iOS 9 improvement key to Apple’s WWDC success

“Next week, we’ll hear from technology giant Apple at its annual WorldWide Developers Conference. This event will showcase features for both current and future devices, and I’m most curious to hear about iOS 9,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “Since the iPhone dominates Apple’s revenues and profits, I believe there are a few key items regarding the new operating system that will determine WWDC’s success.”

“When it comes to the iPhone, I want to hear about iOS 9 delivering more stability and less bugs, an item many are looking for,” Maurer writes. “Last year’s version of the operating system forced Apple to come out with multiple updates. Two items I heard the most concerns about were battery drain and operating system size (especially for those with the 16 GB version). One article I read earlier this year discusses how it might be time for Apple to prioritize battery life over the thinness of the phone.”

“Improving the items I discussed above are key to this year’s launch because there is a sizable upgrade base currently. Not only do you have the 5C/5S launch holders ready to go to a larger screen, but we are approaching the two-year anniversary of Apple selling the iPhone through China Mobile,” Maurer writes. “That comes in early 2016, so those phone users looking for a new phone will be looking at this year’s launch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Actually, iOS 8.3 is rather solid and we’ve had nothing but excellent battery life with our iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units. iOS 9 is important, certainly, but it’s one important thing among many at WWDC and, for example, its home automation capabilities are significantly more important that the items Maurer mentions, which have largely been put to bed. As long as stability, battery life, and OS size are not significantly negatively impacted in iOS 9 over iOS 8.3, Maurer is barking up the wrong tree.


  1. In my opinion iOS 8 has become very stable. With iOS 7 and early iOS 8 I had wifi connection issues daily on my iPad and iPhone. Now I can’t remember the last time I dropped a connection.

    I’m really interested in what Apple and it’s collaborators have in mind for the connected home.

  2. Latest iOS 8 is still glitchy as hell handling 3rd party keyboards, often switching back to the default keyboard and won’t list any 3rd party keyboard to switch to, and even sometimes showing no keyboard at all.

    So iOS 9 stability can definitely improve on iOS 8.

  3. I’d love to say that my experience with 8.3 has been flawless, but I find myself cold-resetting my 5 and my iPad 2 at least three times a week, in order to resurrect cell and wifi connections. But, hey, that always works….

  4. I am so hoping for an under the hood clean up a’la OSX 10.6.
    Safari is a total dog on my iPad mini. Dolphin and iCab run way, way faster than Safari, and I have stopped using Safari for now.
    I notice this laggy performance in my iphone 6 too.
    Come on Apple, step it up!

  5. Well, my iPhone 5s running 8.3 spontaneously reboots about once a week… I’d like it if they could fix that and I seem to have trouble getting Yahoo email these days… So, yeah, reliability would be a nice feature…

  6. Regarding MDN Take, comparing the stability of iOS 8.3 to iOS 9.0 is the point. We want .0 to be stable and not have to wait a year just before the next OS announcement. Isn’t that obvious?

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