Apple’s Tim Cook breaks back into top 10 CEO list

“Apple CEO Tim Cook today moved up several spots in an annual ranking of the top chief executives in the U.S., climbing eights spots and breaking into the Top 10 for the first time,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

MacDailyNews Note: Actually, Cook topped Glassdoor’s list in 2012 with a 97% approval rating.

In 2015, “Cook (No. 10) received an average approval rating of 94% from Apple employees — current and former — on Glassdoor, an online jobs and careers website, between April 2014 and April 2015,” Keizer reports. “That was an increase of two percentage points, which in Glassdoor’s rating system is not statistically significant.”

“The rise in the rankings was, however,” Keizer reports. “As in previous Glassdoor CEO rankings, Cook remained behind several other technology CEOs, including Google’s Larry Page (No. 1), who posted a 97% approval rating; Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (No. 4); and Scott Scherr (No. 5), who heads human resources and payroll software maker Ultimate Software.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, Tim!


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    1. You would fire a person who makes around 4 Billion in profit (thats profit not Sales) every month for you ? (Amazon on average makes less than 100 million a month, Google about a billion plus) . Apple makes more money than Exxon.

      i.e you would fire a CEO and chief designer who runs a company that practically makes more money than any other in the world?

      What Business School did you graduate from ? LOL.

      1. Who wants to gain the whole world but lose their soul? It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, but only a few minutes for Tim Cook and Jony Ive to destroy it. Both should be fired.

        1. replace him with Ballmer, Schmidt ?


          “It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, but only a few minutes for Tim Cook and Jony Ive to destroy it. ”

          reputation? Your trolling vs facts:
          recently Apple was Forbes ranked Number One brand, that’s FIFTH time in the row, i.e practically every year TC has been CEO.

          Forbes May 2015:
          “The brand ranks on top of Forbes’ list of the World’s Most Valuable Brands for a fifth straight time and is worth twice as much as any other brand on the plane”

          and if you think Forbes is biased or a fluke, Apple is Also the NUMBER ONE brand in Millward Brown’s tenth annual BrandZ brand value report.
          “Millward Brown explains that its brand valuation methodology is based on three million consumers and more than 100,000 different brands in over 50 markets”

          Number one among 100,000 different brands, TC is destroying Apple’s reputation? …. lol

          1. Apple is running on fumes. Squeezing every last dime they can from Steve Job’s legacy. Tim Cook has silenced his critics at Apple by firing them. Now Apple is composed of yes men, who rubber stamp mediocrity. Eventually, the best and brightest of Apple will leave, if they haven’t already, and Tim Cook will be seen for the snake oil salesman that he is, as well as Ive. Tim Cook loves to pass the buck too. As Steve Jobs said, somewhere between janitor and vp, excuses don’t matter, well, unless apparently, if you are Tim Cook, then you blame an underling and fire them. The sooner Cook and Ive are gone, the better off Apple will be.

            1. “he sooner Cook and Ive are gone, the better off Apple will be.”

              TC is not perfect and I’ve criticized him myself before, but again fire him..?
              the guy who makes more money than any other dude in the USA and has the Number one brand FIVE times in a row?

              “Tim Cook has silenced his critics at Apple by firing them”

              Maybe you can name like ONE senior apple exec who got fired for criticizing Cook?

              (only person of significance I can think of off hand that Cook fired that is controversial is Forestall and that was by all accounts due to Maps (and perhaps friction with the software and hardware teams). So if you say Cook should NOT fire Forestall isn’t that a CONTRADICTION with your accusation that Cook isn’t concerned about quality (Maps) ?
              So one more time since you said TC , the CEO of the most successful company in the planet, Number one Brand, number one profit should be fired BECAUSE he silences critics in Apple by firing them .. GO NAME ME SOME APPLE CRTICS HE FIRED. c’mon…

          2. Joe you want to argue with me get facts.

            Your fire TC because YOU think he’s bad vs my stat arguments.
            Your claims is like someone saying “iPhone SUCKS because I (ME) don’t like it” ignoring the hundreds of millions who do.

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