The history of Apple’s amazing iOS mobile operating system

Apple’s “iOS is praised as a clever ecosystem that ‘just works,'” Rhiannon Williams reports for The Telegraph. “The entire system is an uncompromising labour of love that enchants as much as it infuriates, and ahead of the potential iOS 9 big reveal at this year’s WWDC, rumours are circulating as to what the latest features and updates may hold.”

“Revealed alongside the original iPhone in January 2007, the first Apple smartphone operating system was not given a specific name until the following March, with the launch of the first Software Development Kit beta., when it became known as iPhone OS,” Williams reports. “The first iPhone could not support 3G, the copy and paste function, email attachments or MMS – and couldn’t run third party apps.”

“Further updates included the introduction of the iTunes Music Store, allowing users to purchase music directly onto their phones (through a WiFi connection) for the first time, and the ability to create their own ringtones,” Williams reports. “Coinsiding with the launch of the iPhone 3G, the second major update to the operating system saw the launch of the App Store, leading to the introduction of third party apps and games.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. Here is some earlier iOS history as per Wikipedia:

    In 2005, when Steve Jobs began planning the iPhone, he had a choice to either “shrink the Mac, which would be an epic feat of engineering, or enlarge the iPod”. Jobs favored the former approach but pitted the Macintosh and iPod teams, led by Scott Forstall and Tony Fadell, respectively, against each other in an internal competition, with Forstall winning by creating the iPhone OS. The decision enabled the success of the iPhone as a platform for third-party developers: using a well-known desktop operating system as its basis allowed the many third-party Mac developers to write software for the iPhone with minimal retraining. Forstall was also responsible for creating a software developer’s kit for programmers to build iPhone apps, as well as an App Store within iTunes.

    As we know, iOS is a branch off OS X, which has its own history.

  2. The article is wonky. The publish date is May 30 and has up-to-date info on WWDC 2015, yet the (idiotic) user comments are from 9 months ago and closed to new replies.

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