Apple should never stop making Macs

“Apple’s intangible connection to the creators of the digital age—the developers, the engineers, the artists—has played a unsung role its dominance in the consumer space. Apple’s Mac computers are the chosen tool of the builders who have conceived, constructed and improved upon the web and mobile applications that have changed the world during the last 10 years,” Christopher Steiner writes for Forbes. “Not understanding this relationship between company and industry could lead some investors, summoning guidance from a spreadsheet and banal business school tactics, to declare that Apple should kill off the Mac.”

“As long as engineers use laptops and computers to build, then Apple should produce them,” Steiner writes. “Co-opting nearly the entire class of tech creatives as champion users, for Apple, is equivalent to Nike getting the best 50 players in the NBA to wear its sneakers for free.”

“This connection that Apple has built with tech’s vanguard should be cherished and nurtured. Microsoft knows well that this link to the creators is worth many times the value of the hardware that they actually purchase,” Steiner writes. “That dominance in all devices, for Apple, begins with the machines on which most software for these devices is built. iPads, Apple Watches, iPhones, the coming Apple television product—these are all platforms whose software is created on Apple’s original product.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Macintosh is Apple’s wellspring from whence everything else blooms.

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      1. I think it works well, seems like a nice step forward from iPhoto the performance is vastly improved. What do you find so “horrible” about it? “Mess” in what way?

        1. We can’t rename the Photos files.
          We can’t delete the eternal ghost folders on iCloud.
          We can’t organize by name, size… like Finder.
          We can’t compare photos side by side.
          Strange Year/ Moments… looks messy
          It’s better than iPhoto but the ‘iCloud Photo Library’ it’s the worst.

          1. Managing the files within the filing system is not something that’s supposed to be done by people. Leave that to the software. Your desire to feel the need to do that is clearly the result of being a Windows sufferer for too long. Give it up. Manage your photos within the app, and stop fucking with system files.

            1. Just ‘Adjust Date and Time’ to 1/1/2000 (or any single date) for all photos… much better. take times, but it’s worth.
              BTW. never used a windows.
              Full of files info, tags, etc… just not well designed… and the serch is a mess. really.
              Use finder to rename all photos. and don’t use iCloud for Photos yet.

        2. If you have to ask this question then you are clueless about decent photographers needs. Photos is abysmal in nearly every way and only slightly useful for iPhone snappers. Apple dropped the ball with many of its longest and most loyal fans when it dropped Aperture and screwed up iPhoto, thereby forcing most of us to our nemesis, Adobe. How and why did this come about?

    1. Mac and iPad are fundamentally different.

      iPad is a mobile computer. You hold it with one hand and interact with the other hand. You move the screen WHILE using it, to accommodate the task. So, you can walk around and use it concurrently (without setting it down). That’s an advantage for many tasks, but also a limitation. In typical use, you are using only one hand to interact with the touch screen. Because it needs to be easily mobile and comfortable to hold with one hand, there is a limit to screen size and device weight, probably 12-13 inches and the weight of the original 2010 iPad. And a larger screen also become less optimal for a touch-based interface.

      Mac is a stationary computer. A MacBook is mobile, but while USING any Mac, it is stationary. That’s a limitation compared to iPad, but also an advantage. You have both hands free to be productive. Your hands are in a comfortable supported position, with minimal effort needed for interaction. Your hands never block line-of-sight to the screen while interacting. The screen can be MUCH larger. Two hands free and less effort to interact plus larger screen means Mac has greater potential for productivity.

      Apple has optimized each platform for their intended uses. They will BOTH continue and be fundamentally different.

      1. “They will BOTH continue and be fundamentally different.”

        I do hope they “will.” They must be fundamentally different, iOS has no hope of doing for me what OSX does, BECAUSE of the differences. They both have their place, but OSX must be the most important because without it, you don’t have iOS.

      2. As I said to the WSJ guy who keeps writing the “drop the Mac” articles:


        I have been a technology professional working with the Mac for over 30 years. The foundation upon which my relationship with Apple and her products is based, is Macintosh. There are millions of people like me. We have been using and promoting the Mac for, as I said, over three decades. This has led to us championing other Apple products as well. We are an unsung evangelical force majeure. We create mindshare.

        We are a major contributing factor to the success of the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and everything else that Apple makes.

        Remove the Mac, and I am no longer invested in Apple. They’re just another consumer tech company at that point. Might as well be Sony. My world shifts to LINUX and Android and I begin taking my friends, family, clients, and associates with me.

        The desktop/laptop OS is the nucleus of the Apple ecosystem. Be aware, the Mac is not a box. It is OS X, arguably the strongest most versatile general purpose OS available. Not recognizing its importance to Apple is like not recognizing the importance of the potato to Lays.

  1. Hopefully, Apple will continue to do what Steve Jobs did when investors suggest how the business should be run: ignore them. Investors have destroyed practically every U.S. business with their suggestions and “sound business practices.”

  2. The guy who decided Apple should Kill Macs is already back peddling, saying that is not what he meant. He just wants the brand Mac killed, not the label Mac. Oh…… How could I have made such a mistake reading his original article. What a dunce I must be.

  3. As the internet of “things” takes off, there will be less and less need for desktop computers, and apple WILL stop making the Mac, most likely sooner, than later.

    Just as mobile apps decimated the web browser, so too will the internet of “things” decimate the desktop computer.

      1. Why not? What if such a subsidiary returned to the name Apple Computers? You don’t like computers? I like computers. I miss the days of kick-ass computers. I spend more hours making stuff than consuming stuff. I feel abandoned.

        1. Abandoned and lonely, consigned to exile and neglect on Gilligan’s Island, the once jolly crew and passenger manifest of the former SS Apple struggle to communicate with hollowed-out coconuts while the fat, pampered masses on the mainland enjoy four-band antennas and gleaming chamfer-edged jewels of technology. The Professor synthesizes rum from fermented fig leaves, the castaways’ only solace in their abandonment, apart from pathetic skits put on for diversion, using costumes sewn with cactus needles.

  4. And so it was said that Jobs created the Apple I. From Apple I begat Apple II. But Jobs was wanted more and created Lisa and from thence Mac. Mac was then the ultimate incarnation but soon His followers turned their back on Jobs and forsake Him. He spent many a year in the wilderness but came to understand what is the true meaning of creation. From there He gave life to a new way and returned from whence He came to resurrect His creation. Mac was re-born with a new soul and cast aside foolish devices that stood in its way. Mac begat iPod that played wondrous sounds to all who listened. The soul expanded into a new universe and created iPhone so that everyone know what how special Jobs was. iPhone begat iPad and together they changed the world. Jobs saw all that he had done and it was good. Jobs time had come and he left it to his disciples to carry on his work. The good work continued and Apple Watch became to next creation to guide humanity to the next stage.

    1. I’ve met a handful of people (all workmates) who, quite literally, said that before they discovered the Mac they were so f***ed off with computers that they were ready to go back to pencil and paper. Since their discovery they haven’t looked back.

  5. Getting rid of the Mac computer or breaking the compatibility of the platform with Windows applications via a virtual machine would be a catastrophe. Don’t do it.

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