GM to roll out Apple’s CarPlay across 14 Chevy models this year

“General Motors will make it possible for Apple and Android smartphone owners to connect with MyLink infotainment systems in 14 of its 19 Chevrolet models beginning later this year, CEO Mary Barra announced Wednesday at the Code tech conference in Southern California,” Marco della Cava reports for USA Today.

“Last year, the 14 models in question accounted for sales of 2.4 million vehicles. They also include Cruze, Malibu, Camaro, Silverado, Impala, Volt, Suburban, Colorado and Tahoe,” della Cava reports. “GM’s other nameplates, such as Cadillac and Europe-focused Opel, will also feature the new technology at a later date. More than a dozen car companies — from Audi to Ferrari to Volvo — also have been pushing ahead with CarPlay and Android Auto integration into their fleets.”

“Plugging either an iPhone or Android phone into a USB cable caused the screens to stylistically mirror each respective smartphone,” della Cava reports. “For iPhone users, that means familiar app logos populate the screen, while Android phone users see small icons — representing everything from navigation to music — across the bottom of the screen.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ty Webb as a car salesman pitching an Android settler:

We have a Chevy in the back. We have an Audi and a Chevy… Chevy’d be good for you.


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  1. Yeah good luck with that Android integration. Android being open in all the wrong ways, don’t be surprised when you go out to get in your vehicle only to find it gone because someone hacked into your POS Android phone.

    80% are android?! Ah, they need to clarify that those Android users only drive older model used cars because they are to cheap to actually spend money on things. Where as Apple device owners tend to spend more money and appreciated newer products and are willing to spend money to get them.

    Why waste time dealing with the Android headaches. GM may have screwed themselves on this one.

    1. Actually, I’m planning on getting a 2nd Gen Volt when it comes out later this year. It’s that or a Tesla Model S, but the superchargers that were supposed to be built last year near me, have yet to be built, so I may opt for the Volt. Yeah, I know they’re not remotely the same.

  2. As many of you, I have had to rent cars on my vacations and frequently am forced to accept GM products. I have never purchased and never will purchase a GM products because they lack reliability, style and features I want. The fact that they now are offering Android further cements my belief that they are pandering to the lowest common denominator.

    1. My wife’s Suburban will cross 300,000 miles this summer. Only thing we’ve had to do on the mechanicals was rebuild the transmission at 230K miles (or so, it was 4 years ago). It was a fleet-leased vehicle for its first 50K miles, the rest is all ours. During the time of our ownership we’ve rented several Chevy’s, the Traverse being our favorite – we felt it was a very nicely appointed vehicle, especially for a rental. As we approach 300K we are stepping up our dealership drive-bys, and my wife is not displeased with the styles and features of today’s Chevy’s.
      I can’t speak to the reliability of today’s Chevy’s because we haven’t had to own a newer one for the preceding 12 years.

  3. Then there is this “gem” from the article: “Worldwide, some 2.3 billion smartphones are now in circulation, with Android-powered models representing around 80% of the market and iPhones around 15%, according to Strategy Analytics. For automakers, offering vehicles that provide a seamless transfer from home to in-car use is both a sales tool and safety pitch.” Idiot writer.

    1. I haven’t read the article — sounds like I don’t need to.
      Isn’t it kind of immaterial what those marketshare figures are around the world when you care about that portion which overlays Chevrolet’s direct distribution?

  4. As Reality said, I too travel and rent from Hertz frequently. Every time they assign me a Chevy, I ask for a different vehicle. Horrible vehicles. The dashboard is confusing, the car feels like cheap plastic, the transmission is harsh, and the ride uncomfortable.

    Granted, my baseline is a MacanS.

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