How the Apple Watch is critical for Apple’s IoT plans

“With the Apple Watch, the world’s most iconic technology company made its first big move into two markets that are preparing to reshape the tech world in the decade ahead: wearables and the Internet of Things,” Jason Hiner writes for ZDNet. “Like the iPhone and the iPad, with the launch of the Apple Watch the company chose not to focus its story on professionals or businesses. Nevertheless, it was professionals who did much of the early buying and then wanted to use the product to help them be more productive — just as we saw at the launch of the iPhone and the iPad.”

“Both wearable technology and the Internet of Things are on a trajectory to explode in the coming years, as the consumer tech revolution that was unleashed by personal computers and that was spread beyond the desk by smartphones and tablets now expands to even smaller and more specialized devices,” Hiner writes. “These technologies will serve as powerful new engines for big data and will drive even greater efficiencies in daily life and society. That’s why Apple needed a strong play in IoT and wearables.”

“Another IoT play to watch is HomeKit, Apple’s smart home platform. The Apple Watch could become a critical player there as well by letting you turn things on and off from your wrist, interact with Siri to control different systems, and serve as a security device to help authentic you,” Hiner writes. “While this is first aimed at the home, it could potentially expand to see uses in small businesses and eventually the corporate world as well. The day may come when you can use your watch instead of a badge to scan into corporate offices, for example.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Even today, using Apple Watch to control Apple TV is a sublime experience. We can;t wait to see what’s around the corner!

Apple's WWDC 2015 invitation graphic
Apple’s WWDC 2015 invitation graphic


  1. “It Just Works” – again. My Apple Watch is a fantastic remote for controlling my Apple TV. Between its ubitquitous presence and Siri, I never have to fumble for the native Apple TV remote

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