Apple’s iOS 9 is spectacular, but don’t install the beta on your iPhone

“iOS 9 is a big update, and it brings with it a number of great new features. It also brings some refinement to a mobile platform that is already the most refined in the world,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “As much as I like iOS 9, however, I just uninstalled it from my iPhone 6 after using it for less than a day.”

“iOS 9 is currently an early beta. A very, very early beta. For the time being, the software is intended for use by developers only, and it should be installed only on test devices, never on personal devices,” Epstein reports. “In the context of iOS betas, the first beta version of iOS 9 is very stable. Shockingly stable, as a matter of fact.”

“This year, however, the first iOS 9 beta is actually in a state that is absolutely ready for prime time… where developers are concerned,” Epstein reports. “For end users, it’s a completely different story… The deal-breaker was battery life… This is not a critique of iOS 9 or of Apple. This is a warning. It’s now easier than ever for anyone to install iOS beta software and tens of thousands of end users have likely installed iOS 9 beta 1 already. Don’t.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The iOS 9 beta is remarkably stable, but – yes – battery life is not there yet. You don’t want this on your personal iPhone. This is for developers only.

Patience, padawans. It’s worth the wait!


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  1. Yeah I fully charged my iPad last night and this morning battery was at like 30% just sitting idle and no apps running in the background. Wildly destroying battery as almost all iOS betas tend to do. Glad I didn’t install it on the iPhone yet. I’ll wait until I notice battery improvements on iPad first.

    But yeah, Beta 1 is pretty good this year. Couple of glitches and crashes, but not many compared to other betas, and these are with doing things easily reproduced so I’m sure those will get squashed by Beta 2.

  2. Remember that the release isn’t a stable beta. It’s for developers. Sometime in July Apple will have a stable beta for the general
    public. For the first time, I’m going to install that on my working iPad Air 2. But I won’t install it on my iPhone 6+.

    I’ve worked with betas doing testing for Adobe among others. Betas aren’t for those with one machine that’s critical.

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