Apple devices dominate TV everywhere viewing

“TV Everywhere allows cable network users to access content online,” Puneet Sikka reports for Market Realist. “According to the Adobe Digital Index Q1 2015 Digital Video Report, the penetration of TV Everywhere into households has gone up from 9.4% in 1Q14 to 13.2% in 1Q15.”

“Apple (AAPL) devices are playing an important role in this increased penetration,” Sikka reports. “According to the report, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV took the first, second, and fourth positions for devices used in streaming online video for the TV Everywhere service.”

“Android-based devices took third position,” Sikka reports. “This means that Apple devices make up about two-thirds of the share for consumer use of TV Everywhere.”

Apple Devices Dominate TV Everywhere Viewing

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MacDailyNews Take: Leverage. This bodes well for a long-awaited Apple Internet TV service, hopefully to be announced at a special media event this autumn. Calendar fourth quarter could be not only an Apple Watch Christmas, but an Apple TV Christmas, too!


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    1. I totally agree: Hulu is not a good user experience. IF we must watch commercial to pay for the program production then the ads must be well targeted to the individual’s needs and tastes such that 50% of the ad views result in a purchase within one month otherwise, don’t air the commercial to those of us who are not buyers or your product or service.

      1. Right!? Like the disgusting foot and tobacco commercials. I HATE that, and it’s entirely irrelevant to me. It’s literally a form of torture so I’ve stopped paying for Hulu and won’t ever use it again.

      2. That would require you provide a LOT of information to your TV provider. I’d just as soon suffer the pain of the commercials I can see than shenanigans with my information that I can’t see.

  1. Love the convenience of controlling my Apple TV with my new Apple Watch. Hope Apple TV can expand to live news and sports. This would accelerate cable cutting and cable shaving.

    There’s a lot more interesting data spelled out in the Market Realist article cited here.

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