WWDC 2015: Highlights, lowlights, and culture clash

“It’s taken me a while to write this. We shared our initial reactions to WWDC 2015 right after Monday’s keynote on iMore Live from AltConf (video should be available soon). We shared some more midweek during the Debug Roundtable,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. “But the ramifications of what gets announced and how, and the effects it will have on us for the next year, takes me some time to come to grips with.”

“In 2013 it was the radical redesign. In 2014 it was the functional revolution. This year it was more than pixels or bits,” Ritchie writes. “It was about showing what that redesign and functionality will enable for the future.”

“It was also about comedic bits and musical guests that proved far more divisive with the traditional audience than any new operating system or feature set ever has,” Ritchie writes. “And as much as everyone has spoken about the new Apple, that clash of culture will be a challenge for all of us.”

Tons more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: WWDC 2015: From triumphs to train-wrecks, and a different experience for everyone.

From our perspective, “One more thing…” was desecrated by unfocused, unprepared presenters, but Apple Music certainly has the capacity to be worthy of the designation. It has the capacity to become very big, very quickly, and Apple could usher in yet another sea change for yet another industry. Perhaps, instead of unveiling it at WWDC, there should have been a separate Apple Music event? It seems evident that the ongoing saga of Apple TV content deals (or lack thereof) impacted the WWDC 2015 keynote.

For some people, Swift 2 will be the highlight of WWDC 2015. For others, it’s watchOS 2, or the Apple Pay enhancements, or Apple’s News app…

What was your WWDC 2015 highlight and lowlight?


  1. My official Top 10 list of WWDC 2015 lowlights:

    1) The WWDC keynote itself

    2) Stupid, unnecessary, unfunny, waste of time video intro

    3) No AppleTV development kit

    4) Tim Cook

    5) Jimmy Iovine

    6) Someone named “Drake”

    7) Eddie Cue dance-a-thon

    8) Presentations by female kindergarten teachers

    9) Black people propped up as centers of the musical universe

    10) Overall tastelessness and FUBAR priorities

    1. I have downloaded but not had a chance to watch it yet. I’ve always loved and anticipated these Apple events, but from all of the negativity I have been hearing I’m not sure I want to watch it.

      I was initially behind Tim Cook and wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I am seriously having second thoughts. He may have excelled at his job under Steve, but as CEO I’m getting the feeling he is wandering off course with all of this “social” crap he is forcing the company into.

      I want Apple to be about tech, not trying to reshape the morals (or lack thereof) of the world in his own image. Just my opinion.

        1. Someone is not a “troll” just because you don’t like what they have to say. I’ve actually defended some of your posts here even though I didn’t agree with them. I didn’t call you a “troll”. Maybe you should go away if there is just too much going on here that offends you.

          1. You balance your texts out, to a point. However, you should also realize that the voting is never that high unless the trollbot has been released. This is a Apple oriented site is it not? The MS, Android and other assorted Mt View trolls have their own sites to go to as they should realize they have no sway here. Right Howie? If I didn’t no better the Help Center employees are paid in their down time to troll. Is that correct? Or close Howie?

            1. You “belong here”? Ah, so it’s YOU who determines who should or shouldn’t post here. How about who is allowed to even READ anything here?

              To the best of my knowledge, this website isn’t owned or run by you. So, in essence, your opinion doesn’t mean jack shit. But feel free to to revel in your self-absorbed delusions.

            2. Sorry dimwit, using a 2011 13″ MacBook Pro. I’m sure you were there when Jobs and Wozniak started the company, rooting them on. You’re awesome!

            3. Bit difficult to take anyone seriously when they invent a one off name to post their supposedly profound comments. Pop up identities says troll or coward all over it.

              As for the original critic how can you take seriously someone who writes off Cook considering what he has and continues to do with the company. You can criticise certain aspects if you like but those ludicrously ill informed comments could only be made by a fool or a troll.

