Apple Watch: Add friends and block enemies

“One of the best things about the Apple Watch is how easy it makes it to stay in contact with friends,” Jim Lynch writes for CIO. “You can quickly use your Apple Watch to send your friends text or voice messages, digital touches and animated emojis.”

“But before you can do all that, you’ll need to add friends to your friend circle on the Apple Watch,” Lynch writes. “If you prefer, you can also block enemies from your contacts list from contacting you on your Apple Watch.”

“I think Apple has done a very good job at making it easy to manage friends and enemies on the Apple Watch,” Lynch writes. “And I’ve found that staying in touch with friends via the Apple Watch is even easier and faster than doing it on my iPhone. These days when I want to text, call or otherwise contact a friend, I use my Apple Watch instead of my iPhone. You just can’t beat the convenience and comfort of having your friends right on your wrist. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Currently limited to just 12 friends on Apple Watch, you have to choose wisely, but with watchOS 2 coming this autumn, you get more. Apple Watch is definitely the easiest way to stay in touch.


  1. Minor quibble with the language: you can not have even 12 “friends”, let alone more than that.

    I think Apple uses wrong term; “acquaintance” or “familiar” would be more accurate.

    Friendship is a rarity that can only be shared between very few people.

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