Can Apple Watch sales reach 40 million?

“Katy Hubert who is an analyst at Morgan Stanley, believes Apple Watch sales will reach 36 million in the year immediately after its launch,” Douglas A. McIntyre writes for 24/7 Wall St. “Should Apple Watch sales reach 40 million in the next year, it would be difficult to claim it is anything short of a major success.”

“In its most recently reported quarter, Apple management disclosed that iPad sales had fallen 23% to 12.6 million in the same period the year prior,” McIntyre writes. “Measured sequentially, quarter over previous quarter, unit sales fell 40%. While the iPad has become a second-tier product for Apple, its sales, at $5.4 billion last quarter, were 8% of Apple’s revenue. As the number continues to slip, it has to be replaced by iPhone sales or sales of the Apple Watch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch is already a major success.

McIntyre’s characterization of iPad is idiocy. Wow, sequential sales declined from the holiday quarter to the first quarter. Ya don’t say?

The iPad will be just fine. It is not a “second-tier” product. It is the world’s future personal computer. Unit sales will not “continue to slip.” New iPads and Apple+IBM’s increased focus on the enterprise will reinvigorate sales. The fact is: Apple makes the iPad too damn well. They last and last and last. The replacement cycle for iPad is obviously never going to be a fast as it is for the iPhone.


  1. I totally disagree with what the article said “However, should Apple Watch sales reach 40 million in the next year, it would be difficult to claim it is anything short of a major success.”

    It’s never difficult for whore street analysts to claim that anything Apple does is short of a major success. Remember their mantra is “Apple is doomed”.

    1. Why not set the goal for success to 50, or even 60 million? This is ridiculous. Apple has already sold more Apple Watches since its release than all other smart watches combined over the past year. That makes it a success.

      In other news, let’s start including non-smartwatches in the category so we can claim Apple only has a small percentage of the total, to further diminish its success. Just watch! (Pun intended)

  2. Here’s the thing: Microsoft Surface is a brilliant idea in theory: combining touch, mouse, and keyboard into one device, but it was implemented very poorly and runs an OS that is not good or efficient for a tablet or a PC. Surface sucks because of the software, not the idea combining these things together. It’s becoming ever more possible for Apple to do something like this. Take a look at how thin the new 12″ MacBook is. All that could easily fit inside an iPad shell. So why not make a device that has an iPad UI when disconnected from a keyboard (which also has more battery packed into it, and also recharges the iPad portion), and a Mac OS X UI when connected, with touch capabilities added in, and seamless transition of files and data between compatible apps. Something like that. What do you guys think? (Here come the rants of everyone who hates Microsoft, and immediately dismiss the idea because the Surface sucks so horribly, and lots of “but they work great how they are, eff that idea”)

      1. Take the iPhone out of the equation, give the iPad a full sim with Cell phone and data and let it work with the watch.

        Calls could then be made with the watch and the iPad has a big screen for internet and much else besides.

  3. Where’s the left-handed Watch? You would think that at least for the $10,000 – $17,000 Edition model (price discrimination of lefties aside) you would have the option of getting the Digital Crown and the Side Button positioned on the left side of the watch so you could wear it on the right wrist and access them with the left hand. I’m sure that there’s a significant market for left-handed versions of the Watch, allowing Apple to easily reach 40 million sold in the first year. Apple’s Human Interface guidelines should also consider left-handed use of the Watch.

    1. You’re kidding right? Switching aspect 180 degrees is a fundamental option in the setup.💥😱⌚️

      Also while I’m here I just want to note that I don’t understand how selling one million iPads a week is anything but a total and unadulterated success.😃👍

      1. The ‘problem’, such as it is, is that 1million iPads enter the installed base every week – but none leave. Unlike the iPhone which is driven by annual upgrades and buy-to-own deals with the telcos.
        Only now, through software enforced obsolecence, is the first gen iPad becoming increasingly useless. Whereas the 1st Gen iPhone has been next to useless for several years.

      2. If the Apple Watch was designed to have the crown centered and buttons placed above and below there would be no one crying for a ‘lefty’ version..

    2. I don’t believe that you are retired, a senior or a tech. More likely, you were fired for total incompetence, you may be senile but you seem to have no technical savvy at all.

      1. You can believe what you like, but I’m the one laughing all the way to the bank, after twelve years at Apple and the ESPP which allowed me to accumulate AAPL shares over that time, and the dividends from those all those thousands of shares, which enabled my retirement – and life is sweet!

  4. If you want to see what it’s like for lefties, and you have an Watch, put it on upside down on your left wrist and then try using the Digital Crown and the Side Button with your right hand.

  5. So, what you’re saying is that it’s okay if you’re left-handed to have the Digital Crown below the side button, instead of on top?

    1. Or, you can be a lefty like me, who simply wears his watch on his left hand like most people do.

      Perhaps you’re not familiar with the first law of ergonomics: “Nothing you can build will ever be perfect for everyone, but everything you build can be great for many.” If you don’t like Apple Watch, then don’t buy it.

      1. As a lefty, I’ve adapted just fine in a right-handed world. I’m just saying that for the price of the Edition model, a left-handed version would be easily doable.

          1. I would not have worked for Apple for a dozen years if I didn’t like the company. I was just saying that Apple might sell some more Watches than the tens of millions they are going to sell already, if they made a left-handed version, and that would, incidentally, also benefit all of the shares of AAPL I accumulated through the ESPP over those twelve years, and possibly also increase the dividend even more, which has already allowed me to retire – early!

            1. You have never worked for Apple, maybe MS though. That would take your backward way of looking at something a reality for you. But you are just a troll. Get a new name for tomorrow please.

            2. You can also believe what you like, just see my other comment above. Just because you’re unhappy with something I’ve said in the comments, means you don’t believe I worked for Apple? Wow!
              The number of former and current Apple employees is now around 80,000+ so far, although it’s a smaller number who have 10 year plaques, which I have. Where’s yours?

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