Analyst: If history is set to repeat, then buy Apple now

“Apple shares have remained relatively quiet over the past four months, trading in a 10 percent range from low to high,” Alex Rosenberg reports for CNBC. “By comparison, Apple shares traded in a 25 percent range in the four months prior, and a 15 percent range in the four months prior to that.”

“And according to Rich Ross of Evercore ISI, Apple’s relative quiescence of late points to further gains for the tech giant,” Rosenberg reports. “Apple’s run has been ‘defined by periods of consolidation followed by a surge higher, then another period of consolidation, then yet another surge,’ said Ross. ‘I think history is likely to unfold, once again, in that same fashion.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Those who learn from history can profit from its repetition?

One thing we’ve learned about AAPL is that pretty much anything can happen.


  1. Gee, since Apple stock is ALWAYS dormant during summer and starts to rise EVERY Aguust, then maybe it’s time to write the annual article predicting that it will happen again.

  2. Anybody who uses history to predict the future of share prices is likely to get his fingers burnt. That’s especially true with AAPL.

    As a long term investor in AAPL, I’ve seen far too many examples of the stock price rising or falling for seemingly inexplicable reasons and fully expect that AAPL will continue to be hard to predict in the future.

    There are some things that you can reasonably predict will move the dial in one direction or the other, but much of the movement seems to be unpredictable.

    General investment advice always used to be “sell in May and go away”. The reason being that most action happens between November and April. Apple’s a little different as new iPhones are released in September and there is usually ( but not always ) a boost to AAPL in anticipation of the new handset as September approaches.

  3. Typically something needs to happen to boost the stock up. Surprisingly good Apple Watch sales figures would do it. Same for Apple Music signs up.
    The best one recently was the appearance of Apple van that had stuff on the roof. It was pretty obviously this was for maps but the general consensus was that this was an Apple Car. That was enough to pump up the stock to where it is now. Of course there were other factors like great iPhone sales and anticipation over the Apple Watch but in reality the rumor of an Apple Car was key to increasing the stock price.

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