1. The fruits of the JAM labs that Apple Inc. do not wish their rivals to know is MARMALADE!
      MAR = amount of orange peel to add bitterness to their marred business model of copying.
      MAL = amount of pith not taken out hence the rivals suffer grand MAL seizures and
      ADE = amount of bitterness rivals express as a result realizing that Apple Inc. has taken the piss out of them yet again!!!

  1. Not sure if Apple will be able to fit this in iPhone/iPad without making them thicker. If anyone seen Apple Watch tear down photos, you could see that this thing is significant and there is no way to put it into anything without making it thicker — or without cutting battery size.

  2. The IPhone 6/Plus has the new gen vibrator, which I thought was the same design as the Apple Watch’s taptic engine. Would the current iPhone benefit from haptic feedback? IE: a software update should do it.

  3. I can “visualize” the haptic technolog becoming a mainstay of partially sighted and blind people so they can use these devices faster and more accurately.

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