Watch Apple’s WWDC 2015 ‘Backstage’ video starring Bill Hader

Apple has posted their WWDC 2015 ‘Backstage’ video starring Bill Hader on the company’s YouTube channel.

A behind the scenes look at the opening number that never made it to WWDC 2015.

What do you think of this video? Love it? Love the idea of an intro video meant to be humorous, but not this specific video? Hate it? Love/hate it? Meh? Flummoxed? What?

MacDailyNews Take: Overall, we liked it, even if it was a bit long. Some humor, even attempts at humor, at a software developers conference is always appreciated.

What we actually hated about the WWDC 2015 keynote was the desecration of “One more thing…” by some presenters who obviously hadn’t rehearsed and/or weren’t up to the task.


  1. I liked it. It was a bit hard to hear, but after about my third viewing I started picking up on the gag lines. They were funny.

    This version of the video should have included the laughter from the audience, which you could hear in the original. It gave you a sense of things the audience liked. There were a few spots when they really laughed.

    I liked most everything about it (except the sound). Keep doing the humor, Apple, especially anything that is self-deprecating. You are on top of the world and humor helps to bring you down a notch or two, and people love seeing the king or queen make fun of themselves.

    1. But it was the non-Apple presenters with no prior experience and the desire to still look clumsily “what the heck, I don’t care” cool instead of professional that fell down.

      Iovine should be ashamed, not like he didn’t have time to rehearse and no doubt got coached and know the Jobs legacy of near perfect presentation. At the prices Apple paid for him and his company they deserved far more. He’s been far more erudite on some of the talent shows than here where it really mattered.

      Showing consummate presentation professionalism also inspires consumer confidence and excitement in the service.

  2. The video was dumb, unfunny, pointless and unnecessary, and added 5 minutes to an already overlong presentation.

    The Tim Cook lookalikes is evidence that Tim Cook thinks he’s the next Steve Jobs, which is laughably absurd and and absurdly laughable.

    No, Tim, you’re NOT the face of Apple. Apple is just a company now, with no face, and a once classy and focused identity that is withering away.

    I hear a lot of big talk about how Apple is going for the cream of the crop customer-wise, but I fail to see evidence of that when it seems to think its most important demographic is black youfs.

    Putting Jony Ive in charge of software design was stupid. He is NOT a software designer. Okay? You could have cut back on the more glaring and garish skeuomorphic tendencies without giving it over to a hardware designer. There are people that could have done a really good job with an interface makeover. Jony Ive is not one of those people.

    You totally hosed the iTunes interface.

    The notion that Apple stuff “just works” is getting harder to support.

    If Jobs were alive there would be no Beats acquisition. There would be no stupid intro video to a keynote. There would be no Eddie Cue dancing. There would be no Chatty Cathy summer camp presentations to a roomful of men. There would be no presentations to a group of white men with three-digit IQ’s by a ghetto thug with a two-digit IQ (and probably a rap sheet to boot). There would be no slaps in the face to the real Apple demographic. And there would be no alienating of a majority of the public by advocating for the selective violation of Constitutional freedoms to satiate the 1% of society that simultaneously is sexually degenerate and wants to pretend to get married.

    And last but not least, this was the WWDC where there really should have been an AppleTV development kit, but since management is scattered, unfocused, and has its priorities all screwed up, we got low brow crap through and through.

    Apple can’t figure out how to let people merge their various user accounts, but hey, at least it can pull off frivolous and superficial crap. Yay!

            1. Let me try then.
              You have no idea what their IQ’s are. It’s interesting to me that you don’t admire, as you call him, the “ghetto thug”. If he came from the ghetto, which, ok, a little latitude for me here bereanbob, I think, you think is some kind of 9th world hell hole, you would be amazed, armed with only those tools out of that hell hole, he has made millions and millions of dollars. Again, I think you would be humbled, that the most valuable tech company went to this as you call him “ghetto thug” for something he had, and apparently with their three digit IQs couldn’t create. Well…they didn’t come to you. I would think you would be somewhat proud of the man demonstrating that even with racist, bigoted people clamming to keep him in the “ghetto” he used his personally, character, wit, intelligence, talent,(pieces, part, or whole) to make it out and make millions and millions of dollars.
              As, for the IQ are you sure his is lower than theirs. Oh, of course, boreanbob, you know, and I know you know, IQ is not a determinant of success. I mean look at George W. Bush, not even close to the great man his father is, but their I go thinking that that white guy has, as you seem to think is important, a three digit IQ. Reagan, as I’m not telling you anything new, was just a bit actor with a deep voice. (but back to the main thought) Not even close to Clinton let alone H.W. (back … back)
              American Pride. You should share in joy of knowing that in this country a totally of many different things allows anyone to be successful. Yes, I’m using money here cause I think you are drawn to that as a measure of success. ( I personally think Abraham was pretty successful and he was not a multimillionaire. 🙂 )
              But, perhaps you were thinking, IQ wise, white guys 100, “ghetto thug” 99, you know that’s not a big difference.

