Apple focuses on making OS X reliable again for Mac users

“Yes, the various parts of Continuity are neat when they function, but it’s not a killer app. Besides, Yosemite isn’t really getting the love when you check the reviews at the App Store,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. ” The average rating of all OS X versions is 3.5 stars, but it’s only about 2.5 stars for Yosemite. You have to wonder why, because that’s a downright middling rating. Despite the fact that from 60-65% of Mac users are running the current OS, it’s not as if they are particularly happy.”

“Among the most annoying issues are Wi-Fi connection troubles. With three maintenance updates released so far, and the promise of fixes to this persistent problem, it doesn’t seem to have been fixed,” Steinberg writes. “There are published reports that Apple has removed a networking component, discovereyd, blamed for inconsistent Wi-Fi, high resource usage, and poor battery life, in betas of a forthcoming OS 10.10.4 release. In its place is something called mDNSresponder, the name of the component previously used. Assuming this report is correct — and that the change will persist when the update is released — it would seem that Apple has returned to a tried and proven older technology. It’s not at all clear if that creates any other problems, or even if the code is exactly the same as the version that was part of OS 10.9 Mavericks.”

“So we have the rumor that Apple plans to take a step back, and shore up the weaker components of iOS and OS X to make them more stable. iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite are both considered to be more than a little rocky, and problems still persist as we await their successors,” Steinberg writes. “This would be in keeping with the spirit of Snow Leopard, pausing to build a solid core for the future.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Fingers crossed, we’ve hoping that OS X 10.11 and iOS 9 are exactly what we were hoping for.


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    1. Your experience with Yosemite is unfortunate, but problems of that severity do not appear to be very common (not that that is any comfort to you). You are not specific, so it is impossible for people on this forum to provide any detailed guidance.

      If you have not tried reinstalling Yosemite as a new install, then I would highly recommend that approach (after a proper backup procedure, ensuring that you have the activation codes for all of your apps, etc.). If you have already tried a fresh install, then I can only point you towards the standard remedies – Apple Support/Genius Bar, and web searches.

      1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reinstalled Yosemite. I’ve also installed it on a bare drive and set up Mail there and the problems remain.It’s nothing I’m doing on my end it’s a problem on the server end.

        I’ve been working with Apple on this since 10/16/14. I beta tested Yosemite since last summer and the problems started then. As soon as Yosemite went live to the general public I called Apple tech support and they’ve been ‘working’ on it ever since. The latest second tier tech collected a LOT of data and sent it to the engineers. He calls me about every week or so to tell me he hasn’t heard back from them.

        1. I have many complaints about Mail but for me it works fine as a simple email client. What is the nature of your problem? If it is that you have more than 1 Exchange account and that does not work, give up on it, it will keep disappointing you.
          If it is the formatting, give up on it, for Apple will NEVER get it right, not even MS itselve gets it right, but Mail really sucks at formatting. Let us know more….

          1. It’s only one single iCloud account that i’ve ben using for well over a decade with minimal problems until Yosemite (picture the word “Yosemite” written in dripping blood like a B grade horror movie from the 60s)

            The nature of my problem has evolved over time. It first started with nothing being put in my junk mailbox. Everything went straight to my inbox. This was great fun because Yosemite came out two weeks before the election and I was getting over 300 emails per day mostly from politicians begging for money. The “this is junk” button stopped working. I had a brief respite between the election and Thanksgiving and then the Christmas junk mail kicked in until New Year’s Day.

            Somewhere along the line certain emails, mostly junk but not always started showing up in the junk mail folder. Unfortunately they were not marked as junk mail, meaning they were the wrong color and did not have the junk icon which would allow me to say this is not junk.

            Now the same problem continues but with the wrong headers on the client side but the right headers on the webmail side. For instance, anything from MacDailyNews, 9to5Mac and 9to5Toys comes over as MacDailyNews on the client but with the right headers on the iCloud website. I have the same problem with emails from other blogs showing up with the wrong header in the client but the right header in iCloud. the only thing these blogs have in common is that they’re all hosted by WordPress.

            At this point in time, less than 1% of the junk mail in my junk folder is marked as junk. There are other problems but if I list them all I’ll wind up putting a fist through my monitor and that’s not covered by Applecare. And just to make it perfectly clear, I have installed Yosemite on an empty drive, set up the email client and experienced exactly the same problems, and on three different computers. It’s not me, it’s them. Currently I’m waiting for my weekly call from the second tier adviser to tell me that he hasn’t heard back from engineering.

