All-new Apple Music subscription service, rebuilt iTunes Radio to arrive with iOS 8.4 in late June

In a wide-ranging and highly recommended rundown of what to expect from WWDC 2015 (alert: many spoilers in the full article), 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman reports, “Besides new major OS upgrades on both the iOS and Mac sides, Apple is preparing to unveil its long-awaited Beats Music-based streaming service at WWDC [Apple Music].”

“The service will likely be deeply integrated into an iOS 8.4 update coming in late June, as well as iOS 9 for the fall,” Gurman reports. “To support the new service, Apple is also prepping updates including iTunes 12.2 for OS X and Windows, and an update for the Apple TV.”

“Aside from introducing the major new subscription service, Apple will launch a thorough upgrade to iTunes Radio. Launched in 2013, iTunes Radio has acted like a simplified Pandora, mostly serving as a tool for customers to sample songs and then buy them in the iTunes Store,” Gurman reports. “The new iTunes Radio, however, will combine custom DJ’d stations with the classic Pandora-like view. This classic view will gain the ability to skip music an unlimited amount of times, while the new stations will be powered by celebrities.”

“Apple plans to introduce its new music services as part of an iOS 8.4 over-the-air software update. iOS 8.4 will include the redesigned Music application that we’ve previously covered in detail. Unsurprisingly, Apple will begin pre-installing the new service with the iOS 9 upgrade this fall. Apple had considered holding back the new Music app until iOS 9, but the company felt that launching as part of iOS 8.4 would be possible,” Gurman reports. “Apple had originally planned to release iOS 8.4 following the WWDC Keynote on June 8th, but we’ve heard that it’s currently planning to release it during the last week of June.”

Tons more in the highly-recommended full article (SPOILER ALERT!) here.

MacDailyNews Take: Bring it on, ASAP!


Apple Music to offer users three months free; Apple to largely abandon 15-year-old iTunes brand – June 5, 2015


    1. Better idea would be to split the current ugly unintuitive iTunes into separate apps for music management, video rental, podcasts, subscription-based media consumption, and home audio/video management.

      The bloated mess that is iTunes won’t be improved by slathering more Beats bloat on top, nor will it be acceptable to leave iTunes 12 as it is, which is a pain in the ass, slow to operate, impossible to troubleshoot, and extremely bad at syncing.

  1. Soundjam was the inspiration to iTunes… then iTunes was a gateway to windows/music-movie-app store… so, will the new iTunes be the iCloud?

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