s current quickest-selling product.”

“Apple also has another two weeks of sales before the quarter ends, giving the company more time to beat the 3.3 million figure,” Carnette writes. “However, it’s likely the Watch has already outperformed the iPad on a unit-sales basis. Slice only reports U.S. sales, but the Watch is now being sold in roughly 15 additional countries. Larger markets including France, Germany, China (Hong Kong), Japan, and Canada were a part of Apple’s initial rollout, and seven secondary markets including Italy, Singapore, and Mexico, come online June 26.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Once users put on an Apple Watch and properly set it up to their benefit, they never want to take it off.

The Apple Watch is going to be a massive hit that sells millions upon millions of units.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, September 9, 2014


  1. Apple will not be announcing AW sales this year, but it is not hard to guess rough estimation of it by comparing “Other products” category from quarterly reports from before and after AW release.

    But this quarter would not be real indication anyway as the supply was severely constrained. And even in the beginning next quarter the supply will be deficient for certain models. So the purest quarter for sales level would be Christmas one.

      1. Since AW will be still new and relatively scarce thing this year, and this upcoming holiday quarter will be the first for this product, I doubt this would influence sales negatively.

        I predict giant AW sales since Apple has like couple of hundreds of million buyers who already own everything else Apple makes, and they would love to have something new to give/get as a present. AW will be the hottest thing.

        Of course, since Apple is the most Holiday-driven electronics company, AW sales will significantly drop in Q1, but sales are going to be fine anyway.

        By the way, I am not saying that it is necessary will be this way, but Apple tends to move most product announcement to late of the year.

        So there is possibility that they will not announce AW2 in spring, and will move it to autumn.

    1. Keep dreaming.

      Even amongst their target market (young techies), the Apple Watch is a joke.

      Too expensive, too underpowered, too poorly built.

      Those three things alone would kill ANY product, but the fatal blow to Apple Watch is the simple fact that it brings nothing new to the table… period, end of story!

      1. You know this guy “orandy” is paid to be here and post this reality-defying nonsense over and over again like the Apple Watch is “poorly built” (it’s superbly built), “underpowered” (it’s the most powerful smartwatch on the market) and “too expensive” (it is selling faster than it can be manufactured, so it’s impossible to argue that Apple has priced the item too high for the market).

        It’s the same exact post by orandy, day after day, week after week, on any article that mentions Apple Watch. He never misses one.

        1. Jooop, I’m genuinely puzzled. Do people REALLY get paid for posting this kind of vacuous drivel? Do companies think it would have any substantial effect?

          I guess on more general consumer sites where people know almost nothing, it could have an effect. But on actual Mac sites, with educated readers, it’s just stupid.

          1. I don’t believe diatribes are paid for. They come from the heart, or rather the spleen or some other organ but whatever, they are felt. The very idea of an iconic corporation like Apple producing a mega-flop is so seductively suggestive, so richly evocative of transcendent emotional satisfaction, that it becomes like a nicotine addiction, difficult to lay off of it. It resonates like a fairy tale about a resented monarch brought down by his arrogance, one your child wants you to read aloud to him from a storybook night after night—it’s his favorite.

      2. orandy, either you are a pathetic loser who needs to get a life. Watching Friends re-runs all day would be a better use of your time.

        Or you are being paid by a bunch of pathetic jerks to post this drivel. If that is the case, please go tell Samsung they’re wasting their money.

      3. Of course you are forgetting that the “watch” part is just a Trojan Horse, right. The future of the AW is in the advanced sensor array underneath. Just wait until they come out with a glucose sensor. AW is destined to become the biggest Apple product yet.

    2. I guess that the future is to be filled with childish emoticons. If you can’t say it in words or have nothing to say then use emoticons and fill the space.

  2. Apple product sales have nothing to do with Apple’s share price so what’s the big surprise. I doubt current AppleWatch sales will excite investors enough to boost the share price.

    Wall Street seems to be really head-over-heels with cloud storage services right now and Apple isn’t even in that game.

  3. Selling a 100 million Apple Watches in 2.5 years is a tall order. I think this is very unlikely, here’s why. Apples sells rough 50 million iPhones per quarter. Over 2.5 years that’s 500 million iPhones. Since the Apple Watch is companion device they would need a 20% penetration of iPhone buyers to reach 100 million Apple Watches sold.

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