            1. I was really hoping for something more clearly. Have you ever tried Spamsieve? I like it a lot and it allows you to bypass the Mail Junk filter. This is not a solution but a work-around, I am aware, but if it solves your problem…..Best of luck!

            2. Thanks but I did look into Spamsieve but didn’t want to spend money to fix a bug in Mail. It’s worked fine since the introduction of OS X and only started acting up since Yosemite came out. I had hoped that the problem would have been fixed by now. Since the new version of OS X is likely due out in a few months, I’m waiting to see if that fixes the problem. If not I’ll bite the bullet and buy Spamsieve.

    2. Rather than repeated complaints, just get a new HD, load Yosemite and start testing mail before adding your Apps & Utils.

      See if you can replicate the problem. I have seen corrupted OS downloads in the past, so I know it is possible you got something bad on your system which you simply will not find by attempts at debugging.

    3. I’ve had the odd experience of performing two erases and clean installs of 10.10.3 on the same partition with two different quality results.

      The first time I performed the clean install ended in what I can only call a ‘bad install’. The OS was consistently sluggish and buggy. I got sick of it and started from scratch, again, just to see if it made any difference. It did! This second clean install works just fine, as fine as Yosemite gets. Therefore, I have to ask WTF? I’ve never experienced such an odd pair of results before.

      My belief is that I each of these installations used subtly different installers. Each started with the same 10.10.1 installation. But the updates were different. When 10.10.3 was first released, it was not complete. There was a subsequent update to 10.10.3 for a brief period. That is the installation I used on the first occasion. The second occasion used the finished, complete 10.10.3 update. Therefore, I have to guess that Apple did some tweaking in the, ahem, second release of the 10.10.3 update.

      1. But is that not just simply terrible? That is Microsoftian at best! I must say, when I install from the internet it always works just fine, but what you are describing is very bad…..

    4. Since Snow leopard, it’s been nightmarish. About 10 to 20 times a day, the web page I’m on will “reboot” because of an error…my phone will randomly call back the last caller out of the blue, music with either just turn on or freeze and I’ll have to reboot the phone or computer (depending on which I’m using).

      VISTA was more stable…we’re talking about Windows ME here…and it’s been going on for at least 3 years.

      My new slogan for Apple is “It just doesn’t work”

      They need to do this IN THE WORST WAY.

      1. In your case I’d install a bare OS on an external drive and slowly install your software, one by one and test each one and test repeatedly. Once you get a stable system with all your software on it, copy it over to your internal drive. I’d stick with the cats. Mavericks was a little wonky and some software like MT Newswatcher stopped working. Mavericks was ugly but not nearly as bad as Yosemite and had great memory management. I had no problems with any of the cats so stick to the last cat you can install. If you can’t, Mavericks isn’t so bad, just avoid Yosemite.

        Remember the video last month where a guy running a tea shop got one too many BSODs and put 8 rounds through his Dell? Installing Yosemite is a similar punishment, except YOU suffer the trauma.

  1. Amen to that. Only I have experienced none of the WiFi issues others are claiming on my 2009 iMac or 2014 15″ MBP RD.

    I just want a preference that permanently restores the old “Save As” as the default setting. Why on Earth would they have ever changed that as it presents more of a potentially disastrous brain tease to many that way, altering a file sort of on automatic if you fail to do the extra step of duplicating a file to change.

    If anything the old way seems like it would have been an improvement over this new way and everyone breathing a sigh of relief. There are just some things that don’t require “improvement.” Your mileage may vary.

    1. I just thought “Save as…” had disappeared…. ….I’m a 25 year computer user and someone had to explain to me that it was still there and invoked by a simultaneous option key press….

      1. Yes I know that, at least it’s like that in Yosemite. I just want to return it back to the default and maybe there’s a Terminal command for that but it should be easier as just a simple preference setting. I don’t think many would want it the new way if given that option.

        1. There’s a terminal command to unhide the user library but you still need to hold down Option for it to appear in the Go menu. I just unhid it and dragged it to the sidebar. A Pro Pref would be nice to unhide hidden menu items and show all the Debug and Develop menus. I don’t like being treated like an idiot by my operating system.

            1. I poke around in Terminal a bit but I’m not really that comfortable or confident using it. I’m an old Apple II guy who went directly to Macs. Naturally I had some experience with CP/M and MSDOS but that was a long time ago and CLIs make me nervous. I prefer using programs like Onyx, Cocktail, Tinkertool, etc that put a nice GUI wrapper around the CLI.

            2. I have a similar background but narrowly avoided CP/M when I ordered a Kaypro, changed my mind and got a Seequa Chameleon instead. It wasn’t until ’92 I went Mac (Powerbook 170) and never looked back. I still miss that portable’s built-in trackball.

