Apple TV overtakes Roku, controls the major share of streaming video viewing; iOS dominates mobile video viewing

“Apple shines yet again, as the winner for authenticated and unauthenticated streaming video, according to new analysis by Adobe Digital Index (ADI), which found that Apple TV controls the major share of TV Everywhere viewing,” Giselle Abramovich reports for CMO. “In addition, iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) represent the majority (82%) of all unauthenticated mobile video viewing. ‘Apple is sitting in the catbird seat because of its dominant position with access to consumers and a wealth of video data,’ said Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst at ADI. ‘The challenge will be to see if it can monetize the strategy fast enough to get ahead of the movement away from linear TV toward digital viewing. Apple is clearly looking to play in the video-streaming market, and the growth of that market is a big indicator as to why.'”

“The streaming video market is growing rapidly. TV Everywhere viewing, for example, has seen 282% growth year over year (YoY), with Apple TV devices doubling their share of premium video viewing quarter over quarter (QoQ) from 5% to 10% – overtaking Roku,” Abramovich reports. “Apple devices currently drive 62% of all authenticated pay-for-TV video views”

“IOS, on the other hand, widened its lead of viewing share from 43% to 47% YoY, while Android’s share remained relatively flat at 15%. Desktop viewing reached a new low, dropping from 36% to 14% share YoY,” Abramovich reports. “‘The key takeaway from our analysis is that the streaming video space is growing fast, and Apple is growing by building out an ecosystem of devices as it relates to that space,’ Gaffney said. ‘Apple is leaning toward having a bigger play there than in the past. For marketers that means having a blanket approach to advertising is not going to work. They need to think about who is viewing and when. The strategy needs to be evolving and more complex to match the evolving and more complex nature of the landscape.'”

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      1. Wall Street wants to keep Apple down, under control, so does both the US and EU governments. The fear is, any single company becoming so powerful as to not need the likes of the above.

    1. i for one hope you’re totally wrong there. Outside of the USA the Apple TV is just an expensive paperweight. Rokus meanwhile are useful streaming devices.

      1. I tried replying to you yesterday, but it wasn’t meant to be. But let’s try again. If Apple were to allow third party apps, Roku, might as well close it’s doors. If content providers can own an Apple TV plugin, for instance, SkyTV, then you will see the whole world clamoring to get on board. As it is, it’s the hardest thing to do – license media.

  1. “IOS, on the other hand, widened its lead of viewing share from 43% to 47% YoY, while Android’s share remained relatively flat at 15%.”

    Just goes to show that most people don’t use the “smart” part of Android smartphones, they tend to just use them for phone, text and email.

    1. A platform is a user choice.

      “Desktop viewing reached a new low, dropping from 36% to 14% share YoY,” ”

      Guess this is wrong cause the iPad is just a toy and will never take hold! /s
      Remember that statement. LOL

  2. I’ve got two AppleTVs, but now I have three Roku. As much as I hate to admit it, I do like the Roku better. AppleTV has no way for me to access my plex server or Amazon instant video. I’ve moved my content from iTunes to Plex. It just responds so much faster since I have a lot of content, and the ability to manage searching, sorting and lists is much better too. I would be willing to go back to the AppleTV if they can add Plex, Amazon and improve the interface when there is a lot of content.

  3. For years I tried every sort of gadget out there, but then I realised that novelty wasn’t worth the money. Now I’m going through and putting my dvd collection into iTunes and the majority of my viewing is through Apple TV. It does have the bells and whistles, but like most of the gimmicky functions that come with TV’s it doesn’t need them.

  4. I have gen 1, 2, 3 of AppleTv and a Roku 3.

    I have subscriptions to Hulu, Netflix Amazon Prime and occasionally Sling.

    When possible, I use the ATV, but have to use the Roku for Prime.

    I find the Netflix interface on the Roku superior to the Netflix interface on the ATV.

    I really hope Apple knocks it out of the park with a revised ATV. But I am tired of waiting for it.

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