            4. Cook is riding off of Steve Jobs’ fumes.

              If you don’t know that the 2015 WWDC was the lamest Apple keynote in probably the last 15 or more years, then you’re yet another pop culture mouth-breathing moron who fills his mind with trash.

              Some of you guys are really, really lame. This is just an internet thread. It’s nothing monumental. And yet you become so fragile when someone says something you don’t like. You’ve got to be jaw-droppingly stupid to call someone a “troll” because you’re so friggin’ precious that you simply WILL NOT be disagreed with. These are not the acts of well-adjusted, levelheaded adults, but of little fascists getting huffy because someone intruded into their echo chamber circle jerk. Grow up and get over yourselves already.

            5. I couldn’t care less what you take seriously.

              Coward? How does that figure into anything? Oh, do you mean because I don’t post under my real name and you do “spyintheskyuk”?

              Yes, you’re right, you really ARE brave and courageous. You, and your little buddy “silverhawk1”, lol.

            6. silverhawk: Mr. Isaack’s point was quite pertinent. Are fanbois really any more favorable than a troll? No. At least one is more likely to see the truth of a matter.

            7. Thank you oh bastion and defender of ideological purity! some indeed, like you, are more equal than others. I guess Apple’s success has brought in undesirables that actually “Think Different!”. Thank you for defending us from them.

        2. Shithawk,

          You are way more counterproductive to this forum than any “troll”. 99% of your posts are directed at people vs. the topic at hand.

          Fly away Shithawk!

    2. I agree with most of your sentiment, but again you take time to point out “black people”. Do you have a problem with black people? Do you really think black people were “propped up as centers of the musical universe”? Is this a race issue in your mind? Do you not like black artists? These are real questions, because I don’t understand why you point this out, and it’s not the first time you referenced race for seemingly no reason.

    3. Tell me, you unsung genius. Tell me what you would do If you were the most everything, ever, best, ultimate, success of all time!
      Tell me, How do you manage that?
      Tell me, oh genius, tell me! What do you do, when you have scaled Olympus?
      Would you bow down and pretend to be of the lower class of people?
      Or would you embrace the clumsy and the lame, and celebrate the best of the different?
      Who are you? And why should anyone care?

  2. The internal changes at Apple (in my opinion) seem to have come from the upscale Angela Ahrendts & Newsom injection of ‘pop retail style’ into Apples venues.

    I appreciate the style of their devices, but the supposition that I will like Apple’s promotion of music offerings or use them just because some drug addled person is on stage or in video is a bit off putting.

    I think Apple customers use their products because they work & not because they are inside the front page of the NY Times Sunday magazine on a 3 page spread.

  3. Because WWDC 2015 seemed a strange mishmash, I persist in thinking that it was in fact cobbled together at the last minute.

    Attempting to reshape the music industry—for a second time—shouted for its own special media event. Instead it was shoehorned into a developers’ conference usually tightly focussed on code and operating systems. Why?

    Because, originally conceived as a stand-alone event, Apple Music was appropriated at the eleventh hour to fill out the keynote session after the original ending had to be scuttled.

    I believe the “one more thing” final segment was meant to be the long-awaited Apple TV, very relevant both to the developer audience as well as to kibitzers like the media. The graphic logo for the event seemed to telegraph it.

    What happened? Simple. Apple planned to shake up the TV industry by securing sweeping partner agreements. They had them lined up but then one of them balked, leaving the WWDC produers scurrying to change the show. They inserted a baseball segment early and added a music segment at the end. Delete these two pieces and you have a shorter but more coherent WWDC keynote.

    1. Or a more plausible explanation? Tim Cook is a bumbling idiot with no clue what he is doing, who threw this together, ripped off ideas from Microsoft and Android, and is running the company off the fumes of Steve Job’s legacy. Apple is a ship without a rudder, Tim Cook and Ive need to be canned asap.

  4. The last 30 minutes was a complete waste of time. It should have been a separate event.

    The segment about apps changing the world was great. Niel deGrasse Tyson’s ideathat this is an inflection point in history was enlightening.

    Swift developing so quickly is great.

