Apple Music hitting its goal of 100 million users would change the music industry forever

Apple “is looking to attract as many people as they can to Apple Music at first with their three free months, and then with what looks like an excellently-designed and useful product,” Hugh McIntyre writes for Forbes. “Apparently the company is hoping to eventually convince 100 million people to pay $10 for their service, which is five times the size of Spotify’s current subscriber base.”

“100 million people sure sounds like a lot, but if any company can make that happen, it’s Apple. To get to that benchmark would require just 10% of iPhone users to sign up,” McIntyre writes. “If Apple is successful in hitting that 100 million user mark, it would mean just about $1 billion in monthly revenue, and $12 billion a year. To put that into perspective, the entire global recorded music industry is worth just under $16 billion as of last year, so it’s not hard to see the impact that Apple’s service could have on an industry that is hurting.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Imagine how quickly iTunes Store download sales will drop when virtually all of the music becomes free for three months on June 30 in over 100 countries? Oh, there will be some who continue to buy, but nowhere near the numbers today. How many of Spotify’s 20 million paying users will cancel, at least for three months, with the world’s largest library available for free via Apple Music? Many.

iTunes Store currently dominates the paid download market with some 85% share. That market gets significantly smaller in eleven days. The Apple Music streaming service, especially with a three-month free trial, will radically disrupt the music industry virtually instantly. The revolution is only eleven days away! The entire music industry is holding its collective breath.


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  1. I thought iTunes Store basically changed the music industry FOREVER. I suppose FOREVER means about ten years.

    Anyway, I’m sure most of the pundits say Apple will never get that many subscribers. For Apple, Wall Street will say that number is impossible, but for Netflix they’ll say it’s easily doable.

    I figure a three-month trial would pull a lot of new subscribers unless the service is terrible and doesn’t come anywhere close to being as good as Spotify. With Apple putting AppleMusic on all of its Apple devices (and eventually Android devices), I honestly don’t see how it could miss. I don’t see why there are so many pundits claiming AppleMusic will fail before it’s even offered to consumers. What they base their predictions on seems pretty weak. I would think the consumers who buy Apple products can afford an AppleMusic subscription if they’re so inclined. The family group option seems like a terrific bargain. Apple will surely get back more than they paid for Beats within a year.

    I prefer to own my own music but I’ll certainly give the service a try to see how well it compares to Spotify.

  2. It’ll “change the music industry forever” alright. For one thing, there will no longer be any incentive to record the many kinds of music that can’t be performed live.

  3. What most people seem to forget is: COVERAGE for the service.
    Just as an example, I live in Thailand. There’s no Spotify here!
    Most countries don’t have Spotify and Apple Music will launch in about a hundred countries if I recall correctly.

    That little fact alone will help Apple into the game with a large headstart.

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