            3. I’ve never admitted this in public, 🙂 but one day at work, all the other labs were busy with a manufacturing process or problem and were out in the manufacturing building. So my boss said “let’s go check out the new computer” (CP/M). We quickly screwed up and reformatted the 5MB hard drive. We looked around, no witnesses, and quickly went back to our lab sweating bullets. When asked about it we just lied through our teeth and said we were waiting for training on the software and when will that happen? It never did, We got a large, foul tempered secretary who got the computer and all requests for information had to go through her.

            4. And now the truth be known! I was thrilled the first time I did a simple MS-DOS copy command. Easy computing thrills in those days. We’ve come a long ways and now most of us are pampered babies. Well certainly the younger generation is. 🙂

    2. Just hold down the option key when you click on the File menu – presto, Save As is there.

      I think there is a Terminal hack, too, but I am ok with the Option key arrangement.

      It is worth noting that not all apps are impacted by the change – MS Office, for example, still has Save As in the normal File menu.

  2. Mail Drop is pretty neat except that those large attachments are left on the computer to waste space forever if you don’t delete them yourself. And they’re hidden in places Spotlight doesn’t look.

    1. I can rarely get AirDrop to work without restarting something and they are trying to hide everything, because they think we are too stupid. It all started with Save/Save As… I have some old programs that still have Save/Save As and it’s like a breath of fresh air to use them. I know what is going on with those programs and what they are doing with my files. I’ve been working with computers for 40 years and the shear ignorance of replacing Save/Save As with Save/Duplicate/Revert/Move To/Rename/Revert To/What The Hell Ever because it’s simpler still boggles the mind. I guess if you are a complete moron, like the kind that buys his dog two Apple Watches, then it must make sense, and that appears to be the kind of customer Apple is shooting for.

  3. Please, Please, oh please use the full color palette and shading so the OS looks great on these retina displays.

    Also, put back scroll bar “arrows”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you are not familiar with this issue, please open up a large Excel file. Then using two fingers on the trackpad slide the page one column at a time. Not the field input box, the page.
    Keyboard arrows only move the field input box.

    It is literally impossible to do. I would love to have one of the software programmers that thought it was a great idea to remove those arrows, try this. Anyone that lives in Excel knows exactly what I am talking about.

    Same issue with many other programs where scrolling a column, photo or a specific small increment is required. Idiotic.

  4. Good. I’m glad I kept the MBP on Mavericks. Yosemite has brought my iMac to a crawl. Wake from sleep takes forever and wi-fi sometimes refuses to connect at all unless I restart. Mail client is dog slow. I’ve tried all the usual troubleshooting steps, but no improvement.

    Luckily it’s not my main work machine. If it were I’d be ranting.

  5. Have no issues with Yosemite on my Mac’s, works fine, no performance issues.. If Apple makes it better, nice, not having any real problems now..

  6. Yosemite has been pretty stable at home on my 2007 iMac 2.4 ghz . At work the wifi on the corporate network is horrible and all macs have been stuck on Mavericks.

  7. The app store; updates tab:

    You’re flying low on a foggy day and suddenly this massive rock face appears out of the fog and it’s too late to pull up.

    OS X Yosemite: As powerful as it looks: Free downgrade.

  8. Yosemite just has way too many “improvements” to things that were not broken before. The Playskool UI is hideous. I’ll only upgrade past Mavericks if I buy a new system (which would force me to Yosemite), or if some crucial piece of software that I used would only work on Yosemite. Until then, I’ll keep using my Early-2011 17″ MacBook Pro and be quite productive.

    1. Hopefully Jony Ivy will take a more “hands-off” approach as far as UI design goes and let the new UI guy do what he thinks is right. Jony’s a great hardware designer, but keep him away from the UI. PLEASE!

      1. He’s in charge of everything design now. There won’t be any major change without him approving it. It’s not bad. I like it. Change is the way at Apple. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have the awesome products from them.

  9. My computer is old but in the range that was supposed to be okay for Yosemite. But now is too slow and has too many glitches.

    Is there a practical way to downgrade that doesn’t involve days of manually transferring files?

  10. Fix Photos. The listing of photos by their date instead of their name is a constant aggravation. No fix has worked.

    Chrome is conspicuously faster than Safari, but Safari has Reader and easy PDF saves.

    Apple needs to fix the OTHER problem. My 2014 MBP has Other section of 144 GB, larger than everything else I’ve done with the storage. Will have to do a clean reinstallation of Yosemite just to reclaim my storage.

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