Apple just solved the single most annoying thing about upgrading iOS

“The most annoying part of updating your iPhone is figuring out which apps, songs and photos to delete so you have enough free space for the upgrade,” David Goldman reports for CNNMoney.

“But the latest version of the iOS 9 preview features a clever solution for that notorious problem,” Goldman reports. “iOS 9 will automatically delete apps on your iPhone before installing the new operating system. Then it will reinstall the deleted apps after the installation is complete.”

“iOS 8 required a stunning 4.6 GB of free space to install, forcing millions of iPhone owners to frantically delete precious photos, videos and apps in order to get the latest software on their gadgets. By contrast, iOS 9 will require just 1.3 GB of free space when upgrading,” Goldman reports. “But if your iPhone or iPad storage is stuffed to the gills, you’ll no longer need to panic. Apple will take care of deleting and reinstalling your apps for you.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Clever and useful are Apple hallmarks and, yes, the space requirement for iOS 8 hampered many users from updating in a timely manner.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dale E.” for the heads up.]


  1. Learned my lesson years ago with my first iPod. Get the maximum storage you can (reasonably) afford. Back then I never thought I would fill 5 GB, but, of course, that lasted all of 5 minutes. Now with a gazillion songs and movies it’s not just OS upgrades that could cause space issues.
    Go large!

        1. I have to agree. Meanwhile, on Mac, I am occasionally astounded to watch Safari grabbing every byte of RAM available as I surf the net. I’ve watched it gobbled down over 8 GB (gigabytes!) of my RAM by the end of the day. That’s absolutely astounding RAM hoggery. And of course, once my free RAM is all gone, it’s Sit&Spin slow down time for everything. So much for Apple garbage collection. 😛 I end up using one of the many RAM freeing apps to clean out the accumulated crap. – Apple can be incredibly lazy at times.

          1. Here’s to hoping El Capitan will do the same.
            It’s hard to say what they’re doing with memory these days. When things seem to be bogging a bit I’ll check Activity Monitor and restart whatever is taking up excessive memory or cpu. Kinda wish the OS would clean this up for me. At least the new OS will finally repair permissions automatically. Maybe in a few years it’ll clean up memory too.

            1. Memory management is as old as UNIX and C. Doing it wrong is the single biggest reason of security holes in software. Doing it wrong is the single biggest reason of RAM bloat. Programmers should require a memory management certification before they’re allowed to code anything going public. It’s that massive a problem.

              I’d even go so far as to say that typical computer science coding graduates are as dangerous as typical MBA graduates. Both have been taught how to do things WRONG. Then they’re let loose on society and manifest their wrongness.

              (Yeah, I’m grumpy today. Apologies. But I still mean what I say above).

            2. Sure, but I was referring to specifically what Apple is doing with memory management in Yosemite because it sure is different from Mavericks. Also, the OS should provide most of the memory management services for the apps, that is if apps choose to use them instead of getting cute.

            3. Apple has never been very good at memory management. Software sprawls out and the memory is rarely returned. I restarted a few hours ago and currently have Finder, Mail, System Preferences and Safari open with 3 tabs. I have less than 2 GB free on a 16 GB MBP. Memory Management was far better in Mavericks than Yosemite. Mavericks was an ok upgrade but the memory management was quite good. I have an older MBA with only 4 GB and Mavericks worked very well even with a VM running that used half the RAM. Yosemite brings it to a crawl with just Finder, Mail and Safari running. Yosemite was a big step backwards in so many ways.

              If 10.11 is supposed to be a Snow Leopardization of Yosemite, I hope Apple remembers that it took 23 months to get from 10.6 to 10.6.8. This yearly OS update cycle is insane. Operating systems need time to mature or else the new versions are built on buggy foundations.

              And give Jony Ive something to play with so the software interfaces can be repaired without him noticing.

  2. “forcing millions of iPhone owners to frantically delete precious photos, videos and apps in order to get the latest software on their gadgets.”

    This was actually a FEATURE – gets people to delete the trash they no longer need or use.
    [/ tongue-in-cheek]

  3. I want to know why every time I open Mail on the iPhone it opens to a specific email account rather than All Accounts. Anyone have the same issue. I’ve deleted and added back again but it continues to do the same thing.

  4. Great feature, my brother and his wife have 5Cs with 8GB… I told them it wasn’t enough but it was all they could afford.

    Hopefully this feature will be the end of frantic phone calls to me about freeing up space!!!

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