    I had hoped for new versions of iWork and iBooks Author.

    1. Ugh! Neil Three-names Tyson is yet another poser propped up by leftwing lunacy. Leftist just LOVE glowing about people like Neil Three-names Tyson, just like they did Barack Hussein Obama. Let me know when Neil Three-names Tyson wins a Nobel, or at least does something scientifically more important than being liberal and reading cue cards.


  5. If gou watch the actual wwdc15 sessions on apple TV you will realize that there were tons more of good stuff there than just the keynotes presentation ( which for sure had it low, embaressing moments, ie… Eddy, Jimmy . Drake.. )

  6. The music portion of WWDC was nearly 40 minutes. That is ridiculous. There were cool things from iOS and OS X that Apple cut from the keynote. They never mentioned activation lock was coming to the Watch. Perhaps if Eddie Cue haven’t spent 20 minutes just playing songs from his iPhone they would’ve had time to show some of this stuff. The music portion of the event was a complete train wreck. Craig Federighi got rockstar applause when he was announced on stage. Eddy Cue got little more than polite applause from the audience. The audience wants to see Craig and maybe Phil Schiller they don’t give a crap about Eddy Cue or Jimmy Iovine or music.

  7. Looking back at the first comment, I sort of agree with 1,2,3 5,6,7,8.
    Cook has taken the role of MC and lets the VP’s give the product detail – some of whom are a lot worse than others.

    Apple TV was the elephant not in the room – and what was left was 30mins of info ‘crammed’ into 3 hours.

    Watch OS segment ; being the bit that was always going to be included, turned out to be the highlight – because it was professionally interesting to the target audience (unlike all the music stuff) and because of the absence of TV/home Sy / home hub etc. meant there was little else.

    I won’t be bothered to watch these events as a live stream in future if they don’t pare them down to the informative tech stuff.

  8. WWDC- Why is the Apple TV clearly in the center of the artwork? I have to think Apple TV was originally going to be a major part of this. The presentor for the Apple Watch is terrible. This is the same guy who last year didn’t look up form his screen when he answered the question “Do you have to have your iPhone with you to use the watch” Still do not understand why Apple needed Beats. Should have purchased Netflix at $80 per share and Spotify for 3B a couple of years ago.

    1. If you watch the WWDC 2015 channel on tv you’ll see that this is the first WWDC to have many sessions be transmitted both live and recorded during the event. So in that sense tv was the center of all of WWDC 2015.😃

  9. I liked WWDC 2015, the actual WWDC 2015 stuff, that is. The Music stuff was a questionable inclusion that I personally have divorced from the occasion as a misguided mess. I wish it luck, but that’s about it.

    • New watchOS that’s timely. Hee.
    • New Swift that’s easy to swallow. Hee.
    • A pause and and hopefully end of messing up OS X with some new hard core under the hood goodness in El Capitan. And the thing so far even works on some 2007 gear!
    • Some evidence that Apple has NOT fallen asleep on security. They’re merely half-asleep.
    • iOS 9 looking very nice and working back to the iPhone 4S.

    Remember kids: It’s a week of fun and frolicking for developers. It was not a show for Wallnut Street or the customer crowd. Watch for whiz bang firework displays with high kicking show girls in the fall.

  10. WWDC 2015: “Cupertino start your photocopiers”. There was nothing exciting about this keynote. Just Tim Cook’s Apple ripping off ideas from Android and Windows, and calling them new ideas or innovations. Apple even copied the instability and bugginess, yay Tim Cook. More evidence Apple is now a ship without a rudder. Both Cook and Ive need to be fired ASAP.

  11. The Bill Hader intro thing was awful. It was just another lame SNL bit from a lame former SNLer. And like most of the stuff on SNL, it was FAR too long. If it was a minute and funny, it would have killed.

  12. I don’t think the SNL was much of a departure from historical Steve Jobs Keynotes. And it creatively illustrated the idea of something big happening at Keynotes. Plenty of times, entertainment kicked off Keynotes and Jobs gave his two cents or laughed, etc.

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