Why Apple’s new Metal for Mac is a big deal for gamers

“There were a lot of big announcements this week at Apple’s annual WWDC event, but the one that Mac gamers should be most interested in is the reveal of Metal, Apple’s new graphics technology for OS X,” Russ Looney reports for GameAgent.

“Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, made some impressive claims about Metal during WWDC,” Looney reports. “Federighi stated that ‘running a game in Metal instead of the standard Open GL graphics standard gives an app 50 percent improvement in rendering performance, 40 percent improvement in efficiency (which gives a better battery life), and 10 times improvement in drawing performance.'”

“But based on those statements alone, it’s still hard to determine what the advent of Metal for OS X will really mean for gaming on the Mac,” Looney reports. “So to get those missing answers, we spoke with Aspyr Media’s Director of Technology, Jez Sherlock, to see what he thought about Metal, how it will impact the future of Mac gaming, and how Aspyr is incorporating the technology into their own titles.”

Check out the full interview here.

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    1. Probably because this good news is about 8 years too late.
      Everbody knows that, by practically any objective measure, the Mac is significantly behind other platforms for gamers. OS X always has been, because Jobs was not a gamer, and Cook doesn’t care about anything by subscription based services. If you want a great gaming platform, go buy a Playstation console.

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