Yes, the fix for OS X Yosemite’s Wi-Fi problems is finally on the way!

“Macintosh users have, since the release of Yosemite (OS X 10.10), been bedeviled by Wi-Fi connection issues,” Dwight Silverman writes for The Houston Chronicle. “The blame has been placed on the software that Apple’s desktop operating system uses to find and connect to wireless networks.”

“Until the release of Yosemite, that component was mDNSResponder. But with the new OS version, Apple replaced it with a module called discoveryd. Almost immediately, many Mac users who’d installed Yosemite experienced several issues,” Silverman writes. “Yosemite users have had two options: Restart discoveryd, which may or may not help and is temporary, or replace it with an old copy of mDNSResponder.”

“Here’s some good news: In the next update to Yosemite, Apple has handled Option 2 for you,” Silverman writes. “I’ve installed the latest beta version of OS X 10.10.4, and sure enough, discoveryd is gone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And good riddance! That’s right, we hate you, discoveryd.


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    1. Yea. Imagine upgrading your production laptops with that right after it was released.
      Then imagine you work in a wireless only office, no ethernet.

      Days and days of network problems that turn into weeks and then months. Users just want to do their work and get the job done but Yosemite turns into the biggest pain in the ass for networks.

      Luckily, I did not have any of my clients do that. I told them to stay at 10.8.5 for as long as possible. Had to deal with 2 new Macs that shipped with 10.10 but was able to roll them back to 10.9.5.

      Meanwhile a client had a large amount of floor space and cubicles. They sublet that area to a web design firm that did what my first paragraph described.
      We never had issues but all the MacBooks with OS 10.10 had daily and still do have daily issues with wi-fi.

      I can’t imagine why it took Apple 9 months to figure this out.

      It’s not like it was some odd setting that you could ignore or not use. This is networking, a key piece of the whole OS. No networking, you are most likely at a standstill with your job.
      Totally uncalled for. Someone’s head needs to roll for this clusterfuck.

  1. Why Apple kept trying to make that discombulated pos work is beyond me. Whoever pushed that to stay for months should be spanked. lol. Thank goodness Apple did the right thing getting rid of that trouble making piece of code.

  2. I’ve read about the numerous complaints, but have had zero wi-fi issues. Well, one. I was finding Safari sometimes would just load pages very slowly, and I thought it was something to do with the wi-fi problems being reported in Yosemite. Then I figured out it was Flash. I installed a Safari extension called “ClickToFlash”, and problem (for me) solved. That very well may not be the problem for the many others having wi-fi issues, but I thought I’d report it any way.

  3. Everyone’s reporting that yes, indeed, discoveryd is gone and replaced by mDNSresponder.

    But what I really want to know is: do they wifi issues definitely go away in the 10.10.4 beta?

  4. The only Wi-Fi disconnect problems I ever had — Starbucks Google Wi-Fi would ALWAYS drop after something around 1 hour — went completely away with 10.10.3

  5. I’ve lost time and money over this stupid issue. I was uploading gigs of files to client for review overnight. But when I wake up the next day, the wifi had dropped and restarted so the upload was never completed. At first I thought it was the wifi router’s problem. So I went out and bought an AirPort Extreme. The next day, same thing happen. So I called my ISP and they came and change the box for a fee. Same problem again overnight. So I finally connect the MacBook using the Ethernet and got the files send off. 3 days delayed and spend money on AirPort Extreme and new ISP router…all for nothing but this stupid discoveryd.

  6. It’s odd, for the first few months I had all these problems, then they largely stopped. I tried resetting virtually everything, set up new network locations, etc. None of them seemed to definitively fix it, but then I gave up and a few weeks later I noticed it had basically settled down. I’ve not noticed any difference now.

  7. What about the Bluetooth issues that have plagued the Magic Trackpad? The problem is on the OS X side, not the trackpad itself. Really getting annoying when stuff just starts clicking by itself.

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