Meet Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple soothsayer

“Over the past several years, one analyst has risen above the rest to become the most reliable voice on all things Apple. His name is Ming-Chi Kuo, and his ability to accurately prophesy Apple’s future product plans is unparalleled,” Alex Heath reports for Cult of Mac. “Fittingly, he is also incredibly mysterious.”

“How did he become so good at knowing what Apple is going to do next?” Heath asks. “Kuo definitely works sources throughout Apple’s vast supply chain, and he might even have contacts within the company. He is expecting a lot from Apple in 2015, including two new iPhones, an iPad Pro with 12.9-inch screen, and sales of the Apple Watch to be 2 – 3 million units per month.”

“There’s an element of mystery to Ming-Chi Kuo that makes him even more interesting to follow. He shuns the spotlight and doesn’t do interviews. There seem to be only three pictures of him on the entire internet, even when you search for his name in Chinese. What little we know about him is that he works for KGI Securities, the second-largest securities firm in Taiwan that has been around for more than 30 years,” Heath reports. “One thing is for certain: he lets his research do the talking. Take his 2014 roadmap — released at the beginning of the year — in which Kuo accurately predicted Apple’s entire product lineup for the year…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ming-Chi Kuo is solid on predicting Apple product moves, as Heath’s article highlights, but we’re not convinced on the accuracy his unit sales estimates, which require a completely different set of tools, methods, and talents than those used to, for example, discover Apple’s choice of case material or display sizes for the next-gen iPhone.


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      1. It is consistent. Everyone who gives Ming a gender pronoun uses the masculine. Ming is 1.8 times more likely to be a man. That photo you found, that I’ve seen before also looks feminine, but that is meaningless. It would appear that Ming is just a pretty man with long hair.

          1. Anyone figure it out, for real?

            Seems too weird that so many articles would mistake Ming-Chi Kuo’s gender for no apparent reason.

            There might be two different people named Ming-Chi Kuo, of different genders, that are getting mixed up here.

          1. T-Mac, my tongue was pressed so hard into the cheek, you could almost see the tip…and you thought I was serious? I happen to think that genes do tell a pretty firm story, btw.

  1. Ming-Chi is pretty good at making educated guesses about very logical stuff (the 6s will have features not found in the 6? YOU DON’T SAY!), and may even have some moles in the Foxconn factories, but the actual track record on unit sales and dates these things turn up is much more in the “guessing” category.

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