              Honestly, does the man being gay bother you that much. I would prefer everybody keep their personal business to their selves. But, I think the man has a right to be, and a right to say, and a right to the pursuit of happiness. Well, bereanbob, I like the United States Constitution. Now, if you are trying to date him, your writings are an odd way of getting his attention. I’m just saying. I noted what you said about the lady, that’s got to be coming from somewhere. To each his own. I prefer to mind my on business, live and let live. Hey, and don’t give me that liberal crap, there are probably a bunch of gay white conservatives like yourself. Dude love yourself.

              You do know Steve and Bill were college drop outs. Steve more like your “ghetto thug”, Bill came from money, more like a skilled worker,though, he could program. I don’t know their IQs, do you?

              As for rap music, I hate some of it, I hate some rock, I hate some classical, I hate some blue-grass(e). SO WHAT!
              I don’t hate the people that make it, I don’t hate the people that enjoy it. bereandod haven’t you ever wonder why Japan or China, or India are not the world leaders in everything. It’s not just their government policies, it’s, I would argue, the lack of cultural and ethic diversity. As in your case, you may need the ghetto thug” to make you strive to be better than at least him, without him I think you would be crap. Not to insult you, but you just would be. What about Germany? Why aren’t they far ahead of the US?

              Cream-of -crop, why or how is that not black young people. I don’t see your point at all there.
              It would only make sense to include black people, brown people, yellow people, green people, purple people, all those people that buy apple products.(green money) If you exclude, let’s say black people, what would music sound like? The hottest tune would be … Would rock even exist? Hum?
              Everybody is needed, everybody should be valued.
              bereanbob don’t evolve. Please don’t.

            2. Your post is way too long, so I’ll address a few things I came across by spot-reading it:

              The ghetto thugs who happen to get hired by record companies are hired BECAUSE they are black, not because they are talented, and the record company is able to brand and market them to black youfs and self-loathing white kids with degraded tastes and a white identity that has been obliterated by liberal scum through the manipulative techniques of conditioning and propaganda.

              If you think black youfs are the “cream of the crop,” move to Baltimore or South Central LA or Africa and enjoy yourself. I myself used to live among them when I first moved to LA and had to live with a friend for a few weeks whose apartment was in a neighborhood that was about 90% black. I know whereof I speak.

              Don’t ever again to presume to have any sort of insight into my experiences.

              Near the end of your post, why are you asking me if I hum?

              I have duly noted your ignorance of music and how it has developed. Whites have ALWAYS been the trailblazers in music (and everything else that is good) and blacks are not and never have been necessary for progress, as they are incapable of same.

              Diversity is our weakness. It is a historically verifiable fact that way back before white people decided they need diversity (by which is always meant: lots of liberals from different races), white people were firing on all cylinders and ruling the roost. But nowadays the more “diverse” we get, the worse off our economy, security, and culture become. Our diversity will have white people in the midst of demographic peril within 20 years, and our descendants will dig up our bones so they can shatter them to pieces against the rocks or ruin.

              That any of this has to be explained to ANYONE is quite astonishing, seeing as how it is obvious to all will open their eyes and say “to hell with political correctness.”

              Blacks and mestizos HATE whites, while whites continue to hate themselves and let themselves be lectured and victimized by people who can’t hold a candle to our accomplishments. Have some damned self respect, for crying out loud!

            3. bfereanbob, stop funning us. You know we white folks are lazy as hell. What do you think slavery was about. We wanted to reach out and provide jobs. How about those damn railroad tracks that cross the nation, Chinese. We’re are a lazy ass group. Proof look at Germany’s workday, yeah they work but look at how they work. Look at how much they get paid, they have unions, go figure, dude come on. Where ever we go we take, cause we think its our God given right. Dude Come ON. At least be honest about our history, name a place in this world where our presence did hurt the people living there. Hell, we expect the president to carry out our old hatreds. Europe has never gotten along and never will. Dude show some back bone, hell we can own up.

              Black people are only reflecting what they see, as any other group. Treat people nice, kind, with respect they do the same.
              Are a you to weak to realize that? I bet you hate Jewish people too, even if their skin is white.

            4. Geez, but you are such a liberal cliche!

              You’re the product and victim of the public school indoctrination system and the pop culture propaganda machine. Your world view is, quite simply, woefully ignorant.

              You’re a typical self-loathing loser who projects your inadequacies onto white people as a group. No, bob, “WE” are not lazy. We are the most accomplished people in human history. YOU, bob, are lazy. Not “WE.” But YOU. Okay?

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              Moreover, white people were taken as slaves by black Africans – including wholesale sexual slavery – along the Barbary coast for quite a long while. This is but ONE example of black-on-white slavery.

              Your Chinese example is another bit of selective history. Apparently you don’t know much about Chinese history. And if the way of life was so damned terrific, I have to wonder why so many Chinese came to the United States in the first place.

              Can’t you think?

              If you’d like to talk about the “laziness” of white people, I’d invite you to make a multi-column list of the great civilizational accomplishments for the past 2000 years. Label one column “Evil Whitey,” and the other column “Precious Africans.”

