Ex-BlackBerry half-CEO Balsillie: I knew we couldn’t compete with Apple’s iPhone

“Former BlackBerry co-chief executive Jim Balsillie said Tuesday that Apple’s introduction of the iPhone and BlackBerry’s rushed attempt to match it was devastating for the once iconic company,” Rob Gillies reports for The Associated Press.

“Balsillie said in his first public remarks since leaving the company in 2012 that he knew BlackBerry couldn’t compete after the iPhone’s introduction in 2007 and after BlackBerry’s buggy touchscreen device called the Storm had a ‘100 percent return rate,'” Gillies reports. “He said at the Empire Club in Toronto that the impact of rushing it out was devastating. He said Verizon, their largest customer, fired them over it. Balsillie made the remarks in a question-and-answer session with Jacquie McNish and Sean Silcoff, the authors of the new book Losing the Signal. The Spectacular Rise and Fall of BlackBerry.”

“‘With Storm we tried to do too much. It was a touch display, it was a clickable display, it had new applications, and it was all done in an incredibly short period of time and it blew up on us,’ Balsillie said. ‘That was the time I knew we couldn’t compete on high end hardware,'” Gillies reports. “‘It was difficult. It was a real shock to the company,’ Balsillie said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The BlackBerry Storm was RIM’s biggest piece of garbage ever – until they released the PlayBook, that is.

RIM is a dead company walking.MacDailyNews Take, August 23, 2010

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “BD” for the heads up.]


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  1. I guess they had been describing themselves all along with their infamous disingenuous Apple gibe “Amateur Hour Is Over.” Along with the lines of Microsoft’s 2007 iPhone funeral – excessive hubris gets you dead.

    And the cruel chuckles keep coming. Along with the sorrow over all the poor devils losing their jobs at the hands of these clueless CEO’s.

      1. Which is what makes the cruel chuckles go up a few more notches. There should be a reality series called “Disingenuous Advert Slogans That Disastrously BACKFIRE!!” Blackberry should be first up among many other worthy contenders for the hubris imploding throne. Heh.

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        Good luck!

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  2. I LOVED my blackberry. At the time before the iPhone there was nothing better. I don’t think it can be overstated how much the storm hurt it. It turned people off to the brand never to come back, me included. With Verizon, the largest carrier not having the iPhone until 2011, they gave Android the spotlight they would have never had. Blackberry inadvertently made Android as ubiquitous as it is today.

    1. Before the iPhone, I had a Razr, and one day I left it inside my car and the screen cracked from the heat and half of it was slightly visible and the other half was solid black. A friend gave me his old blackberry pearl, and I hated it so much that I gave it back to him and kept using my busted Razr. Luckily the first iPhone came out shortly after and I haven’t looked back since.

    2. You are right, Verizon did everything possible to derail iPhone and AT&T. Verizon as usual blew it. Very narrow minded screw you over company. Not surprising.

      But, the AT&T deal became a wedge. It opened up the carrier to fully embrace iPhone as a means to achieve a more equal position with Verizon. That meant iPhone got access to bandwith that Blackberry could never have commanded, and certainly Verizon would never have left Apple have. Picking AT&T was brilliant strategy and the reason we enjoy the phones and wireless access we do today.

  3. It seems the only companies that sat back were humbled from the start, seem to be LG and HTC. They tried and learned quickly. All the others fought with all the hubris they could muster. They lied to us and themselves. It’s quite natural to do this though. They thought they could take customers with rhetoric. There’s plenty of examples of this.

    Be honest & truthful, plan accordingly. You will live a very long life.

  4. There has never been a more obvious trading signal than the introduction of the iPhone. I knew it would eventually destroy RIM, but I just didn’t know how long it would take. I should have bought all the two-year puts I could possibly afford.


  5. I think the average non-engineer vastly underestimates the time it takes to develop a new product and manufacture it in large volumes. It took Apple years to develop the iPhone, plus they had decades of experience working with the underlying technologies. You can fault RIM for not seeing this coming but once the iPhone came out they were screwed. If it would take three or so years to make a reliable version 1.0 product that meant they had to be thinking about competing with the 2010 or 2011 iPhone. There was no way they could do that with a version 1.0 product of there own.

  6. It seems like many Android devices might be experiencing similar issues. For example, the latest Android OS can’t run on a large number of Android devices, many apps aren’t tested and don’t work properly on many Androids and many of these devices break easily, including the high-end models.

    This is a generalization, but most Blackberry users were business savy and probably didn’t think twice about demanding perfection. Instead of enduring pain they quickly migrated from the berry to the fruit. In contrast, Android users are either too shy to complain, too cheap to purchase an iPhone, or enjoy getting butt hurt. There eventually will be a tipping point with Android like there was with Blackberry.

    1. Actually, many Blackberry users tried any option except Apple though that was primarily forced by IT departments. IT first preferred Windows Phone until they realized it to be a dead end. Then they tried Android, and for the very reasons you stated, dropped that option. Most have indeed now selected Apple iPhone because it works and is secure. In the process, IT has lost a LOT of the control it once held; management will only put up with so much device shuffling.

    1. I don’t think Apple shared too much with Schmidt. Android at the time of iPhone launch looked nothing like what it ended up. It’s final form was simple, absolute, direct theft; however, Google was smart enough to realize what they had in January 2007 without that theft was DOA. Research in Motion had a lot of denial to go through before reaching that conclusion (about 2011).

    1. I read the book “Losing the Signal”, a good read. After learning about the two CEOs, and studying a bit more on the Internet, it appears they were very good together with each having a “fault”. Balsillie was the business man who ruthlessly burned bridges (which were then gone when he needed them); he destroyed partnerships (such as Verizon) for quick gain instead of having support later. Lazaridis was the engineer who created nice products within the limitations imposed; he didn’t think outside the box and didn’t push boundaries. Both were destroyed by Steve Jobs who had enough charisma to overcome his temper, enough business savvy to make partnerships as he needed them, and enough vision to not let others limit what he was capable of.

  7. 100 Percent Return rate. I sure hope there is a list of those reviewers that orgasmed with that POS. Remember those dolts and take their next review with a huge grain of Salt.

  8. and yet t the time there were people ordinary and so called analysts who claimed the Storm and later the Playbook were not only worthy competitors but superior in many ways to the iPhone. They certainly were superior in the speed they were returned to the manufacturer thats for sure. I can only say that we should remember that whenever we hear such throw away phrases against Apple products and their competitors today too. I came across a month old comment about how the Samsung S6 is better than the iPhone in almost every way and how Apple will need to up their game with their next phone. Hell it even claimed how great the S6 battery life was which one presumes their opinions were certainly not based on using the thing. And it claimed that Samsung would sell bucket loads. Clearly a month is a long time in hype be it Blackberry or Samsung no matter how much they may pay for the opinions expressed.

  9. the way that this article is entitled is fantastic:
    Ex-BlackBerry half-CEO Balsillie: I knew we couldn’t compete with Apple’s iPhone
    its cruel revenge to frame it that way, even though the title is 100% just stating the truth.
    and, by the way, it was this very man who is quoted numerous times as actually believing the very opposite: that he believed that apple’s new offering provided no real threat.
    only when is writing a memoir and trying to re-direct the truth can such lies be found.
    the fact is that he wrote off apple’s accomplishment and he co-ly misguided his company’s response to it.

    1. Be real, the CEO’s of companies can never speak the truth about their people or products in public. Though he could have said:
      “Apple is a tough competitor that has come out with a nice phone. We need to up our game to remain the dominant product.”

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