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              Now then, when you’re done with your list, compare the “Evil Whitey” columns from each page to the “Precious Africans” columns.

              Go ahead. Do it. I dare ya!

              Did ya learn anything? What is your excuse NOW? I can only imagine the hoops your leftwing lunatic mind will jump through to try and minimize the glaring contrasts between whites and blacks.

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              If the Beatles, the Stones, Elvis, Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin (among many others) can admit that rock owes its soul (no pun intended) on black R&B and blues, why can’t you?

              One more: Motown.
              [mic drop]

            6. Uh, son, you really do not want to say things to me such as “You know nothing about music.”

              Music is my area of expertise, son.

              Music is my profession, son.

              I have published music AND music education materials for professional musicians, son.

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              Don’t ever again presume to tell me anything about music, son.

              Your version of events is the politically correct, pop culture version, son. Don’t dare try to prop up the limitations of your knowledge on me, son.

              I’m not going to apologize for having gone MUCH deeper into this subject than people like you, son.

              Are we clear on that, son?

      1. When non-whites advocate for THEIR race, that is considered all well and good and to be celebrated by the self-appointed arbiters of morality: Liberals.

        But when whites do the same, those very same enlightened ones yell: THAT’S RACIST!!!

        After that, they stick their nose in the air, puff out their chest, and pat themselves on the back for being a “good people.”


  3. Nice piece of work and as JWW pointed out, Apple is on top of the world and self-deprecating humor is a great way for Apple to let people know that success hasn’t gone to their head.

  4. Not funny. This was another waste of money.Another bad decision. Increase the dividend. Pay out all the profit dollars to shareholders before this guy blows this money away on more stupid stuff.
    Every company should pay the profits out to shareholder. The companies, like apple, own shares are will still have a tremendous amount of cash.
    Worried about Tim, well, 7,000,000 + shares times $3.00 time 4 quarter = 84 million dollars. Almost 10% of a billion, I think he’ll be ok.
    This video… come on, this if people were paid, was a waste of money.

          1. I think you’re just about one step away from saying, “I know you are but what am I?” and then topping it off with a “Nanny nanny boo boo” for good measure.

            Geez, but your mother really should have used a condom when she was whoring herself for spare change.

            1. Character is what happens when no one is looking, but everyone’s looking at you now and tsk’ing in disapproval. Your Nanny needs to wash your mouth out with a little Lifebuoy soap bar which as you know has a nice, piquant after-dinner flavor. You sound very much like the offspring of jackals.

            2. I’m supposed to take the down votes of weak-minded liberals as some sort of metric?


              Anyone who requires the approval of degenerates and godless reprobates is someone who can’t think for himself.

            3. Who said they were all liberals? Maybe you ought go down to the store and buy some Beano to alleviate all the hot specious gas coming from your direction.

              I’m paraphrasing Sinatra/Piscopo who once said “I’ve crapped smarter’n you.”

    1. Every organization that holds a major conference realizes that people come and want to be entertained and well as informed. Having an opening video is fairly standard. That this Apple video had great production values is appropriate for the most valuable company on the face of the Earth.

      The money involved with this is negligible. And what are you talking about “blow[ing] this money away on more stupid stuff”??? What the hell are you talking about?

      1. Having an opening video may be fairly standard, but I thought Apple was not supposed to be standard. Remember “Think Different”? I do.

        Unlike you, Steve Jobs must have not understood the importance of an opening video that wastes everyone’s time and yells out, “We’re not cool anymore! We’re only Dad-dancing cool now!”

      2. Apple Watch
        the mac pro trash can design
        macbooks, macbook pro, macbook air, 3 types a portables, and upgrades that offer very little speed increases if any. Apple should have waited for new processors or drop intel, and design and build their own processors.
        the macbook pro only offering a discrete graphics processor in its highest end. (my complaint here is pricing for what we are getting)
        the upgrade to the mac mini less power, slower cpus, no discrete graphics processor
        no 6 or 8 core solution other than the xeons of the mac pro
        the name of OS X 10.11 (come on) EL Capitan
        Yosemite (buggy)
        the screens of the macbook pros
        the buggy hardware of the macbook pros (which they should just give users a new machine and be done)
        the battery problem with the macbook pros
        The purchasing of money to pay dividends. ( bonds )
        Angela Ahrendts 73+ million pay package
        Hiring John Browett
        Apology letter for Maps
        Releasing Maps before it was ready.
        The (flat) design of the Mac OS interface
        Firing Scott Forstall
        one port macbook and not even thunderbolt 3
        the magnet connection for the power cable not being continued.

        Need more
        Now, of course, these are just my thoughts. Yes, an outsider looking…
        Without the iPhone’s numbers…
        Guess what! People’s taste change. iPhone will not always be the hottest product. People will start to questioned iPhone high price, especially as other venders start to lower their prices. If microsoft ever gets it act together, and I’m not a MS fan at all, Apple going to come up short. They are going to need reserve cash and lots of it.
        Hey where are the servers? Apple is using HP servers? Maybe they will start to use IBM’s Power series, or start building servers again.

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